Monday, 22 October 2012

The "other" Sumac Halloween Tree

This garden year has been difficult .. even blogging has been difficult for me .. OK .. even e-mail has suffered for some what the same reasons.
My energy levels have been in the bottom of the well some where, so my garden, my blog and my e-mail has felt the lack luster quality of what used to be a fun side of my inner self.
I dread saying this .. but even my most favorite time of the year has not been ringing my bell either.
I almost ignored, by way of lack of energy (how many times can I use that excuse I wonder?) ..
The "other" stunning Halloween tree I have, that will take the place of my once beloved Stag Horn Sumac.
Tiger Eye Sumac is a smaller but just as gorgeous stand in for a Halloween tree.
I almost lost sight of that.

So here are some past due pictures of my little beauty that was standing behind the curtain all this time!

Now how could I have almost missed my little beauty here ?


Heather said...

Joy, we all have times when our energy is lacking, and we feel at less than our best, and with the challenges you face on top of that, there is no need to justify yourself... blog without obligation, email when you have time, and your garden will be there next year... any friends you have will understand... you've still got a week or so to enjoy the rest of your favourite season, so keep your head up and hang in there, your friends are hanging in there with you... your little treasure here is absolutely delightful, just love the colours... you've taken great photos of it! Hugs.

RURAL magazine said...

Joy such beauty and richness in those colors....

Life has ups, and downs, we know that, go with the flow...there is always another Halloweeny.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Nadezda said...

Joy, wonderful tree!Its leaves remind me of children's socks hanging on the rope for drying.

Rose said...

Your sumac is a stunner and perfect as a Halloween tree! I'm sorry to hear your energy levels are low, Joy; I hope you are feeling well. I had a hard time keeping up with the garden this year, too. The heat of summer always does me in, but even now with pleasant temperatures, I can only work so long before the old muscles cry "enough!"

Your header looks very festive!

Unknown said...

Oh Joy, I can relate to a degree on the low level of mojo! This is a beautiful sumac.

sharon said...

I just found you i have never seen such a beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Heather girl !
Thank you so much : ) I think I'm just in a slump right now .. waiting for news on so many fronts , the stress gets to me.
BUT .. there is a little spark of excitement thinking about next garden year and what I want to accomplish .. we think that way a lot don't we ?
Always a better year to come ? LOL

Jen girl I loved that post you did .. it resonated deeply with me .. and knowing other people feel that way as well helps a great deal.
I think when I edited those pictures I toned the light too low .. over editing when tired is NOT a good idea right? LOL

Hello Nadezda girl : )
I was so surprised to see your post on "my" kiwi vine! LOL
They are wonderful vines to have aren't they .. I don't think a lot of people know about the different cultivars .. that it isn't just one type that bears the "hairy" fruit ?
great post girl!

Thank you so much Rose girl !
I was just over to your place having a peek at your pictures .. great frosted cone flower shot .. and one of your pictures I swear could have been in my garden with the brunnera and company!
Yes .. I too fail miserably in that summer heat .. I hope it won't be as bad next year ? we deserve a break don't we girl! haha

Darla girl you are doing so well post op ! I can't believe you are low level energy with doing so great at the craft fair! Congratulations !! I think you are doing awesome!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling better. That is a very nice bush. Hopped over from Country Cove Life blog. B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Buttons and yes thank you : )
I am in love with your "thinking" rock in the woods .. it is such a beautiful place you are so very lucky to have it : )

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, I am sorry to hear that low energy levels and health issues continue to plague you. Hopefully, a quite winter of rest will reinvigorate you.
I was thinking about you the other day when I was out in the yard. I noticed that the sumac I thought we had cut down and gotten rid off was back with several seedlings. The color is so beautiful I did not have the heart to think about yanking them out...maybe next spring instead.

CiNdEe said...

It looks very Halloweenie(-:
I know how you feel. I almost didn't get the Halloween stuff out this year but I did. I was glad I did. Just no energy here either. I look outside and think...yikes soon there will be leaves to rake...maybe I can wait till Spring?(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl .. Thank you : )
I too am hoping to build myself up over the winter, fingers crossed .. ah yes! the Sumac babies ! LOL .. I know we will have them for a while too .. but that is sweet of you to let them show off until Spring .. then YES! a yanking will be necessary no doubt ! LOL

Cindee it seems to be wide spread with the lack of energy .. is it a huge plot to take over the world by energy suckers ? LOL
I read about your knee pain, I'm so sorry about that .. especially with working .. I feel like the rusty Tin Man from Oz .. hard to get around but at least no squeaking?LOL ...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sorry to hear that you are running on empty. I have noticed that you have been fairly quiet about your favorite time of the year. Hang in there. It will get better.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Lisa girl .. I appreciate you saying that .. this year has not been the best .. on with the next ! right ? LOL

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've lost your energy & pep Joy. That's miserable. I hope the winter gardening break will restore you. Your personality seems so warm & fun. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
Your little tiger eye is a beauty.

Skeeter said...

I feel your lack luster ways my girl friend. I am also going through some sort of lack of energy these days. I had to make myself create a costume for the Wags to Witches Fur Ball and that had me going for a bit then once it was over, I seem to fall into another bout of no Mojo. I mentioned this to my Dr and she checked me for Diabetes which was negative. So I just don’t know what is going on. I am aware of it though and that is a good thing. I should be enjoying these wonderful temps and be in the garden planting the many bulbs I have purchased but don’t seem to have the “Want To” inside me. The Saint has kept me busy with a few getaways here and there and we have had some household guests visit with us. Those motivate me but then once back to everyday life, I am lacking again. Geesh, I think aging and eating too much has a hold on me. I must work on this…. I hope we can both find our way…. Happy Halloween!

Lona said...

It is just beautiful Joy! Well your holiday is almost here. LOL! We have Trick or Treat here tonight.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sharon I think I missed you in the fray of comments ! Thank you for stopping by : )

Kathleen girl you are so sweet ! Thank you so much .. I feel guilty about not visiting blogs like yours lately especially after our adventures with the passion flower vine ? LOL
I am hoping to get myself turned around this winter and feel better one way or another !! LOL

Skeeter if you read my reply here e-mail me please ? I may have some suggestions that your doctor is missing .. believe me girl when I say I have experience in this .. I certainly hope he checked your thyroid .. that is a huge influence!
Today is a beautiful Indian Summer day and I also have to fight so hard to enjoy it .. that isn't right .. we are both in trouble here girl .. so please drop a line?

Lona girl .. I am sorry about being absent with your beautiful blog .. I have to get over there and chat with you girl : )