Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Blue Tuesday?

An impulse post on flashes of vibrant blue I saw the other day .. the surprising thing was that "they" were on complete "stealth" mode .. unusual for these birds because you can hear them with no doubt when they are in the neighborhood.
Can you see them from the beginning ?

It was quite the trick to get the camera to focus through the deck railing and then when one flew to our neighbor's pear tree .. the sun was reflecting on the beautiful bronze bark and the "blue" was rather muted.
In any case .. there is my blue for Tuesday !


Karen said...

Such pretty birds. Great shots Joy!

Heather said...

Joy, lovely pics... we don't have Blue Jays here, I think I might have seen a flash of one once as we were driving down our road, just a flash, but it was such a vivid blue it had to have been a Blue... but have yet to see any at our feeders... gorgeous. Cheers.

Randy said...

Joy, I just don’t see a lot of blue jays down here anymore. They use to be plentiful! I miss them. Did you know shamans believe that blue jays have the ability to connect between heaven and earth and to find a feather from them will bring you light and joy? ;0) If you find a feather pick it up for good luck!

Country Gal said...

Nice photos ! We get hoards of these Bluejays here all pigging out at my feeders lol . Did you know that Bluejays can imitate other birds sounds like the Hawk , they do that to ward off other birds from the feeders smart bird brains ! Have a good day !

RURAL said...

Oh man, everyone has more colorful birds then we them. Now are they blue jays, or stellar jays that's what we have here.

But, she says with a touch of pride, we had a Downy Woodpecker, yesterday, and today a Pheasant in the back yard.


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely blues. The new look on your blog is wonderful, especially the new header.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such beautiful blue. They must have been intent on gobbling up some goody and didn't want to share it.

Nadezda said...

Joy, you could to take pictures of these lovely birds! I know it was not easy, because when you try to focus the bird moves and fly away.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I have not seen one blue jay this year. I wonder where they are?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Karen girl ! Thank you so much : ) .. I am sitting on that beach chair in your last picture .. enjoying some Sangria! LOL

Hello Heather girl : )
That is exactly what they are like Heather .. a flash of vivid blue !
They are usually so quick and noisy I can't catch them .. I stumbled on them in the back garden and they shocked me for their being so quiet! LOL

Randy I just saw your dinner setting on your last post and it was so beautiful! Those dishes were wonderful your design was perfect!
AND YES ... I am trying to find that blasted blue feather now !!LOL

Hello Elaine girl: )
Now isn't that something ? how smart they are .. along with the sounds Starlings make .. and the intelligence the crows have .. soon they will have us bamboozled in this neighborhood ! LOL

Jen girl hello! .. I don't know if I have seen a Steller Jay ? I have to look that up!
A pheasant in the back yard? !!!
You lucky girl .. they are so pretty ! .. we have had woodpeckers here .. John saw one last year drilling holes in our old Mountain Ash .. but I never got to see it .. sneaky bird!

thank you Linda girl ! .. I am very impressed with your new set up too! I love the script style too : )

Lisa girl hello there : )
I think they were after some grit and maybe a late bug or two ? I had just swept leaves up from that area where there is pea gravel .. the birds love to "graze" there for some reason ! LOL

Nadezda girl you are so right ! Birds are very hard to get a good focus on and then they fly at the worst moment! LOL
Your beautiful golden foliage was a treat to see on your last post!

Eileen I wonder where they are for you too! .. I would have thought there was a good population in your area. Loved the pictures of the last days of your garden plants .. and I too think the grasses should stay up .. they are so pretty !

RobinL said...

I know they are noisy birds, but that blue is fabulous. I don't see them in my neighborhood very often. Did you tell them to come visit me next?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl I am on the case .. I will write tiny directions and maybe give them a tiny GPS to help them out?!!
LOL .. that blue is fabulous thought eh ?

Anonymous said...

That's so interesting ~ the only time the blue jays are in "stealth" mode here is during nesting season. They are completely silent then. This time of year they are pretty noisy but I like them because we don't get many colorful winter birds otherwise.
Hope you're doing well?