Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Country Gal said...

Lovely photo ! I like the green mixed in with the other colours ! Have a good day !

Leslie's Garden said...

Joy! i have that exact same little shrub, and I love it! It's so pretty with the autumn leaves. I always plant a pink impatience beside mine. Lovely photo!


Joy Girl, you did it again. You are so freaking talented. I love your banner. I think you missed your calling as a graphic designer. I'm thinking of you now and sending hugs.

Nadezda said...

beautiful still life!
I particularly like the blue spruce (or fir?).

Jennifer said...

A lovely autumn scene! A new look for the blog too and very appropriate for November. It is darn cold this morning, but this afternoon is supposed to be warm. Thank goodness! Yesterday, I snapped up about 100 bulbs- Hey, I couldn't resist! The big bags of daffodils were $2.94. You want a bet I will be tired come the end of the day. Take care Joy!

Lona said...

That is a pretty shot Joy! Well Halloween is over so now what do we get into Joy girl? LOL! Hey, have a wonderful week and take care of yourself.

Barbarapc said...

Joy, was reading Barry's blog with his shout-out to you and realized it had been ages since I'd visited. I really like the colours you've selected - sets up your collection of photographs beautifully. The light in October is positively magical.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl and thank you !

Thank you Leslie girl .. I have 2 .. on in the ground which looks bluer than the one I have in a pot .. I'm not sure why that happened .. but I thought the leaves were a great contrast too : )

Gracie girl you are very sweet .. most times I operate in complete "Duh???" mode .. LOL
Thank you for the hugs .. they help : )

Nadezda girl thank you .. it is a Blue Star Juniper .. very pretty and very hardy to bad conditions like we had this summer. They are fantastic little shrubs.

Hello there Jennifer girl : )
I am giggling over the daffs ! I wouldn't be able to resist either .. they are my favorite and the squirrels leave them alone ... hey you might be tired and sore but next Spring you will be delighted girl !!

Lona girl how are you !
Yes .. Halloween came and went with a bit of a whimper .. but we need a little down time before all that Xmas crap starts right ? LOL
Take care too girl : )

Barb I just figured out after I don't know how long .. how to enter your blog and leave a comment .. now how funny is that girl ?
Yes .. there is nothing like the light in October .. it truly is magical .. and thank you girl : )