Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wednesday with few words

Purple Sage

Sage ... one of the toughest plants in my garden .. note to self .. plant lots of the different kinds because they not only survive in wicked conditions , they ward off a few nasty bugs !
These pictures were taken late November, ergo plants have "frost freckles" on them.
Purple sage is a perennial in my garden as is Golden sage.
Note to self .. next time .. remember to take a picture of Golden sage ?

                                                                      Tricoloured Sage


Heather said...

Lovely pictures Joy... I still can't believe that's what you see in your garden at this time of the year and not what I am seeing! LOL! Especially since we both live in the same country! And I have to say it again, I love your header, it makes me smile very time I open your blog! Cheers!

RURAL magazine said...

There is one in the divider between the neighbours yard and why didn't I think to plant tons more?

They are tough guys.


Patty said...

Frost freckles ! They do add some interest to the sage. It is amazing we still have some plants in great shape at this time. I had a flower of honeysuckle until 2 weeks ago.

RURAL magazine said...

I just saw your header, and who was the brave person who walked out there in bare feet?


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, you have green! I love the "freckles" on the sage. We are knee deep in the white stuff here and have been for ages. Christmas greenery sustains me...! :)

Vetsy said...

Yep those are one of those tough reliable plants. Note to myself..remember that I saw them on your blog and grow some in the New year!

Marguerite said...

Had no idea sage would overwinter in this cold climate. Note to self - Plant Sage!! Love the kitty photo on the right. What does verifying your site on Pininterest mean? I just realized the other day that my photos are all over Pininterest. I've never used it myself so was a bit surprised.

Rose said...

So pretty! I don't cook a lot with fresh herbs, but I do like to grow them just for their appearance and their fragrance. We also grew a type of thyme in the Idea Garden this year that had gorgeous dark flowers. I want to plant some of it myself next year--but of course, I've forgotten the name of it:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Heather girl !
I just changed my header picture but I keep all of them so I can swap them in and out .. and I do love my girls in the header .. yup! same country girl .. and remarkable plants : )

Jen girl .. in any difficult, sunny place I would plant all the herbs I could .. they will not let you down!

Hello Patty girl I hope my suggestions for extra picture storage might have helped on your last post ..and wow on your honeysuckle !

Jen girl .. I am the barefoot contessa of the garden : )LOL

Hello Ms S and Xmas greenery is wonderful .. I would love to smell lots and lots of fresh spruce in the house : ) now that is truly Xmasy : )

Hello Vetsy girl : )
I will try to remind you girl about that note to yourself about the must grow these herbs next year!!

Rose I only usually cook with fresh Garlic and rosemary but I love growing all the herbs I can too for their appearance and scent .. so many wonderful ones you can truly make a whole single garden with herbs alone. You forgot the name!!LOL