Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bath and Buffet ?

First I have to assure all the frightened bird bath people that there is a BIG rock in the "tub" to actually prevent a bath from happening .. now they have a nice warm "spa-rock" to stand on if they want a drink of water .. I am thinking we are providing quite the level of high maintenance choices for our little ones ?

 Next is our bird buffet .. not only scattered seed to pick from but now a proper suet/seed house for the little darlings to peck away at when ever they feel the need ..

Yesterday when we bought all these supplies it was a winter storm warning day .. but never mind .. we went that extra mile just for the sake of our little feathered friends .. right ?

and ? ....

an on the "fly" feeding station just in case they are too shy .. now how good can this get ?
Upside down urns make great suet/seed feeders too !
The BUFFET is open !


Country Gal said...

Here we remortgage the house to feed our feathered friends lol ! I have 10 feeders in all filled with sunflower seed , wild bird seed , Finch seed , peanuts and suet's ! We get at least 12 or more different breeds of birds every day in our yard all year round . I like your rock idea in the heated bird bath good idea ! I love watching and seeing the birds ! Have a good day !

Karen said...

Cool, can't wait to see who visits!

Marguerite said...

Great idea putting the rock in the spa! Have you had any takers yet?

Jennifer said...

Well, don't the birds get the royal treatment at your house! I am surprised I haven't found notes pinned to my lacklustre feeders that say "Sorry, moved to Kingston!"
I like your holder for suet. The squirrels always tear open my cage-style ones and make off with all the goods. When the birds arrive, there is nothing left. Where did you get yours Joy? Canadian Tire?

Cat said...

Sounds like they have it made!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Elaine how funny is that ? I have heard other people say the same thing .. it is just so enjoyable watching the birds and little creatures : )
I hope to see some action SOON at my "spa"!! haha

Karen that picture of the Cardinal was fabulous .. I wish one of them would visit us on a regular bases!

Marguerite girl I am still waiting .. but today is just too stormy so hopefully near the end of the week? and hopefully I am quick enough to take pictures ? LOL

Jennifer girl it is just too funny the extent I am going to .. to draw the birds in to entertain us and the cats ? LOL
Yes ! Canadian Tire had them for about $12.99 .. so have a look , I think they do the job quite nicely!

Cat girl ... they certainly do !! LOL

RobinL said...

Your guests will have every need met, don't you worry. My birdfeeder pole broke, so for a few months, I had nothing. They gave up on me! Now I found a small hanging bird feeder, and no one has discovered it. And therefore, my bird bath heater is out there doing nothing! I hope they find me again soon.