Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Looking for help with .......

This is just a pretty picture of one of my hellebore to keep me going through this LONG winter phase.
"Niger" surpassed all my expectations.
 I collected it just because I thought I should have an older standard in my "hoard" of hellebore.
It went from pristine WHITE which literally glowed, to all sorts of different shades from yellows to blush pink.The foliage is very pretty too.
Those of you that pass up on the older cultivars .. think again because they just might surprise you.

Now for the "help" part .. I would SO appreciate input from Canadian bloggers that use mail order companies.
I would really like to have a current directory for Canadians to be able to choose from.
There are many gardeners restricted by different factors with what plants they can acquire.
If we had a current directory that all of us could experiment with that would help those gardeners a great deal

PLEASE stop by and leave a comment if you have had any experience with mail order companies in Canada
Sorry my American friends .. believe me I wish I had the variety you gardeners have to choose from!
I keep American sites up for information on plants because they are so informative.
Lets get the Canadian side up to par with choices now !!


Barry said...

Now aren't you the ambitious bee in January! I so agree that having a list that also offers personal ratings would be a good thing.... as you know, I am very narrow minded when it comes to mailorder, having only dealt with Fraser's Thimble Farms [] from Saltspring Island n BC. Fabulous selection of rare and unusual, but beware, their plants are definitely on the small side..... but for the collector or connoisseur, its a hortgasm waiting to happen! Hope this helps!

CanadianGardenJoy said...
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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Laura H posted this comment on my mail order page 2012 but I wanted to add it to this post I did this morning because her comment got me thinking about an updated mail order listing.
Just found your blog and wanted to thank you for reviewing mail order companies. I use mail order a lot since I don't have a car.

Haven't tried Gardens Plus, will give them a look this spring. My experiences - two orders from Canning a few years ago were very disappointing, have to consider trying them again after seeing your amazing photos. Garden Import tends to be small, I use them for bulbs and hard-to-find clematis. I've also had good luck with Beaver Creek in B.C., Select Plus in Quebec which specializes in lilacs (amazing varieties), Fraser's Thimble Farms also in B.C.

Thanks again and hope you stay healthy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie thank you for commenting here .. I appreciate your input with Fraser Thimble Farms ! I know you are fussy with who and what you deal with so they are top rated coming from you!

Country Gal said...

I have used I get all their catalogs . They are Canadian and have a huge variety of flower seeds and veggie seeds from around the world that will take to Ontario zones ! They are based in Prince Edward Island ! Most of the time I get my flowers and seeds from a local garden center that is open here all year long called Canadale Nurseries I have seen so much variety and they also ship from other countries that would do well in our zones . Awesome photos . I am looking forward to spring that's for sure and have lots of plans for our gardens and even building a raised veggie garden ! Have a good day !

Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, Happy New year! I am interested in hearing other gardener's Canadian resources as well. I bookmarked Barry's recommendation. Rare and native plants! Yes please!
Perhaps because I live so close to Toronto, I don't order a lot by mail. There are plenty of opportunities to go broke at local nurseries! LOL When I am looking for something special though, it is nice to have a mail order source.
Here is one for you I have ordered daylilies from the Quebec grower and have been very pleased with what I was sent.
I'd love a great source for hellebores, if you have one.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Elaine and yes I too have used Veseys as well, they have great customer service and that counts for a lot! I just had a quick look at Canadale website and wow! wish there was one here too !
I think raised beds are fantastic especially for veggies .. I don't have the room, or I just can't take up room for veggies when I am a plant fanatic ? haha

Hello Jennifer girl !
Happy New Year back and I am shocked you didn't know about Thimble Farms ? they have many many cultivars for hellebore so you have to take a few minutes to have a look in that category : )
I haven't ordered from any of the Quebec nurseries but they do have me curious .. I know Canadian Tire and a few other garden centers stock product from Quebec .. I will have to look that one up now so thank you ! make sure to look at Fraser's for the hellebore!

Nadezda said...

Joy, sorry I can't help you, am not a Canadian :(( I love hellebore in your garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl and no worries ! I hope to get a directory up and what ever plant information is there might interest on-Canadian bloggers too:)
Love your Jack Frost posting girl !


Hi Joy girl, I think this is a great idea. I hope many people will offer their two bits. I admit, we Americans are spoiled and even more so on the western shores of the continent. Have fun and stay warm.

RURAL said...

Joy, I am so looking forward to seeing this list, although I basically don't have a budget for plants...unless I can sneak them through.

I'm still trying to figure out what does well here, some do great, and then there is the summer drought and the fact that in August I can't go outside...xeriscaping anyone?

I need a hellebore...remind me of that again in the spring.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gracie girl you Americans are totally spoiled ! LOL .. and especially where you live .. I remember seeing pictures of your outings (which I would love to do with you too!) at nurseries that were amazing .. drool drool!!

Jen girl what colour and form are you looking for in a hellebore ? I am taken with Ballerina Ruffles and dawn has it at Gardens Plus @ 15.95 I think which is very reasonable.
Have a look at the hellebore page at Fraser Thimble Farms .. you will find the perfect one/two/three ??
Yes girl .. I understand about August .. you need easy care plants for sure!

Marguerite said...

This is a great idea Joy. So many of us in Canada live outside of the big centers and have no way of getting plants other than mail order. Wish I could help more but I haven't used a lot of mail order so far. I used Canning last year on your advice and loved them. Very healthy, well developed plants, came quickly, packed well. I have used Veseys multiple times and would never order plants from them again. Seeds and bulbs yes but no more plants. They tend to provide only tiny fragments of roots that are barely alive and at a stupidly high cost for what you get.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Marguerite girl and thanks for your input!
Yes I have to say Canning is my first choice but if I can't find a plant there I do check other companies like Gardens Plus .. Garden Import .. Veseys I have used for some roses which sometimes they have the ONE I have been looking for .. Botanus is like that too .. but I do like Hortico a lot as Jennifer from Three Dogs in a Garden recommended too.
Once you are burned by a bad company .. you never go back to it and it helps to let other gardeners know about then !

RobinL said...

I cannot help you with Canadian nurseries, but I can say WOW to that hellebore. The flowers are wonderful!