Sunday, 13 January 2013

Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants

"About Our Nursery

Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. offers one of the largest selections of perennials in Canada with over 4000 different garden plants each year. We focus on cutting edge new perennials, garden stalwarts, and the rare and unusual. We also carry knock out selections of vines, shrubs, unusual trees, ground covers, alpines, hardy and non-hardy succulents, grasses, ferns, herbs, rare and heirloom veggies and fruit, and much more. Come see why so many people walk into our nursery for the first time and describe it as a "candy store." 

This site has been a great research point for me over the years and now that they have become a mail order company .. I am intrigued by what their product might be like .. they are situated in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada EH!) ... they actually get American business from across the border because there is accommodation made for that purpose with paperwork etc ...

If you sign up for the newsletter which I just did this morning .. you get a 20% off coupon of any one plant of your choice .. so that is a "plus" bonus already. That is if it works for mail order .. I just read it again and it said "bring it with you" ? .. hum , not actually walking over there from here is going to happen !
At the moment though I think they are not quite up to date with their catalog so I have e-mailed asking when that will occur .. I'm not sure, but I think I have to download it to have all the pricing included as well .. so I asked about that too.

For now ... just a nice hellebore picture from last Spring to keep me going !

*** I have been investigating a  little more and my final drift is that this company is a wee bit EXPENSIVE with some plants and SHIPPING.
Having said that .. if you are obsessing about a certain plant .. it might be a crucial source you are willing to try.
I have NOT tried this company so I can't show pictures of what their product is like or specific prices as of yet !


Country Gal said...

I am soo looking forward to spring and this teaser weather we are having is killing me ! Lovely photo and great info . Have a good day !

RURAL said...

Oh my gosh which hellebore is that one? OH sigh...and drool.

Hey they used to be our competition when I worked at the garden center...I remember when they started up.

Going over to the site now to see their stuff, because I can't just drive over anymore.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl !
All of the snow is gone from the garden practically .. but I know we are in for more .. Ontario weather is one HUGE TEASE or TERROR ! LOL

Jen girl hello there : )
That is my Peppermint Ice hellebore and it is a beauty .. I have 14 different kinds and I really should split my older ones .. That company just started mail order last year I think .. so not having used them yet I am really curious too!

Barry said...

Hey Lady!
I remember when they announced they were starting mail order,I was most excited. I recall having to send them a list and they sent back pricing. Recollection tells me that it was their shipping charges that led to my going with Thimble Farms instead. Look into it Joy, as I am amazed at how much money some places charge for shipping!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sweetie .. Yes ! .. I will look into it because they might have adjusted pricing since there is more competition maybe ? .. I am so curious I have to see about it now and I will publish what comes back so we can share that tid bit ! LOL

Marguerite said...

Joy, your research is greatly appreciated. I've never even heard of half the companies you find, let alone know anything about pricing and such. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. (and seeing what plants you choose!)

Jennifer said...

Thanks again for the link Joy. I am looking forward to checking them out.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Marguerite girl and thank you !
I am making lists of plants that are have started lusting over but will be beyond my budget I am sure .. but who can help day dreaming eh ? LOL

You are welcome Jennifer .. I haven't used them so I can't give a recommendation with them yet .. let me know if you do girl!!