Wednesday, 20 March 2013

First Day Of Spring ??

OK .... so this is the first day of SPRING ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Even the sun is hiding it's head in shame ... BIG sigh !!!!


outlawgardener said...

Sending you sincere sympathy at this time. On the bright side, barring an ice age, sprng will eventually win out!

Lona said...

April Fools!!!! Oh wait it is not April yet. LOL! It sure does no look like spring in your garden with all that white fluff. It is cold here today but at least the sun is shining. Hang in their girl it will melt by April maybe. LOL!

Country Gal said...

Not like the spring we had last year that's for sure but it will push it's way through there soon ! Nice photos regardless ! I did a Spring post today to as it is at least sunny for the first day of Spring here ! Have a good day !

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Happy first day of spring, Joy! Um...technically, anyway :(

Looking outside the window, you'd think we're in the middle of January...sigh... But how much longer will this last? The weather will get better, and we will start gardening! I'm ready to blow from the anticipation. I have so much work to get started on and this rotten weather is driving me batty!

Let's hope for beautiful days ahead so we can get out there and conquer our little gardening spaces.


This is so NOT spring. I'm stomping my foot for you, Joy. Dang it anyway. "Hurry up spring. Stop being so stubborn and aloof. People are counting on you. Anxious gardeners need a break from this white stuff so get your butt in gear!"

There. That should help. :) :)

Anonymous said...

It's much the same here in Denmark; we look set to have the coldest March in 26 years and the snow is still covering the ground and will probably linger on until early April... Not very spring-like!

Vores have said...

Hey I saw you inside by Nadezda (my blogven) Nice pictures / collages showing.
Not much spring in Denmark - here we have snow. Wish you a good day :) Hanne Bente

meggie said...

Hello Joy girl, yes,start of spring with snow, snow and more snow!!
Here we have the same! I said to hubby: On Saturday I don't hang up my Easter eggs in the garden! No!!!
Have a nice week!!
Take care

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Outlaw !
I am not so sure the ice age thing is not happening .. I am getting a little nervous ? LOL
Saw your bits of greenery and they look fresh and wonderful : )

Lona girl you are VERY BAD !!!
No fair when you have so much more Spring than I do .. I really wonder what the hell is going to happen here! haha

Elaine girl your bird photos were wonderful .. Miggs too cute and the little Dollar Store items were just the right touch for Spring atmosphere!

Martha girl hello there !..what can I say .. I am so sick of winter and I am wondering if we are actually going to have any Spring at all?
I think I have worn myself out with mental planning ? LOL .. heaven knows what is going to happen in my poor gardens now .. phew !

Gracie girl thanks for the rant .. I hope Spring hears you and takes some pity on us poor winter worn gardeners .. I have way too much to do so it has to get started soon !!

Flaneur hello there ! I saw your white surroundings too .. BIG sigh!
No real signs of Spring can make us a bit CRAZY at this late date. Hope we can hold on to our sanity until it comes ?

Hello Hanne and thank you for dropping by!
Your pictures along the marshland were very pretty !lets hope Spring comes soon !!!!

Meggie girl this is getting to be depressing isn't it ? I am so sick of snow and cold .. we need warmth and rain to coax the plants out of that brittle shell of winter.
Fingers crossed right ? LOL

Unknown said...

And to think that we were so excited by the snow when my husband and I visited Ireland two winters ago. We took so many photos. Here, I listen to you lamenting the lack of green! ;)

Heather said...

Well, at least we are all in this together! Hang in there, Spring will come! Cheers~

meggie said...

Joy girl,
I have a question:
do you use whatsapp ??

;-) meggie

And what do you like more
flurries or scattered flurries ....

Rose said...

At least you have some lovely photos, Joy:) No snow here, but it was darned cold yesterday. I'm with you, Joy--spring better hurry up!

Marguerite said...

This week has been a real shock. Last week it was so warm and sunny, the island's been shut down twice this week due to blizzard conditions. I am so ready for spring to arrive.

Barbarapc said...

Sure is pretty and completely unnecessary. Visited a buddy in Ottawa - oh boy - amazing how much snow. Got a photo from a friend north of Montreal, her backyard is full - so full her dog sits on a mountain of snow that is taller than her 6' fences. Apparently it's going to be a very cold, slow spring, and then presto summer will be here. I'm thinking we all need to do a cyber hug to see if we can't warm things up a little faster.....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Stilleto
We northerners usually get a little grumpy by now with SNOW and winter .. especially this year .. it is way too long and we really do need to see some green by now!! LOL

Yes Heather girl .. it is true ... misery loves company ! haha

Meggie girl I have a basic phone because I hate phones ? LOL .. I only carry that cell phone for emergencies, so no I don't use apps on it. Hum .. scattered flurries ? haha .. NO flurries at all by now girl !

Rose girl hello there! and you have no snow on the ground ? You lucky thing! .. The birds are so confused they don't know what to do with themselves in this weather .. way too long in winter mode!

Marguerite girl ... I so hear you on that .. this winter is one long mean *itch that just won't let go !
Enough already !!!

Barb .. I try to go back to your blog and I can't find a place to leave a comment !! Are you hiding out ? LOL
Yes .. I grew up in Ottawa as a teen and we had tons of snow there .. Montreal has even more usually so I get that about the poor dog! ... Something has to happen soon or I am going to go cabin crazy like never before !!EEEKKK!

Cat said...

Brrrr. Just back from Scotland where I petted 4 day old lambs, as friends in Ireland dug what was left of their flocks out of the hills.