Friday, 8 March 2013

Sky of yester-year

I have been "off" of a while .. struggling ... hoping it is just the last of the winter blues .. but that would be too easy to blame.
So I decided to ignore the symptoms for now and think in SPRING ..
I actually heard some Canada geese fly by and that has to be a good thing right ?
So I wanted to reach back and bring out some colourful April sunrises of a few years ago .. for some reason I am not seeing those dramatic skies I did in years past so I am going to enjoy what I did capture back then !


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous Joy. I haven't seen any good skies worth capturing lately either.
Feel better ... think warmth and spring and growing season.

outlawgardener said...

Beautiful images! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Heather said...

Joy, what absolutely stunning shots, I am so glad you were able to capture them for you to show us all! Delightful indeed and something worth looking forward to! Cheers~

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Joy, it is this winter, put me in a funk also. I guess I could blame the new puppy for changing my way of life, spring will help lift all of our spirits.


Leslie's Garden said...

So pretty! I hope it's Spring that is making you feel off! This will be a tough week with having to turn the clocks. Do you do that in Canada? I hate it! Though I do like the longer days.

Unknown said...

I'm convinced spring has come to Canada, our bluebirds are back, a sure sign!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl and wow! on seeing that chipmunk so early in the year with snow on the ground still ? LOL
I doubt we will see our Mr. Chips that early .. but our bunny has been hopping around ? haha

Outlaw I really enjoyed that last nursery trip .. great plants to look at and think about .. as well as garden decor .. jealous you have so much to pick from ;-)!

Heather girl hello there and thank you: ) the skies are rather dull still here so I have to wait for mid to late April if anything dramatic will happen again if I am lucky ? LOL

Eileen girl I know what you mean (but minus the new puppy ? LOL .. they do take a lot of work there is no doubt about that!) .. waiting for Spring ... happens every time right ? LOL

Leslie your sky was a gorgeous one!
Yes I think it is this weekend we turn the clocks forward .. we have to keep on par with you guys down south ? .. you are the trouble makers ? LOL .. I do love the morning light coming sooner .. if anything I am a morning person.

Lynne the Bluebirds are totally amazing .. we don't get them here .. or at least not in my area as far as I know .. I would be shocked to see anything than a Bluejay as BLUE as the Bluebird! LOL

Ralph said...

Ah, the geese are returning to the confederation...back home for Spring I'd say. Perhaps this beautiful sun is attracting the birds and chasing away any and all blues with its golden glow. For us, the bright sun is chasing away yesterday's snow. A sunny glow we can all appreciate...

RPS77 said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I don't see many really good sunrises or sunsets from where I live, because both are behind trees and houses that are very close to my own. Last night, however, as I was finishing shoveling snow from our latest storm, there was a gorgeous salmon-pink sky just after sunset. This covered a large part of the entire sky, so I could see most of it even though I couldn't see the setting sun.

This has been a colder, snowier winter than last one here, but last winter was so mild in Massachusetts that it spoiled us.

I hope that you feel better, and remember that the end of winter is approaching!