Thursday, 18 April 2013

Naked .. and Not ?

You can see from my header picture I finally have some Spring bulbs blooming .. the funny thing is that I am amazed because ..
 "Mr. Chips" our chipmunk from last year, cleared out crocuses on his never ending buffet that I gave up any hope would leave a single one left !
Spring miracles can happen !

I fell in love with this little hover bee ? .. he was so loaded with pollen he could hardly fly but yet kept coming back for any more he could collect !
The naked part .. BIG sigh ... the garden is very bare looking compared to last year .. and that darn sumac stump is as solid as concrete so ? .. we have to have the tree company come back and get it out before I can transplant my Golden Spirit Smoke Bush .. and ? there are some sleeping plants buried there that I can't even lift because they are still slightly frozen .. fingers crossed that is what will keep them safe !
Bare Bones :
Plants that I did manage to move out of the way .. ranging from spireria shrub, false cypress, astilbe, heuchera .. .. OK .. I bought some thyme but it was called "Hi Ho Silver"! who could resist that?
One more look at my little buddy ?


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hiya, Joy! I was just in my garden, and you came to my mind. I told myself that I should drop you a quick email to say hello and see how you're doing, and when I ended up at my compute POOF, here's a new post from you! LOL... Your flowers are beautiful. I love that little bee. He/she is a sure sign of spring. There is hope that our gardens will wake up...finally. Yes, everything is so late this year. By this time last year, I had a lot more flowers to enjoy and photograph. But...let's hope that unlike last year, we don't have hot and dry weather. I have tons of work to do, and I've been pleading with Mother Nature to boot out old man winter and warm up the earth. I think she's finally done that. Fingers crossed. I'll send you an email soon to say hello!


Your little buddy brings a very important good news...SPRING has arrived! I'm glad Mr. Chips was careful to leave you a few bulbs. He really is an old softie, isn't he? And the garden, although bare, looks really promising. I'm celebrating spring with you. Hugs!

Leslie's Garden said...

How nice of those little buggers to leave you a few! I know that was a happy surprise! Love your new header. I know you are happy to have some springness about! Did you overwinter those plants in the pots, or have you just dug them? BTW, my Hecheura didn't survive :( I think it is the area in my garden more than anything else. I seem to have a problem growing things there, but columbine seem to be doing very well there. I'll buy another heuchera and try it in another location.

outlawgardener said...

Congratulations on your crocus that seem to collect the cheer of the sun and pass it on through your lens. That bee is adorable! Sorry about the naked part but we both know it won't be that way for long!

Country Gal said...

Oh those blooms are so pretty ! Mr Chips might of done good at being bad with those flowers as he may of spread seeds for you with out knowing it and you thinking he had destroyed them , nature works in mysterious ways doesn't it ? Oh that little bee is so tiny . Hope all goes well with the removal . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

cairncottage said...

Beautiful, beautiful crocus pictures. I'm not a big fan of bees, as I usually get stung if I get very close to them. Looks like you have been doing some "spring garden cleaning"! Spring can't get here soon enough!!
Ann @ Cairn Cottage/Christ in the Clouds

Nadezda said...

Joy, I love your crocuses, are bright, that is we all wait in winter.
I think your naked place is ok, plant your purchases and will be pretty place!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martha girl !
Thank you so much and I have been thinking of you too girl: )
That little hover bee was amazing and so very greedy .. I hope he made it home alright after being drunk on pollen!LOL
Another BIG yes .. late but hopefully we won't have such a rotten summer as last year .. that was really hard on all of us .. fingers crossed girl!

Hello Gracie girl !
Thank you : ) Mr. Chips hasn't shown up yet .. but if he is in the area I know he will .. haha
Yes .. Spring is dipping her toe in and soon her whole FOOT will be here? LOL

Hello Leslie girl .. I was just at your garden and admiring those pretty blooms you have going!
Thank you so much : )I was lucky to catch a few pictures before I zonked out from garden work!
These are plants I dug up to be out of the way to get the stump out .. hope what ever is left will survive the stomping in the area.
I'm so sorry about the heuchera but I let some suggestions back at your blog !

Hello there Outlaw!
Thank you so much .. I was pooped from garden work at the stage I took pictures , glad some of them turn out! haha .. yes that little bee was a character indeed;-)
Not long being naked is a sure thing here .. once it gets going ? .. it gets GOING! haha

Hello Elaine girl !
Thank you and yes .. so very funny any were left at the rate Mr. Chips was eating them .. but there we are a little gift indeed : )
Yes fingers crossed about the stump .. need to get going with transplanting Golden Spirit there!

Hello Ann and thanks for stopping by : ) .. I have been lucky with bees most of the time they are more interested in the flowers than me? LOL .. yes, still Spring cleaning outside (good grief I have to tackle inside too!) haha

Hello Nadezda girl and thank you !
Yes we do WAIT a long time during winter don't we ? and then work ourselves into the ground when a break in weather happens .. life cycle of a gardener ? LOL

RURAL said...

Great header shot, love it so colorful.

Isn't it wonderful to see anything growing at all? sigh...finally.


Lona said...

Yeah the ice melted! LOL! Your crocus are so pretty. It is so nice to see blooms again. Have a lovely weekend Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jen girl and thanks .. yes .. FINALLY !!LOL

Lona girl thank you and we aren't quite out of the woods .. could get some snow flurries today but hoping NOT! Have a great weekend girl: )

Heather said...

Hi Joy... hope all is well... I'm just catching up on my blogs here... gorgeous little buddy! How nice to see someone getting to putter around in the garden, I'm jealous, LOL!Cheers~

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Heather girl and thanks !
I was so VERY lucky to catch up with this little guy and get these shots .. I am very grateful for those special moments : )