Saturday, 20 April 2013

Shadow Shot Time

Shadow Shot Time seems to fly by every week some how.
It is very windy but sunny today so I braved the elements and put on my flashy hot pink robe to take some pictures in the garden which is finally coming alive.
The shadows are from my Bittersweet vine cast on the fence and one of my very first pieces of garden art which is one of my favorites too of course.
Make sure to click on the icon for more curious shots from very talented shadow shooters all over the world!


RURAL said...

You've been doing SS for a long time now haven't you.. I do love this shot, it's very graphic feeling.

Checked the weather on your sidebar, it's only one degree less then ours....brrr cold here.



Country Gal said...

Nice photo ! It is windy here to and has turned cold as well . We had a dusting of snow this morning , that is gone thankfully . Next week our temps go back to where they should be for this time of year ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Heather said...

Hot pink robe... Joy, are you trying to be the brightest and prettiest flower in the garden?? It's really nice that you can get out and get some shots in the garden without trudging through 2 feet of snow!!! My comment on your last post might have shown up twice, yikes! Have a great week. Cheers~

Anonymous said...

Yikes, what weather. I've been outside briefly to put some bird feeders back up but didn't take any photos. That is a lovely shadow photo ... sure hope the warm weather arrives soon so we can enjoy the outdoors.

Beverley Baird said...

|Love those twisted stems! Great shadows for the week!
Our front lawn and cars were covered with snow this morning - most of it is gone but it is chilly out there!

Ralph said...

The vin seems to have a mind of its own as to how it grows. Vertical and/or horizontal, its confusing path of growth is like amaze. And, without leaves, it makes a non-symmetrical set of shadows to fall upon the structure. It looks to be in motion on a windy day - bring on the sun for a luxurious leafy look!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent shadow shot ~ love the plaque and the tree ~ beautiful ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank you for braving the elements for this magnificent shot!

Spidery Shadows

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jen girl .. yes, I have been doing this for a few years .. there are so many memes out there but this is my favorite one : )
We had a heavy frost over night so it is still cold here but sunny at least!

Hello Elaine and thank you .. fingers crossed for warmer weather as the week goes on .. at least the sun is shinning : )

Heather girl hello there !
Yup .. hot pink in plaid .. quite the eye catcher .. no more snow for now ? but heaven knows what can happen here .. hope your snow disappears soon girl : )

Linda girl how are you! Yes we have had some COLD nights but the weather looks like it will warm up this week .. fingers crossed eh?

Bev I think we are slowly coming out of this but oh so VERY slowly eh ? hahaha

Ralph you do have a way with words describing my vine in such a convoluted fashion reflecting how it too is convoluted ! LOL Thank you: )

Thank you so much with the comment on my plaque .. it is one of my first pieces in the garden and a favorite : )

MMT .. I am still thinking of your very round spider and crossing it's path like that ;-)
Thanks for stopping by !!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautiful work of art from the nature.

Balancing Shadow
Playing catch up with Shadow Shots.