Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mail Order Review "GardensPlus"

Well it was a marathon garden day yesterday Saturday the 25th .. I had two mail order garden plantings to do and I had to think fast and switch out what areas I previously thought would do the trick.
GardensPlus is in Peterborough Ontario .. Dawn the owner offers more of a variety that can drive you a bit batty over the cold winter months thinking of them all .. thus a bigger order than I should have allowed myself. But hey ... gardeners do THAT ! don't they ?
My list caught up with me .. Penny's Pink hellebore along with Ballerina Ruffles ..Prairie Moon and Sky hosta ..Circus and Paprika heuchera along with the recently added "Cuties" heuchera .. Sugarberry, Sweet Tart , and Coco .. add some Midnight Magic and Red Hot Returns daylily and a prize hosta I won .. called Totally Awe Some (rather weird looking thing but hey .. a prize !!
So ... the box ?
To give you an idea of it's size  on a normal garbage bag .. it is almost a dry packaging to keep the mailing cost low.

Upper left to right ... Penny's Pink hellebore, Ballerina Ruffles hellebore, Prairie Moon hosta, Prairie Sky Hosta, Circus and Paprika heuchera .. Totally Awe Sum hosta
Lower let to right .. Sugar Berry, Sweet Tart and Coco of the "Cuties Heuchera"
Then Red Hot Returns and Midnight Magic daylily.
Yes .. they are small have to be a patient gardener with these ones .. but like I said the varieties are more to choose from.

Where did I plant them ? .. most of the small ones went in the "hole" so I could keep an eye on them and make sure they were pampered so they would grow and get strong !

So pros and cons ... Pros : the order comes quickly since I am so close .. a good variety to choose from .. easy contact with the owner for any changes or problems.
Cons .. small plants .. you have to be patient !


Gatsbys Gardens said...

The plants all look very healthy and they are unusual varieties. This is more important than big average varieties.


Barry said...

Patience is a virtue, and if you're going to do mail order, you need to have a lot! I am curious, the Penny's Pink Helleborus, is the foliage pink veined like it touts itself to be? I might just have to look one up if its true! I haven't done a mail order this year, but then again, I have been more into to bigger things..... trees mainly!

RURAL magazine said...

Hi Joy, so the babies are in the bed, and soon to be woken up from their naps.

It's not a bad thing to be small plant minded...almost all of my huge ones were bought as 4 inch. I like the price, I'm willing to wait a little for them to grow...

Your selection is stunning.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : )
They are healthy if not a little thirsty but that is remedied and into "bed" they go to grow up and look nice .. I am taken with new varieties .. or is that suckered ? LOL

Sweetie .. some times we gardeners can be patient eh ? LOL
Yes .. even on this very small specimen I can see the pinkish marbling .. when it is bigger I will take a better picture for you to see!
I want to know about those trees sweetie !!!

Jen girl hello there : )Thank You!
I have the Canning mail order post to do tomorrow .. you can see the difference in size with that one.
Yes .. the variety and price always has me going back to GardensPlus for that something special.

Lona said...

Wonderful choices Joy. That bed already looks beautiful but the new plants are really going to fill in and add so much to it. Always love hearing about the plant buying evaluations.

Heather said...

So nice to have new plants arrive, better yet, to be able to get them planted and watch as they grow and mature... even if it does take time, the wait is worth it! I am glad to see your review on this one, I think it is the Canning one that I am anxious to see right now as I believe that's the one you mentioned last year and I was so impressed by them... maybe next year I will get in an order after working on my place this year! Cheers~

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl this bed is my "baby bed" almost .. just so I can keep an eye on these little cuties .. I want them to grow up big and strong and move on to other beds ? LOL ..
Yes .. I think all of us like to hear about plant order evaluations eh ?

Heather girl I have to admit canning gives you bang for buck and an easier instant gratification when you see big plants .. but some things I can't find there I find here .. so pros and cons go back and forth a lot. ;-)