Thursday, 30 May 2013

Richters mail Order Review

Well ... this is not going to go over very well at all ... I  am going to chalk it up to finally curing my curiosity and lesson learned ?
The morning started out like this
Although it got sunny and HOT very quickly .. hot can also be described as how I felt when I realized I was missing three crucial lavenders I was counting on.
Two Blue Cushion (thankfully I found them at the beginning of the garden season at Loblaws and bought them phew !)  but  White Spike lavender was missing and I didn't find that any where else.
So ... what happened ?
First of all it was the most difficult box I have ever had to open .. kudos to the company for the design so it would keep these TINY plants in good condition .. but you would need a diagram and engineer instructions as to how to access the plants .. I may be exaggerating a wee bit but first thing in the morning ?? argh !

Kitchen sized garbage bag ... plus utility knife to give you an idea of the size of the box.

They are tiny plants ... and I do mean tiny .. I know with proper care they will get much bigger.
But there is no instant gratification factor in this order at all plus the fact that I am missing three lavenders that were important to me ..
The price is NOT worth the plants .. so I have to give a no go with this company ever again ..
Having said that .. they do have some roses that are difficult to find .. but I am supposed to stop buying roses at this point !
Now .. I e-mailed the company about the missing plants .. I am still waiting for an answer .. so this saga will continue no doubt and I will post about it when I get a reply !
A resounding NO on the recommendation for this company .. even though I spent a lot of time drooling over their catalog I can't justify the cost by any means ... BIG sigh !


Patty said...

So sorry to hear you are missing lavender plants.White lavender is particularly hard to find! Perhaps your bad day will turn out better when you hear back from Richters.

Country Gal said...

These things happen unfortunately at our expense , always a learning curve in garden isn't there ? Hope your missing plants turn up in good shape and all do well in the end ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

meggie said...

I think, I should send you a magnifier!!!! And something to minimize the prices ...
That's really annoying

Hope, you will have a nice and sunny weekend! Luckily with us it's dry! and fresh air, not as humid.
It's the first day without rain...

Didn't you find my email?? It's from 13th of May ....;-))
Take care, Joy girl


Heather said...

Joy, years ago, I ordered seeds and essential oils from this company and I thought things were okay, but I have never ordered any actual plants... yours were certainly tiny! Hope they grow up to be big and strong! Hubby just ordered me a greenhouse, not like the "tarp" one I have that has become a dumping ground for all outside stuff, but a nice "clear glass" one! Should be here in a week or two! Cheers~

outlawgardener said...

Sorry for your frustration. The packing scheme looks like it protected the plants well. I haven't ordered much through the mail but usually expect to receive much smaller plants than those available at nurseries. Smaller plants are easier to ship and usually survive the stress of the trip better than larger specimens. Anyway, sorry that your plant delivery wasn't more exciting!

Nadezda said...

pictures in the catalog and real plants do not always coincide...
some companies do so, too bad.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Patty girl : )
I did finally get an e-mail .. telling me to look way down in the left bottom corner of the invoice where they said they could not supply those lavender .. you are so right about not being able to find white .. I had it a few years ago but it didn't stick sadly .. I do love it darn it all!

Elaine gardening is one heck of a learning curve on its own .. the plants have a whole different one themselves ? LOL

Meggie girl you are so RIGHT ! LOL
I am actually looking for rain now with all the plants I just got in the ground .. I hate the humidity in the air .. it was so hot and humid yesterday I couldn't stand it.
Where is that e-mail girl .. I didn't get it !
Enjoy the rainless weekend girl: )

OMG ! Heather girl you must be so excited about the green house : )
Now that is something that you will truly be able to enjoy and use and keep up with us for garden season .. just imagine all the plants you can start and have ready to go in the garden ! Terrific !!

Hey there Outlaw : )
Yes .. I was sort of expecting this .. but they were a even smaller than I imagined .. the packing was absolutely perfect but if only the plants were a little larger ? that would have been fine with me .. through in the plants they didn't provide though and it stung ! LOL

Hello Nadezda girl .. yes, that is very true .. but I have been spoiled by Canning with such BIg plants .. even the few other companies I use have larger ones than Richters so I think I will have to bypass this company to avoid that frustration ;-) haha