Friday, 24 May 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing !

OK ... some one turn the taps off now please ? ..
Yes rain is a must but this is getting to be ridiculous ! ... the weather forecast is for sunnier days to come.
I really hope so because the garden is a jungle and I haven't been able to get out and tame it in a long time and .. I have plants to PLANT !!
Fingers crossed tomorrow I can get a garden mission done to save my sanity and my garden babies good looks !
For now ... just some pictures from a few days ago taken under cloudy skies which I find intensifies colours and blurs lines for some reason ?

One of my later blooming hellebore and I am trying to figure out which one it is ... sigh!

Little Miss Sunshine really brightens up a spot where she smiles : )

Northern Lights azalea opened so quickly it was surprising this year !

Mystic Mist tiarella is one of my favourites ... it will change colour through the season and look gorgeous

The Japanese maples are coming along very well .. I didn't lose any over the winter .. phew !

Speaking of losses though .. you can see my blank spot here .. I lost King's Ransom and Silver Lining brunnera along with my Indian Pinks .. the machine that came in to grind out the sumac stump must have crushed them .. I had removed a lot of plants thinking I got them all but not quite .. it will be filled soon though .. no gardener has "holes" for long, right ? wink wink

There are lots of spaces left on this side of the garden as well .. another pyramidal cedar, a new astrantia Venice which I am so hoping has that vivid red I saw on the net .. some sparks of colour through out all this GREEN !
So much to do ... and it has to be done SOON !!!!


Jennifer said...

Hi Joy, Can you believe the change in the temperature? man it is cold!! At least there is a good breeze which helps keep the mosquitoes away. After all that rain they were out in numbers.
I love the deep orange azalea. I have never attempted an azalea, but now wondering if I could pull one off. They are so darn pretty. I also love the lime green hosta and that tiarella has very, very nice foliage.
I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the work that needs doing too. It is a busy time of year for sure. Have a great weekend!!

Carolyn ♥ said...

Beautiful gardens, Joy. I'm thinking those plants are enjoying your rain.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking lovely Joy. The plants seem to be surviving this chilly wet spell. Hoping for some warmer weather very soon.

Patty said...

The garden looks wonderfully lush. I love the lime hosta and plan to add more of that colour to my garden. No rain over the weekend so I will be out there with you gardening.

kacky said...

Everything looks beautiful and no, I don't expect that spot to stay empty for long. =0)

outlawgardener said...

Sorry about your soggy weather! I'm envious of your holes as I've none and have been buying interesting plants like there's no tomorrow. Your garden looks wonderful! Wishing you sunny skies ahead!

Barry said...

Hey Doll:
It looks to me like it might be Helleborus 'Sparkling Diamond' or 'Betty Ranicar.' So sad to hear about the losses but they can always be replaced, OR, if you're like me, there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to take its place. Are you in the threat zone for frost tonight? We bloody well had snow in the air today!

Heather said...

Wonderful pictures joy, and the pathway garden is absolutely beautiful...! We've finally got some decent weather, although it is supposed to rain in the next few days, but I've started working on my weed garden :) I purchased a few plants to brighten up the place, but it will be a while before I will get around to planting them... hoping to accomplish something this year! Cheers~

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy!
Nice azalea, it's interesting that I have the rhododendron named 'Northern Lights' as well and it's blooming with white-lemon flowers!!! The same name and different color!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jennifer girl (I sent an e-mail to you!)
Of course you can pull off an azalea girl .. they aren't hard at all!
The hard part is choosing which one you would like : )
I spent hours out in the garden this morning and yes, overwhelmed is right.
So much to do still but at least it stopped raining ? LOL

Hello there Carolyn girl : )
Thank you so much !
I loved your annual colour scheme you are working on and all those empty pots ? LOL .. it is going ot be one gorgeous sight to see!

Linda girl hello there : )
I was out today in the chilly wind but it doesn't bother me as much as the heat and humidity so I am trying to get as much done as possible .. better weather ahead though .. haha

Patty girl thank you very much : )
We are both tired I bet ? .. I got out first thing this morning I bet that was your agenda too eh ? LOL
Get as much done as possible..phew!

Hello there Kacky girl and thank you !
You are so right .. no spot stays open long ! LOL

Outlaw you have me so curious about your plants and what you have been up to .. I have to get over there!
At least it isn't raining so far .. for now! haha

Sweetie you must be so tired from being so busy but loving most of it I bet ?
Funny thing .. I didn't order Sparkling Diamond .. but lusted after it a lot .. could this be a present from plant heaven ? LOL
I was wondering if you got a wee bit of snow .. we almost did but not quite and no frost here thank god .. what weird weather eh ?

Thank you so much Heather girl : )
hey you have made that wonderful bed with those stones .. you have such a great eye and steady hands girl! LOL .. I am dead tired from today's adventures .. old age and aching bones now? jeez!

Nadezda girl it is funny how many different plants have similar names .. this one goes down specifically from Northern Lights to Mandarin Lights because of it's orange colouring. I would love to see yours it must be beautiful!

RobinL said...

You have such an eye for texture in your garden, the patterns and colors always look lovely together. And your plants seem so well behaved, never getting too tall and scraggly. How do you keep such order? Your cooler climate maybe?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness robin girl thank you : )
I think my OCD keeps the garden in check most of the time .. not to say during the dread heat humidity can make it look tired and scraggly as it does us all eh ? LOL
Cooler climate in the summer does not exist here .. it can be deadly,phew!