Sunday, 2 June 2013

One of those AMAZING finds !

OK .. I have been floating on air since Friday .. I have to touch down on earth soon .. but wow !
When you find a plant treasure it keeps you on a high for a long time doesn't it ?
I found a Japanese Maple that is perfect for the new focal point we hope to have created in the back garden.
Fingers crossed we can manage the project in our budget and come to enjoy it many many years from now.
In fact this tree can live for 60 years .. I will be well and truly GONE by then I am sure, so I hope who ever has this garden after me enjoys it too ?

Meet "Inaba Shidare" Japanese Maple (the 5th Japanese Maple  I have collected !)
Ignore dirt patio table etc .. we have been waiting for the nesting doves to be less sensitive of us moving furniture around on the deck ? yes .. great excuse so far right ?
It is in a 5 gallon pot .. found it at Home Depot for $38 !!!  I am still so stoked !
What have you "found" that makes you do the HAPPY DANCE lately ??


Rose said...

What a lovely Japanese Maple! It's really going to be an eye-catcher in your garden, Joy. I haven't done a "happy dance" for finding something special this spring, but I am excited that my peony is covered in blooms for the first time this year. It was a bargain purchase at a big box store three years ago, simply labeled "pink peony." Hope your new maple provides you with many years of delight!

Marguerite said...

That is a FANTASTIC price for such a large tree. Lucky you! Your focal point is going to be quite fetching.

outlawgardener said...

Great find! There's nothing as sweet as finding a plant that you want at a really low price! Gardeners are an interesting lot, planting trees for future generations to enjoy. I wish you well on your project!


So there it is. She's a beaut. I'm so excited for you, Joy. She will look absolutely gorgeous in her new home. And, um, where is that dirt I was supposed to ignore? LOL.

Have fun!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl : )
Thank you and I am still on a high about it! hey you never know when that happy dance will happen girl .. I didn't expect this to!
Peonies are so pretty and I am very glad you get to enjoy yours : )
This tree has a life span of 60 years .. I won't be here that long so I hop who ever has it next treats it right!

Hello Marguerite girl how are the studies coming ? .. brain ache? LOL
yes .. I am really hoping for a wonderful focal point with this tree in it, thanks girl!

Outlaw that last post about the fern was too funny but what amazing pictures you took to make it look SCARY !
Yes .. some one else will enjoy this tree too with the long life span it has .. I hope they take care of my baby! LOL

Gracie girl hello there : )
Thanks girl .. the dirt is on the little patio table .. NEEDS cleaning and setting up .. lots to do yet .. eeekkk!

Patty said...

Your tree is a beauty Joy. I am glad to see it. Happy planting!

Lona said...

What a pretty find! I love it Joy. It will be so lovely in your gar

Skeeter said...

Great find indeed! J. Maples are so pricy and you did find a bargain girl :-)

I do the happy dance most times after a visit to the Bargain Rack at the back of Lowes Garden Center!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Skeeter girl hello there !
hey .. I haunt Lowes bargain areas too : ) and I am easy to please most of the time so I do a pretty darn good Happy Dance by now !!LOL