Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pretty Picture Day

We are in RAIN mode once again ... talk about the cup runith? over ?
The garden is reaching it's saturation point and the plants are bent over, sick of being pelted with rain.
I know .. I will be crying for it later on in the season, but for now I just have to get this complaining in for some sun to come out and make my garden smile a wee bit ?

A lesson I learned this year is about "Bidens" .. this little sunny yellow flower, an annual .. that smells heavenly .. for which I had no idea.
I caught the scent over and over again .. stuck my nose every where to see where it was coming from.
Then finally I FIGURED it out !! BIDENS !!
This was a hanging basket my sweetie bought at our local Costco.
I wasn't keen on it .. "hot" coloured flowers .. RED RED geraniums in the back with some purple on the side and that stark stalk of greenery straight up ... sort of screaming look at me type of arrangement.
So at first ? .. ok .. hang it up .. I will ignore it other than watering (for sake of sweetie) .. ignore mode on.
Then a couple of weeks later, a series of events happened leading to this hot coloured basket,being put on my very heavy cast iron bird bath.(which said not to use it for that or for feeding .. go figure ?) ..
It is to be appreciated as a work of art and I am OK with that ! .. Home Sense find : )
When I placed it in this stand, the basket took on a whole different character.
I actually loved it! and I finally found out that it was the Bidens flower that smelled WONDERFUL !

Moto of this drawn out story ? ... a long time gardener can be taught NEW tricks !
Have you been taught any new tricks this year ?


Leslie's Garden said...

That's funny Joy! I've done the same thing with a red rose my dh bought me one Mother's day. I hate red. But I kept it alive and now it blooms well and I am glad I didn't let it die from neglect because it is pretty reliable, and because he tried so hard to buy me something for my garden:) I do not like hot colors, though I do like yellow in the garden. Your yellow plant is really pretty. I don't think I've ever seen it here at our nurseries. There aren't many annuals that have a scent! Lucky you!

RURAL magazine said...

It's beautiful, you have me a seasoned gardener going...what a wonderful look.


Lona said...

Oh your Bidens look so pretty in the birdbath. I love the fragrance of them. I got one and put in a pot to set on the front porch where I set out there just so I could smell them. LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Leslie girl (I hope you feel a bit better?) Thank you ! yes red is a hot colour and yet I have "Flame" peony but it turns a pink quite fast.
I was not liking this pot all that much but now in this stand it looks good and the smell is amazing!
I read that they are breeding petunias with scent now .. I want those for sure!!

Jen girl this stand I found at Home Sense and loved it for 3 years I have stored it and now finally using it .. DUH ?? LOL

Lona girl thank you : ) I am amazed at the scent they give off it is wonderful! I wish they came in different colours but it seems to be only yellow so far .. more to be bred I am sure though eh ?