Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bench Beauties

My "sun bench" is crowded with beauties this year .. in fact so much, that I will have to thin out some "Susans" .. they can be a bit of a bully at times even though I love them for colour late summer early Fall.

They invaded the echinacea at the back of the bench.
See them ham it up for the camera ?

Ilse Khron Superior rose and Blue Angel clematis (small flower for late season) are gorgeous to me .. I didn't expect a lot this year but they have given me a lot of treats !
I have a weakness for white roses .. ever since I planted one so many years ago when we lived in Nova Scotia .. of course I don't have that plant tag ? BIG sigh !

To this side I have a grouping of different echinacea , a variegated reed grass, dill (to ward off bugs ?)and of course those Susans just have to get in to the scheme of things ? Plus My Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry tree which is a pretty little thing : ) .. Oh ! and a new panicum called Prairie Fire .. small but it is going to be a show stopper !

There are those nosy Susans again ,,, but also another Ilse Khron Superior I just planted this Spring , doing very well! .. some dill that didn't do well with crowding and not enough sun. Southern bush Honeysuckle, one of my favorite shrubs, also Flaming Mound Spirea (another go to shrub for the pretty factor especially in Spring!) a big patch of lemon thyme .. Walker's Low nepeta by the tall support.
Well .. you can see I crowded a lot in because I wanted loads of plants there .. my comfort zone ? LOL

Other beauties in the vicinity ?
I didn't capture the amazing colour variance of these TALL echinacea that actually change colours all season .. the name is on the tip pf my tongue of course .. I will get back with the name !

Morden Sunrise in a more yellow mood

Oh So Easy "Cherry Pie" stuck in the allyway .. hard to believe it will bloom for me but the shady scientist in me was curious !
A Susan had to get in there more for the sight of those lovely bee than anything else !
A question ... my Blue Fortune hyssop is almost 12 years old now .. it has been divided once ... and it is still going strong ... I had no idea it could last this long ... has anyone else had one that old too ?
It amazes me and I would not be without one .. the bees are like glue to it !


Rose said...

Those Susans do like to be party-crashers, don't they? But I enjoy their cheery faces, and as long as they leave room for other partygoers, they're all welcome in my garden. You do have quite a party going there by the bench, Joy--I love panicum grasses, and I've been wanting a serviceberry for a long time. Such a pretty combo of colorful plants!

I am curious about your Southern bush honeysuckle. I just had a mystery volunteer in my garden identified as bush honeysuckle and was told it was invasive. Needless to say, I dug it up right away! There must be "good" and "bad" versions of this plant:)

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! Everything looks beautiful there ! I do like your bench area so pretty ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

Barry said...

Your garden is really rewarding you this time of year Joy! Such beauty! The white Rose is divine! I love the somewhat cottage affect of the bench plantings.... there is an understated order. Hope all is well with you dearheart!

Christine said...

Joy, what a beautiful spot in your garden! Lovely, lovely post of flowers that quite obviously bring you such, um ... Joy! :-)

And I just love your banner photo!!


Hi Sweetie,

Those Susans poking through the bench rungs are so adorable. I love the white rose and no, I have never had even two year's worth of success with an Agastache/hyssop. Congrats for keeping it happy all these years. I love where you have it planted. Mine always die from too much rain in the winter. I love your "sun bench."

Carolyn ♥ said...

You are surrounded by beauty, Joy. Well done sweet gardener. Our susans are beginning to bloom... the are my fave for Fall.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rose girl !
I do have a crowded party bench there Rose .. the Susans can be a bit of a "bunch" but transplanting them else where is a great option for filling in gaps: )
I have a thing for grasses Rose .. I can't wait until that beauty fills in and our sweet little Serviceberry will eventually fill in as well.
My Southern bush honeysuckle isn't invasive at all .. and the colours it goes through during the seasons are beautiful ..I would give it a try Rose .. the leaf shape and gloss are so gorgeous too, it is one of my favourite shrubs!

Elaine hello there! and thank you!
This morning (Friday) is sunny yet wonderfully cool after a great rain which we needed badly .. phew !

Sweetie hello there : )
Yes I was going for a bit of a "cottage" affect there but I am beginning to refine parts of the garden that have gone a bit out of hand. Hope you are bearing out well with the end of the season coming!!

Christine girl hello there : )
Thank you so much .. yes .. the garden and I have had our ups and downs but we are happy for the moment now ... wink wink
Emma is a ham for having her picture taken : )

Gracie girl hello there : )
Thank you : ) .. this hyssop has been amazing .. I am sure it is not supposed to have such a long life but it just keeps going and going .. and I love it : )
The summer is starting to wrap up .. it is a wonderful cool morning this morning : ) phew !!

Carolyn girl how are you : )
Susans always seem to be the harbinger of Autumn .. so bright and pretty .. and I am so ready for Fall right now too, even though I have a load of tasks to get done , fingers crossed they actually get done? LOL

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine being without brown-eyed susans, but they do tend to take over. I ripped out quite a lot of them last summer. They were taking up precious real-estate and just had to go. I have a 'Blue Fortune' that is 2 years old. It is HUGE! I can't believe how well it has taken off.

RobinL said...

Your bench garden is charming! I particularly like the way the susans are peeking through the slats!