Tuesday, 6 August 2013

First Days of August

I snapped some quick pictures yesterday morning before the light was fully in the back garden .. just to have as reference to what stage the garden is at this time of year .. I have a lot of garden missions left to get done.

The bench arbor is surrounded by lots of crazy plants ... the roses are resting after fabulous blooms and now the cone flowers are in their glory .. Susans pop up every where !

Yes ... from one end of the garden to the other they smile that BIG yellow grin .. you have to love that when not too much else is blooming.

Hydrangea are blooming .. Little Lamb is the first .. bent over .. my "bad" for not being on top of the support issue .. Little Lime is just too cute .. one of my favorites ! .. I did find out about my mystery hydrangea after some detective work through my tags .. "Forever & Ever Summer Lace" is what that is , yahoooooo !!

There are those Susans again .... sneaky cheeky girls !

Golden Jubilee hyssop does have a bit of a struggle staying in my garden but it has for years now .. I love the brash colour collision of lilac and limey gold .. that little cone flower just had to get in the picture .. must be a cousin of Susan ? haha

First year for these ones to flower and guess what ? .. I'm not sure which of the "green" cultivars this is .. another trip into the name tag boxes!

Eveningstar thalictrum is blooming away still ... I am so glad I took up that suggestion of Chris's from Canning .. this is a little power house !

My Meditation Buddha area is doing well although I have to rearrange plants yet again ... the corylus avellana aka Red majestic corkscrew hazel is putting on more growth with those pretty red leaves.
I am so glad I found it last year, because this year the garden centers have been duds !
Well ... that is it for now .. I am deep in thought about what I am supposed to be doing and HAVEN'T YET!! ... eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!


Carolyn ♥ said...

Lovely gardens, Joy. Your green blossom captured my heart... I planted a similar one last season, but it didn't make it through the winter.

outlawgardener said...

Your garden looks gorgeous! Very lush and full of color. What a wonderful time of year!

Sunita Mohan said...

Your garden looks ... joyful! (sorry, couldn't resist that!) No, but seriously, it does look happy. Especially the Susans :)


Hi Joy Dear, I have 'Evening Star' Thalictrum too. It's been in my garden for two summers now and it is always in bloom. Plus the foliage is really nice. I wish the tall Thalictrums bloomed as long.

Your garden is stunning. But I hear you. There's always more to do. Take care.