Saturday, 10 August 2013

Shadow Shot Time

It has been a while since I have joined my favorite meme ... just been too busy or too tired.
So I feel the NEED to dip my toe back in and try again to stick to my resolutions ?!!
Juts a simple shadow shot .. the actual object is slightly blurry while it's shadow is sharper .. some what like life ... which can get blurry while our dreams seem so sharp ?
Click on the icon to visit shadow shooters from all over the world and enjoy their perspective in their worlds!


Balisha said...

Your shadow shot is wonderful, but that header is just precious.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice shadow Joy. I've been away from the computer for a couple of weeks, had family with grandkids visiting from BC. It is a lovely breezy day today, all the windows are open and I can hear all the windchimes tinkling away.

Unknown said...

I don't understand you post. Is it about shadows?

Leslie's Garden said...

This is my favorite shadow shot of yours! I love it. I love the warmth of the tree with the light and the shadow. So pretty!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love this little scene. Especially as the shadow clearly defines the little garden feature. Definitely a moment symbolic of life. Beautiful photo.

Unknown said...

Terrific shadow shot for the day!! Good to see you posting again!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Ralph said...

That us quite a shadow - we are happy to see you again with the 'bird' so well defined.

I love your header - Emma is quite curious about your gardening skills. Nice kitty with an artistic sense!

Jeannie Marie said...

The angle of the sun tells a story. Love it!

RNSANE said...

What a fabulous shot! You got back into the theme very nicely!

My Shadow Shot Sunday 2 Post is at:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Balisha girl: )
Emma thanks you too ? LOL .. She is always in the thick of things .. too curious for her own good! haha

Linda girl you have had your hands full with family and I am sure you had a great time with them .. but getting back to peace and quiet is a nice thing too right ? LOL

Tammy this is a meme for shadow shots .. I haven't been posting them for a few weeks because the garden has drained most of my energy .. BIG sigh !

Thank you so much Leslie girl .. I like it too .. some times it is hard to get just the right tone for a picture but this did it for me: )

Thank you Gemma : )
The right light, the right time ... the right picture ;-)

Sylvia a belated birthday wish to you girl! .. and thank you so much! I hope I can keep up now: )

Ralph you are sweet, thank you!
Emma is extremely curious and intelligent where as Sophie plays the "good" girl .. the two of them are just too funny at times .. like kids? LOL

Thank you so much Jeanne .. the angle of the sun is changing almost every day towards Fall and I am loving it!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed seeing the realistic photo of the cat sniffing the flowers. The still life of nature is still yet my best enjoyment.

robin. said...

well back CGJoy!! your words are oh so true. this is a great shot. nothing new to report on life, just trying to enjoy the moments.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your shadows are always welcome!

Shadowed Windows

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi again Tammy .. Emma is always interested in what we do so she has to inspect everything ;-)

Hello there Robin girl ! .. glad you are ok and just enjoying those moments too girl ! LOL

Thank you MMT : )