Saturday, 21 September 2013

Shadow Shot Time

Autumn is almost here officially ... I have been neglecting my garden because of so many distracting events that are happening .. home renos are yet again (the renos from HELL!!!! eeekkkk!)
No reno is ever without it's drawbacks and gremlins ... and we have LOADS of them !
BUT ... I am taking a time out to do a shadow shot post because sometimes you just gotta' do something fun right ?
So make sure you visit the rest of the world wide gang for a bit O'Fun and see our shadowy world from our "eyes" ... click on the link !


Carolyn ♥ said...

What a beautiful garden corner you have created... I suppose that is a water feature the for the moment isn't turned on? A sweet place to sit and enjoy... do you ever take time just to sit and enjoy?

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely shadow shot Joy. It's pouring of rain here and probably at your house too. Time for garden planning for next year and some inside jobs that have been neglected over the summer days.

Country Gal said...

Nice photo ! Hope your reno goes better for you . No shadows here today has been raining since 10pm last night ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

Ralph said...

Home construction can be infuriating as it never, ever seems to be done despite the quoted duration of the work. So it is nice to have a shadowy diversion like your garden to retreat to while the sawdust flies through the air. Your garden loos nice in any and every season!

Leslie's Garden said...

Goodness, Joy! Your garden doesn't look neglected at all! YOu should see mine - now that's a neglected garden:) Love your shadow shot!

Shirley said...

How nice to have a wonderful garden retreat to escape the renos. I hope they finish up quickly and easily for you.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Looks like you're growing a fine crop of shadows in your garden! ;)

Tree Silhouette

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Carolyn girl and thank you for dropping by! No .. we have been so overwhelmed we haven't had time to enjoy the water feature and we have to take the pump out soon to put it to bed for the winter now .. BIG sigh! .. but I have it to look forward to in the Spring : )

Linda girl when you wrote this .. it was drenching here too, but it is so good for the garden. John saw a poor hummingbird getting the last of the nectar it could in that soaking rain .. we felt bad for it.
Yes .. planning wink wink !

Elaine girl we all got a good dose of rain didn't we ? LOL
The renos are like a BIG bandage having to come off a hair at a time .. OUCH ! hahaha

Dear Ralph, thank you very much .. and we yet once again swear when this is over (part 2 happens mid January believe it or not!) no more renos for us !! haha

Hello Leslie girl I have to visit your blog soon! Thank you so much but oh my .. it is neglected and I have Fall bulbs coming to plant .. I have to muster up the last of the gardener in me!! eeekkk !

Shirley thank you for dropping by!
and for your good wishes on the renos .. I think anyone that has gone through them can sympathis with a fellow reno maniac ?LOL

MMT : ) thank you for visiting and I have been lucky to capture a few shadows to keep my hand in : )

Huldra said...

Lovely shadow shot. Your garden is beautiful :)

Linda said...

Great shadow shot. Greetings from Montreal.