Sunday, 20 October 2013

Autumn Chores ........

One of the most important chores we had to get done was to get the pump out from our water feature and put it safely away for the winter, before freezing weather came ... and October can be very unpredictable.
So I annoyed the company which installed it, just enough to get some one over to show husband how to do it! ..
You can see the grate filled to over flowing with water from all of the rain we have had.
I am not complaining by any means .. it is good for the garden to put it to bed for the winter.
Now if only  I? could be annoyed enough, to get out there and do my chores that should be done before the snow flies ??


Rose said...

I've got a long list of garden clean-up chores to do, too, not to mention bulb planting. Let's hope that snow doesn't fly too soon!

Love the colors on your sumac in your header photo!

Carolyn ♥ said...

Just forget about your chores... the snow will soon cover it all up with wonderful white.

Patty said...

I hear you Joy. I have been watching my daylily stems for weeks now thinking that I should get out there and tidy them up. Maybe tomorrow.

Balisha said...

Hope you got this job done and out of the way. We just heard that we will get a taste of snow tomorrow. Kind of gets you moving to hear a report like that.

outlawgardener said...

Chores, what chores? If we keep putting it off, they'll become spring clean up chores instead.

Nadezda said...

You're right, Joy: the garden has to go bed! Your new header is stunning!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there dear Rose and thank you!
Yes I am hoping the snow doesn't fly too soon either .. I haven't any bulbs to plant at the moment .. I may pick some up at the grocery store if there are any left though (can't help myself?)LOL

Carolyn ... I loved that last post of yours .. golden light through those leaves is stunning .. my fav!
Yes .. the white blanket covers a lot of sins? LOL

Patty girl .. that honey suckle and the witch hazel is such an odd pair but perfect all the same .. I too stare at those darn daylily stems sticking out ! haha

Balisha .. you had such a pretty picture of Autumn leaves in your post .. I have my fingers crossed all will go well with Joe and your cousin!

"TOG" ..hehehe Yes .. hum ? Spring chores .. I might have more energy by then ? .. loved the "Dragon" of yours .. reminds me of my tamer corkscrew hazel .. no thorns! LOL

Nadezda girl thank you so much : )
You have such an assortment of beauties there .. wonderful pictures and post !

Linda said...

I hope this worked out for you and that you got this done and put behind you. Great photo!

RobinL said...

I don't enjoy the autumn chores nearly as much as the spring chores. By autumn, I think I'm ready to let go of the garden and just can't be bothered. Isn't that terrible to say? Spring is filled with hope, and autumn is filled with dread, despite it's beauty.