Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Garden .. The Bulbs ... Indecision and a Brainstorm ?

In the next few days I ABSOLUTELY have to get in the garden and plant the bulbs I had never intended to get for this year ... I was SO certain I would not bother planting bulbs because the renos were sucking all my energy out the door .. I wasn't even in the mind set to do garden clean up (and that isn't like me at all!)
So now the pressure is on .. I thought this morning was the time to get out there but it has been raining and things are rather WET .... I know ... I wouldn't melt and it would be a perfect time to do some things right ?

The "brainstorm" part was more of a realization ...
The stunning score of this past garden season was "Inaba Shidare" the latest in my Japanese maple collection.

It's colour has toned down a bit .. it has lost a lot of it's leaves .. but it was gorgeous!
Some how ... I over looked how interesting it will be for the sake of even it's bare branches alone.
Along side this basalt column we have with the new water feature ... the contrast is eye candy for winter.
I was looking for more winter interest this year .. hence the cedars for a punch of greenery ... but in the chaos of things I totally forgot how pretty this tree would be even in a naked state!
Have you mistakenly over looked something in your garden too ?


Our photos said...

Beautiful is the Japanese Maple.
Greetings, RW & SK

cheryl said...

Hi Joy, I'm with you, as I haven't picked up the rake yet, at least most have blown away. No wonder the neighbours give me dirty looks ;)
I luv the Japanese maple you have. I bought 3 beauties when Crappy Tire was closing its nursery and was wondering how you prepare them for the winter? I'm just north of you and am determined to see them through.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again RW&SK .. thank you very much ..Japanese maples are my weakness ? LOL

Hello Cheryl .. I actually got my Spring bulbs in yesterday and did a tiny bit of clean up .. it was cold and windy but I knew that rain is coming for the next three days so I really pushed myself .. ouch !
Isn't it a rush when you find bargains with plants .. especially Japanese maples ?!!!!
I would just be sure that it has had enough water .. then I use mulch to protect it .. I am lucky that my back garden is almost in a micro climate with a huge Pacific Sunset Maple protecting the area .. I also have an Amur maple "Flame" and a little Serviceberry .. I just can't stop planting trees ? haha
Hey just stick your tongue out at the neighbors girl .. those leaves will keep blowing ! haha
Good luck !

RobinL said...

Bless you and your family for sacrifices made. And that leaf/frost shot is fantastic!