Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Garden Review

I always start out with the best of intentions each garden year ... we all do that, right ?
I'm not sure what happens but it all seems to go to hell in a handbag after a certain amount of weeks into the frenzy of it all.
If the weather doesn't get me .. I do myself in some how physically (although I swear I am starting my yoga soon so I can be able to withstand some of the ridiculous demands I put on my aging decrepit body!!)
For now some shots of plants starting with one in April of course of crocus before Mr. Chips the chipmunk gets to them !


I have a thing for white flowers .. and Henrii was my love of the moment so he deserves two pictures here .. it is so hard to par down to just a few pictures per month .. but this is what I have for one in April .. a few in May and finally a few in June 2013 ... next it will be July and August and the time of the "water feature" that was added !


Leslie's Garden said...

A wonderful walk through your 2013 garden! My garden really suffered this year, so I have super big plans for 2014, just trying to get it good! I always use your garden as an inspiration. I love your plant combinations, you have such a gift!

Country Gal said...

All looks wonderful to me ! I like all seasons for the different stages the land takes on good for photographs ! Thanks for sharing . Have a safe and Happy New Year !

Linda said...

Beautiful!!! Happy 2014 to you.

Marguerite said...

A beautiful compilation of photos here Joy. They really show off your wonderful taste in colours. I always admire that about your garden, so much colour, whether it's leaves or blooms.

outlawgardener said...

A beautiful floral review of 2013! Here's to a floriferous, happy, and healthy 2014!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Leslie girl and thank you so much ! You are very sweet .. but a lot of what I do is hit and miss .. I just go by a gut feeling, thinking combinations might just work out?LOL
I really neglected the garden in the Fall .. got busy with renos in the house .. so I hope to "fix" the garden in a lot of places this year too!

Happy New Year Elaine .. yes, I don't think I could stand up to an all year garden season .. winter can be a bit too harsh and long at times but we need the rest eh? LOL

Thanks very much Linda .. I dare say it is very cold in Montreal right now too!

Hello Marguerite girl and thank you so much : )I am a die hard foliage gal so that helps bridge the gap a lot of times thankfully!

Mr. TOG thank you so much and I wish you a VERY Happy New Year too! .. I loved those glass snowflakes ;-)


Your photos are always breathtaking, Joy. I love that peachy-pink peony blossom and the clemmies and the little honeybee you captured making its way to the crockie blossom. Love them all. Spring, come quickly!!!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Lovely to look back at your beautiful garden over the year, Joy. Your tenacity and vision always inspires me! All the best in 2014 in the great white north. ;-)

RobinL said...

What fun I've had hopping around from garden blog to garden blog, just to enjoy all the year end posts! Happy new year to you!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Gracie!
That peony is called "Flame" and should be more reddish but you know plants make up their own minds at times don't they!LOL
Spring is such a long way off for us I can't even think that way yet .. maybe by the end of February? LOL

Ms S! Happy New Year to you : )
I hope you and the family are well and in good spirits even with this retched weather blasting us.
I am trying to hold on to garden moments each day for therapy against cabin fever ! haha

Happy New Year Robin girl and yes this is the time to look back over the 2013 garden year .. lots to see from everyone eh ?