Sunday, 5 January 2014

July 2013 Parade of Plants

Good grief it is hard to look at all those pictures from each month last year but here I go with a few highlights from July ... before the garden starts showing signs of stress.
I'll start of at this point in the back garden.
I did something unusual that year .. I used a lot more annuals in the garden and only two main tubs on the deck .. it actually cut down work for me watering pots, so I think I will try to stick to that plan for this year too!
Less to water on the deck and more plants in the garden meant fewer weeds got a foot hold, you have to love that right ?
I am like Gracie from Gardening with Grace .. I do have a thing for PINK even with my work tools ;-)
The ally way is still a work in progress .. I want to transplant some bamboo close to the water feature.
A clump of Green Panda is behind the ornamental grass.
Summer Lace hydrangea has become one of my favorites. 
I use it to try and hide the AC unit as well as look gorgeous!!
I have a mystery hydrangea just below it .. it hasn't flowered in 2 years so I am becoming a little leery about it !
The goldenrod next to it is a beauty and of course I can't find the name tag .. it is an older perennial I transplanted quite a few times, it really is a beautiful cultivar of the goldenrods.
Another pink highlight with these Chinensis Astilbe ... love the look and hardiness
It is a great month for day lilies . The only problem is I transplanted a few and have no idea which are which now .. these are Black Eyed Stella ..
This new clematis did so well in it's first year "Blue Angle" paired with Ilse Khrone white climbing rose which a shot of is just below this picture.

This yarrow, "Strawberry Seduction" really did seduce me ... I had one mail order plant but had to buy another one at one of our garden centers .. to keep the first one company ? haha
Echinacea "Double Scoop Raspberry" was another one that caught my eye .. I don't usually like the double flowering cone flowers but this one was a cutie !
A mix of new and old plants here .. three from the new variety "Little Cuties"
Sugerberry, Coco, and Sweetart .. plus a couple of hellebore and pulmonaria
I love astilbe ... it is the plant that keeps on giving even when the flowers have faded .. their foliage is still so attractive .. fern like.
Ostrich astilbe is one of my favorites .. I love the almost weeping habit it has .. it echos my "Red Majestic" crylus(corkscrew hazelnut)  further back and at this time of year not so red but still very pretty !
July really is a month for astilbe !
Frans Hall day lily is very striking with it's colour pattern
I think this is Little Grapette  day lily that is used out front for more interest with a surrounding border last year .. I will have to watch it and see if my idea really works or just confuses things more ? haha
Mixed sedum breaks up the "greenery" here .. I have a few patches of variegated and white just to kick it up a notch.
An older echinacea "Sparkler" is simply gorgeous and a lovely PINK !
I planted dill with the rose arbor hoping it would help ward off bugs and it does seem to work.
This was a really "simple" basket of annuals I bought .. I loved the colour combination.
Plain white isn't so plain to me .. it really brightens up a spot of green on green !
A "circus" of heuchera and tiarella combinations
The "nibbler" caught in action !
We had two bunnies visit us for a bit of snacking ... they seemed to like asters and my golden rod ... but both plants grew back with no problems so we were all happy !


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing your July photos ... just what we needed on a dull and dreary day like today.

Leslie's Garden said...

Oh man, you make me sigh wistfully! Your garden is so beautiful. You are so talented with your plant combinations. I am making notes on some of your plants. I loved the double coneflower, and of course all the astilbes are gorgeous. I had one a few years ago, and really loved it, but it died two years ago and I haven't replaced it. We no longer have a good nursery close by. I could always find something different and interesting there, but they closed. Now all I have are Home Depots and Pikes. They don't carry many of the interesting plants. Maybe this will be the year though! Maybe you should take a trip to Florida to enjoy the sunny and warm beaches, and I'M RIGHT ON THE WAY! You could stop by and give me some advice!!!:)

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, I did not know of Ostrich Astilbe. It is gorgeous!! ISpeaking of plants with great shape and texture, I discovered the Tatting Fern in 2013 and love its shape and texture. Good thing I am deepening my beds this year. Lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl (I was just over to "see" you at your place)
Yes .. I need some pretty pictures to keep me from Cabin fever even this early ? haha Thanks girl!

My goodness Leslie girl you are very kind, thank you!
I'm so sorry about you not having a good nursery to look over .. it makes the world of difference when you are in love with plants and gardening.
My traveling days are done sadly .. that is why I can lavish my attention and budget on the garden? haha
Let me know if I can offer any advice from here though ? I'm glad to help if I can!

Ms S girl I just saw your post and wow! all that work getting rid of the gravel and clay prep for the soil must have been so intense!
Ostrich astilbe was one of my firsts and I fell for it hard so I make sure I always have at least one in the garden. I am with you on the Tattling fern .. I will be looking for that this year!
Good luck with the new gardening plan it will look wonderful: )

outlawgardener said...

A gorgeous parade it was! I feel warmer and drier already, thanks! What a cute bunny!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Mr. TOG and thank you very much!
You have me so envious of those nurseries you have close by .. it was nice to see all of there unusual selections !


What a feast for the eyes, Joy dear. I loved every photo and it makes me crave spring and summer. I hope everything comes back in abundance. Stay safe and warm and be careful with the yoga my dear! :)

CiNdEe said...

So beautiful(-: Loved everything even the bunny(-:

RobinL said...

You're right, it does hurt to look back at July greenery. You've really got me thinking about astible. I forgot how beautiful it is! I've got so little shade here, but maybe I could find a spot. Right?