Monday, 3 February 2014

Lust List Downsizing in Plants .. but numbers are up ?

OK .. it is Monday .. I have been awake since 4 AM .. it is almost 9:30 now .. I have an appointment at 10:15 and then I am SO going to have a Tim's coffee and muffin to charge the drained brain battery!

For now though I am going to confess of another plant order ... to Gardens Plus .. a mail order company I have been using for a few years.
The plants aren't as big as Canning Perennials but they are a wee bit cheaper and varieties I have looked for.
They are here in Ontario about 3 hours away, so it is nice to be that close when they mail my order.
So .. downsizing ... YES !! .. I mean in literal size of plants .. I have begun to become fascinated with something like "mini-me" plants .. sturdy plants that don't need a lot of babying ?

First the confession routine .. the plants !
Cheyenne Spirit is an echinacea I started to watch last year .. every year I seem bound and determined to get an echinacea .. this time it is one that seems rough and tough and easy to handle.
Yet very pretty with such a variety of colours from one plant ... how do they do that ?
Now how gorgeous is this mixture of beauties ?

Next is a repeat .. I got one last year and I loved it so another one had to be had ?
Heuchera "Coco" ... one of the "Little Cuties" bunch that have been created to make us just plain outright smile : )
How is that for CONTRAST ??? a nice neat little clump that behaves itself !

Another repeat ... because it is a GREAT heucherella and pulls more than it's weight for colour and contrast.
Redstone Falls
I have it in the front garden and it hid a lot of "sins" that were going on in that neglected area .. so I am grateful for it's ground cover characteristics and now it can help me with the back gardens !

OK ... I have fallen into the pit of hostas .. but? I like unusual or BLUE hosta ...
Curly Fries is UNUSUAL !
It doesn't even look like a hosta right ? ... it is on the smaller side and truly a second looker .. you can't just look once .. it makes you look at least twice and more, trying to figure it out .. I like that in a plant!
It is like a firecracker went off on the middle of it .. this plant makes me giggle .. out right LAUGH in fact.
OK ... I'll settle down now for the next one.

Blue Mouse Ears really have to wonder who makes these names up for plants ?

I know what you think ... these aren't very blue .. but they are so darn cute AND ? slug RESISTANT!!
Now you have to admire that in a hosta .. any plant really .. not letting slugs get the upper hand and looking too cute to believe ... it will look a little blue at times but for now it is the perfect size and consistency for my plans.

Next ... Love Pat .. like some one just "patted" this hosta with "love" ?
Tah Dah !

Yes .. I think who ever posted this picture turned up the colour volume a little .. but it is a beauty and will look amazing next to gold colored hosta or plants of what ever nature .. also slug resistant ..
In fact most "blue" hosta are slug resistant ... something to keep in mind when expanding your hosta hoard

Since I reached a specific amount with my order to Gardens Plus I get to chose a bonus plant ..
I picked Blackberry Ice heuchera  .. since I didn't have that one in my collection.
I know .. the colour is turned up a wee bit but I have scrutinized a lot of pictures for this plant and indeed it is a beauty no matter the "volume" the actual degree of colour is turned on or off.
Plus ? .. it is a FREEBIE !!! ... who can't love that ?

OK .. this is the most recent installment of my "Plant Follies" ..... BIG sigh !
The Lust List is getting bigger and bigger .... I have to quit ! SOON !


Patty said...

Hmm, that is an interesting list Joy. I like your freebie choice. I've also wondered about Cheyenne echineacea colours.

Lona said...

Oh joy more beauties girl! I have had my eye on that coneflower. Now I will wait and see how your preforms, if I can stand the wait. LOL!
I am placing a seed order and dreaming of the pretty flowers this summer from them. I have been trying not to order so many plants until I see how many survived this crazy winter we have had. I am afraid the list of the deceased will be a big one come summer.
Have a great week my friend.

Jennifer said...

We are being clobbered by the most recent snowstorm! Winter is giving us its worst this year! I have shovelled the driveway twice and am certain I will have to do it once more before dinner. I could use a little retail plant therapy right about now!
I like all your choices. 'Curly Fries'- I'd buy it just for the name! I like those hostas with skinny long leaves. Blue Mouse Ears is on my wish list and I can't believe the color of your other choice. Can you ever have too many Heuchera? No! Wonderful mix of colors on all your choices.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Patty girl
I have read positive reviews on Cheyenne .. so I am curious, you will be able to see how mine does then you can judge ? LOL

Lona girl how are ya'!
Yes you can see what mine does then figure out if you want it?
I know what you mean about ordering plants .. there will be garden centers opened here but I am looking for specific ones (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it?) We are still in the middle of a winter storm .. snow just keeps falling .. BIG sigh !

Jennifer girl we are being clobbered too .. this is good for the ground water table though ... right ? LOL
I do like a few unusual plants to gawk at in the garden .. haha
You can always use another heuchera is my motto ! ;-)

RobinL said...

I picked up Cheyenne Spirit at Lowe's late in the year, so the verdict is still out on it. But it did indeed have those multi colored blooms when I bought it. Gorgeous indeed! I hope it comes back, but after this rough winter I'm sure of nothing.