Friday, 14 February 2014

Samaritan Jo Clematis

Hey Happy Valentine's Day everybody !
It is snowing here yet again but when I think of plants I feel better ? haha
I stumbled on this clematis truly by accident a few weeks ago .. fell head over heels for it immediately.
There was just something about the way it was edged in a darker colour ... hum ? ... some what like my Eyeliner lily adventure .. it must be that kind of year I am thinking ?
Finding information about this clematis hasn't been easy.
 I do have the blurb from Vesey's Seeds one of the Canadian companies I buy from occasionally.
It was pure luck that they have it since I can't find it on any other of the mail order companies I use.
This is what they have to say about it :
"  Stunning single and semi-double flowers have dramatically pointed petals that are silvery white edged in plum purple. Blooms almost the entire season and is an excellent choice for growing in containers with support."
They also suggest starting this one out in a pot so I can keep a close eye on it to make sure all of it's needs are met ... thinking back to last year ? I wish I had done that with my new clematis then too !
Why is it you find this information out after the fact usually ?
In any case .. here is a picture of the beauty.
How is that for eye candy ? I can only hope it will perform for me as well as this one has in the picture!


Country Gal said...

Oh flowers .. I am soo looking forward to spring . We have sunshine popping out now and then here . The snow falling is north east of us that's where you must be from us . I like Vesey's seed they are in PEI great to have a Canadian seed company we can order from . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Leslie's Garden said...

Beautiful, Joy! Now what is the special treatment it will need? I actually bought a cheap clematis and was thinking about starting it in a pot, too. But I don't really know what kind of treatment or fertilizer I should give it. I can't wait to see yours in bloom!

Lona said...

It looks to be a beauty Joy. I love those Eyeliner lilies too. I have been eying them but I keep my eye on too many. LOL! Snowing here again this afternoon. We melt off two inches and then get four more. LOL! This winter...Ugh! Happy Valentines Day. Have a great weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl .. yes we are so full of snow I can't even SAY it any more!! Vesey has some different products to chose from and yeah !!! they are a Canadian company : )

Leslie I just saw you winter storm post that was a great little story!
Special treatment to me means not forgetting where I planted it and what it IS !!! hahaha
Actually just planting it in a pot so I can keep an eye on it to make sure it is watered and cared for in it's first year with me .. come Autumn I have to plant it in the garden for winter. There are specific fertilizers out there for clematis but I have to research more about it all to get a proper handle on it.

Lona girl I fell hard for Eyeliner and it was on a special sale so that sealed the deal for me.
We have SNOW like we haven't had in years .. BIG sigh !
Hope you are having a cozy weekend too girl!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous clematis Joy. I can see why you fell for her. I have had mixed luck growing them in pots but I understand the logic behind it. Oh, I saw those "eyeliner" lilies on Pinterest! Loved them too.
Waiting patiently for spring here to see if my 'Maypop' will be back... Any guesses?? Hope you've had a good winter. I haven't been around much but trying again...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kathleen girl !
Yes .. I fell hard for this one .. gave up on Maypop except as an annual on the deck for my husband (his favorite) .. but some years there aren't any so that is "iffy" for me too ? LOL
This winter has been full of problems but it has to finish soon right ? LOL
I hope your Maypop comes back for you !!


It's a winner! I hope things warm up soon so you can see the garden and get out there to dig. :) Have a great weekend.