Thursday, 24 April 2014

Not all sunshine and lollipops !

If you are not a gardener ? ... avert your eyes and pass this post because it is not pretty.
It is down right scary in fact .... for anyone that doesn't understand what happens in Spring.
Scary as in these pictures

Barren wasteland from some toxic spill right ? ... except for a few plants that refuse to still hold on to their winter clothing and look dead ... as a door nail ?
My Christmas fern .... some heuchera (that tease me because you know they have to be replanted INTO the earth because of that little "heave ho" trick they do .. so irritating but also so predictable you have to gibve them credit for doing something you can count on each year.

Their colours are quite amazing in the scheme of gray , brown, some green and STRAW that screams yuck!

I am stunned by my False Cypress being so rich ... the hemlock also gripping it's deep green ... keep up the good work you little garden plant machines !!

I'm thinking this is "London Fog" because it is a single flower ... I went a bit over board with cutting back foliage in hopes of new fresh "cosmetically" correct looking greens to come ?

The "lichen" is happy as is the assorted ground cover after being released from the wet leaves that weighed it all to the ground ... they are happy so now I am happy : )

I am afraid my new Ramapo rhododendrons from last year are not feeling well though.
I couldn't find the anti-dessication? spray in time to protect them ... I planted them for husband because he really enjoyed the ones in Holland that he saw ... only time will tell I am sorry to say .. fingers crossed !

All in all ? ... things are normal for what the garden has gone through ... so I should not complain.
The new rain barrel "Mr. Head"  seems to blend in and is happy in it's new position in life ...
Now I need to get to work ... fresh soil, compost, fertilizer and a lot of TLC forthwith !


Carrie said...

Things can only really improve from now on. Hey, at least you can see your garden again after all that snow! xxx

Netty said...

Mother Nature sure hasn't co-operated with us this year, has she?! I think your garden looks great, and I'm loving the Hellebore. I really must get some for my garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl hello there and thank you again for dropping by : )
YES ! I can see my garden with all its worts now? eeekkkk !
But my mind is spinning away with what I have to do .. exhausting!!LOL

Hello Netty and thanks for dropping by! I highly recommend hellebore .. once they are established they are real work horses through out the year ... after they flower their foliage is still so attractive have to get some!!

Martine-Alsace said...

Hi, just passing by for a quick visit...Am still surprised that spring seems so far away in Canada! We've had a very early one here in Alsace France and are enjoying it. Last year, spring arrived in june!
Come and visit me, even if my blog is in french!
PS: We(my husband and I)love Canada and stay in your beautiful country once a year, have already travelled to many parts,including Churchill! Thanks for the visit and hope you'll stop by

Patty said...

My garden looks a lot like yours Joy. It is starting to green up a bit, so my spirit is lifting :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martine and thank you for dropping by .. I will be over for a visit soon too!
Spring here has been very late .. our winter was so long it drove us a little nuts I think !
My goodness Churchill? I recommend seeing Nova Scotia .. it is such a beautiful province all of my family were born there and on Cape Breton Island .. you have to visit there!

Patty girl ... ever so darn slowly this year eh ? my spirit has taken a beating but I am trying to get it up there .. so much to do and the energy is not quite intense enough yet ..aarrgghhh ! LOL