Thursday, 26 June 2014

Running (OK ... walking fast ?) to Keep Up !

We have been blessed ? with enough rain to keep the garden happy ... but a happy garden is a growing garden as we all know.
A growing garden has NEEDS ... so the running to catch up between shower days is about to begin again.
So just a few random shots before I face the music !
I am not one for "gold" roses but Julia has such a wonderful form and scent .. just had to have her : )
Twinkle had a bit more blue on the edges last year .. now mostly white ... maybe she needs a shot of fertilizer.
I love cut leaf shrubs and this one is a beauty!

This pretty PINK Speedwell was un-named when I bought it ... the price was right and the PINK was perfect ... so it had to come home with me : )
My gorgeous Purple Smoke Bush took some hard hits from that crazy weather .. I thought I was going to lose it actually, but slowly it is coming back to life.
Tiny Tuff Stuff is forming flowers and I can't wait to see how they look !
I love it when the Goatsbeard glows ... sort of Halloweeny ?
My ZEN place .. well one of the Zen places .. we need more than one right ?


Unknown said...

Absolutely amazing flower! All of your plants and flowers are so lush and healthy looking. I sure wish I had your touch. I always enjoy photos of your adorable pupsters. I love how Charlie is sitting on the back of a chair. So cute!

Jean Campbell said...

Julia Child is a Favorite.

rochefleuriegarden said...

All the rain has been a blessing but a blessing for weeds as well. Your garden looks beautiful as usual. Twinkle is particularly attractive.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, I just love the Japanese maple by the rock column (is it a fountain?).

We received our order from Canning and it looks great! (Mr. Morse brunnera, Mother of Thyme (10), and a perennial sweet pea vine). Thanks to your recommendation!! :)

Carrie said...

Goodness Joy, your garden is just heavenly. I adore it. Love and hugs are being sent your way :)

Rose said...

Joy, your garden is looking beautiful! I think the last time I had time to visit, it was just waking up from its winter nap--what a difference a few weeks can make. 'Julia Child' has to be one of the most beautiful roses I've seen. I've heard such good things about it; it makes me want to rip out my yellow Knockouts--that really aren't very yellow--and plant Julia instead. Love the goatsbeard, too--I'm trying to find a place for one of these.

We've had a good amount of rain, too, this spring. I'm thankful, but I'm running to catch up with all the weeds:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Laura Madalene Thank you so much .. but ? perhaps you have me mixed up with another bloggers pups ;-)

Hello Jean and thank you .. she "grew" on me : )

Alain hello there and you are very sweet thank you ... now we are headed for the heat and humidity and little rain so the hose has to come out and do it's thing .. big sigh! LOL

Ms. S that Japanese maple is "Inaba Shidare" right on my grow zone of 5b .. but then again all of our zones are shifting with climate change right ? .. it is a beauty and I got it at a fantastic price (I am sure by mistake) at Home Depot .. I have 5 different ones and I love them all : )
I am so glad you like your order from Canning .. Chris is a great owner who works hard at customer service !

Carrie girl how are you !
Thank you so much sweetie : ) hope all is well over there!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl : )
Thank you so much and yes a few weeks with rain in between certainly makes one heck of a difference here.
It becomes an explosion of plants.
The first two weeks of June are the best .. now we are caught in that horrible heat and humidity cycle with little rain.
YES ! I recommend Julia Child totally .. kick those knock-outs out and get Julia .. you will be totally happy with her : )
Loved your shade picture of the glorious hosta and heuchera ..perfect !!

Diana LaMarre said...

Hi Joy,
You have a beautiful garden! I love the goatsbeard--so big and lush! I planted three this spring, but mine are still teeny tiny. I hope that they look as beautiful as yours in a year or two.

We seem to have a lot of plants in common. I will be stopping by often to see what's happening in your zone 5 garden.

Happy gardening!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Zoey and thank you .. I have two of these beauties and it does take a few years for them to grow large and lush .. the giant fleece flower I planted this year has me curious now .. it is at the back of the fence to block out neighbors but we are getting a taller fence so both amendments might do the trick ! haha

Victoria Williams said...

You have a lovely garden! Love your "Zen" spot!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

We all need a ZEN spot Victoria right ? thank you : )

RobinL said...

I briefly considered Julie Childs, and now I wish I had considered it a lot harder. It's fabulous and perfect! Gorgeous.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin if you get the chance again .. I highly recommend it .. Julia stands up to our hard winter and looks marvelous !