Sunday, 13 July 2014

Old to New and Things to Come

The old back fence
The new back fence
Yes ... it is a whopping 8 feet tall and I am loving every inch of it.
All I have ever wanted was privacy and a secret garden  ... this is helping !!

The moon Friday night was amazing !
It was a "Super Moon"

This is a longer shot of my mirror vignette for Leslie of Leslie's Garden
My pea gravel is still in the two bags waiting to be used ... I have to kick my projects up a notch to get them done before the snow flies ? haha
I don't know if this is a long enough shot Leslie but it gives you and idea of proportion perhaps ?
Mirror mosaics on your shed would really be pretty ! .. and maybe planting ferns in between that bee balm would help fill the area out when you have to cut it back ?

 My two favorite pots this year .. Kent Beauty oregano, and the strawberry pot with variegated sedum plus Hen's & Chicks

One of my favorite solar lights are the "cat-tails" .... they GLOW at night !

Overall things are coming along but it seems so late in the season that we are finally getting there ... and yet we have the stone pathways to get done to really make the garden shine .. if the weather would cooperate that would be nice ?

This veronicastrum "Lavender Towers" is TALL and gorgeous .. and I know if I dead head I will get another shorter show of it again which is nice !

Another plant .. well a shrub if you are getting technical ... when cut back, then becomes so darn pretty again is that Copper southern bush honeysuckle ... the colour of the new growth is gorgeous and picks up the spirea new growth colour too ... now how cool is that ?

The next big show (I hope) will be the lilies ... the new Black Eyeliner ones with Polaris .. fingers crossed no lily beetles will visit me (I'd like to swing a tiny baseball bat at those thugs)

The sedums are blooming away and don't care how many times I have managed to step on them by mistake ... let alone the work men who put the fence up ... a few plants did suffer a few OUCHES but they are coming back ... BIG sigh of relief !

Overall not too bad  .. it was a thrill to have the fence up and sit on the deck without an audience or us having to hear idiots shouting on their cell phones ... some people are just too stupid to live when entire conversations are heard publicly, which should be private ... huge DUH ???
OK ... I'll put the meaner side of me back in the box and just sign off as a good willed gardener who finally has that fence she wanted  ... ahhhhhhhh !!


Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

It looks like the taller fence will work in providing you with the secret garden you crave! Everything is looking lovely, and that pot of sedums is beautiful! Reminds me I have an abandoned strawberry pot in the shed that I need to do something with.

Nadezda said...

Hi Joy!
Love your new fence! Privacy the first! I understand you very well and love my new fence as well. I learned than the plant grown near it feel better, warmer. Your flowers are pretty, I love two pot with oregano and sedum, good combination!

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

Your new fence is very nice! I noticed it looked taller. The house next to us is very close and we ended up putting a fence up for privacy. I think I like knowing my boundary lines too! I'm waiting for my day lilies to bloom but right now my asiatic lilies are in full swing which I'm enjoying. That lavender tower veronicastrum is so pretty- I've never seen that color before. I imagine you are feeling that cold snap like we are?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Paula girl : )
Yes ... I would love to have the taller fence all around my gardens .. I truly crave privacy to relax and enjoy my gardens (anti-social ? LOL) I'm glad I could give you some ideas about the strawberry pot!

Hello Nadezda girl : )
Thank you .. and YES ! I am thinking it will encourage a micro climate that is a bit warmer so I can try a few different plants.
Yes those two pots are my favorites : )

Liz girl hello there : )
Yes .. boundary lines and privacy, huge combo for me to feel relaxed in my own garden. I have to be careful about how many oriental lilies I put in because of that horrible lily beetle problem.
I saw yours and they are gorgeous!
We have had coolish weather but I love it .. the heat and humidity make me so miserable, so this has been nice : )

Jennifer said...

Gosh doesn't the new fence look super! I HATE the fact we can see our neighbours house now that they removed so many of their trees. Our fence is only six feet. Lately I have been trying to dream up new ways of adding to the height of the fence (it is too new to replace entirely) to create a little more privacy. Evergreen shrubs might also have to be planted this fall as well.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer that is what I did before I knew we would get a new fence .. planted cedars to grow tall for privacy .. I truly am like a hermit. I just want my garden to myself with no prying eyes ! So I understand your feelings completely : )

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me on the privacy & secret garden!!! Glad you got your taller fence. Our HOA won't allow anything taller than 4' so I have to get my privacy from shrubs & trees. Finally getting enough growth to sorta make that happen but a fence would be instantaneous. Enjoy it girl! p.s. I've overheard so many inappropriate cell phone calls I can't even count. It is amazing what people talk about in public!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen it amazes me just how STUPID people can be with their phones and conversations .. it makes me crazy!
This fence is such a godsend for me .. I am so private I would want it all around my garden closing me in from the world .. but it can only happen in the back which we are still working on .. I love it .. sorry you can't have one to girl .. I understand !