Monday, 25 August 2014

Me and My Meme ?

Well there you go ... this is how I feel about my meme idea guys ... LOL
Some one else was in possession of my brain when that idea went to town.
We are all so swamped with "life" adding another chore to it doesn't seem fair when I don't even remember to do it !
So Thank you all VERY much for trying to participate , I really really appreciated it : ) but it is now closed!
Hurrah !! haha

OK .. now I can just post on my garden now and you all can relax ?
I have my landscaper on deck the latter part of this week (he promised! .. he went on vacation out west and didn't let me know ... but he was very contrite about that when I finally nailed him on the phone ;-)
So ... what will the back garden really look like ? will it be such a change of atmosphere with the stonework?

There is also stone work going on in the front and side gardens but the back is really going to change.
Do you second guess yourself until you want to scream too ? ... nah ... it is going to be "a good thing"
Fingers crossed tightly !!
Mean while ... the garden is surviving without my constant attention .. I am MIA a lot of the time right now as it is ... so I just have to enjoy what I can ...
The buddleia (except for Grand Peach Cobbler ... second year and it still is LACKING presence)
Buzz Ivory is amazing and Nanho Blue is it's usual wonderful self .. a bouquet to prove it !
My office smelled like honey for days .... it was amazing !

Other richness in the garden are some plant combinations ... a Parsley fern with a gorgeous heuchera
 Rozanne with a wee Little Lime
Compassion rose (note to self .. self get rid of that black netting for heaven sake!)
I love the seed heads of this cutie clematis  .. remind me of whirlygigs ? pinwheels ?
This cimicifuga's flower wands bloom very late in the season and are high ... the fence is 8 feet tall so you can see how close it is to the top ... the scent is wonderful as well.
I'm hoping these transplanted babies are happy where they are and make it through what ever kind of winter is going to surprise us as usual?
Lastly my baby Tiger Eye Sumac ... too cute right ? .. another "fingers crossed" over winter situation.
So ... hopefully the next time I post I will have pictures of the stone work .. I'm feeling a bit nervous about it all .. so a HUGE fingers crossed for that one !!


CiNdeEsGaRdEnOfLiFe said...

The stone will be awesome. And the best part is you don't have to lift a finger(-: Can you say Oh My Aching Back...NOT!!!!!
Love the little rock face. Of course all the beautiful plants too(-:

Anonymous said...

I haven't been around in awhile Joy, so didn't know you were trying to get a meme going. I would of joined in, if I had remembered. I have often thought of starting a meme about garden whimsy but then see all the work involved and say No thanks, not right now. I kind of like posting on my own terms and only join a few memes on a regular basis.
The weather has been gorgeous today ... just like summer weather ... oh wait a bit, it is still summer. :0)

Country Gal said...

Everything looks wonderful ! Lovely gardens and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

rochefleuriegarden said...

I hope your project goes well (and is done on schedule, or at least almost on schedule!)
I am amazed how your garden remains so attractive at this time of the year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl ! Thank you !!
You are so right ! We wouldn't have it done if we had to do it .. both of us with bad backs .. hey I know you know how that feels girl ;-)

Thank you Linda girl .. but I really didn't think that one through very well .. it is just too much work and too much to ask people to join in .. I was having a very DUH? moment!LOL
Fingers crossed for good weather so my landscaper will get this work done!! haha

Elaine girl, thank you! .. I forgot to say belated Happy Birthday to Miggs ... she is looking so pretty in that picture : )

Hello Alain .. I really enjoyed the pictures of the wild flowers at the beach!
Thank you so much about my garden ... but it has been an easy year with cooler temps and rain .. and YES!! I so hope this project gets going and is finished so I can enjoy it all before the snow flies? haha

Anonymous said...

Just reading this today, when I came to look for the Thursday profile! Your meme idea was a good one, I thought. Maybe making it weekly was too much to take on all at once. My kids started back to school on Monday, and you would think that would have meant more time for me, but that's not how it worked out! I took on the job of helping hem the pants of the marching band's uniforms, so haven't had a lot of blogging time this week. Was up until midnight last night to get them done so I would be free to go blueberry picking this morning. Also had my husband's birthday in the middle of the week (he and I are 1 week apart, datewise, but he is 2 years younger than I), and school supply shopping.

Your project sounds like it will be nice. When the contractor showed up late last year to excavate our front hill to put in the big retaining wall, we had several moments of panicky self-doubt, but now we are very glad we had it done!

I love the grassy paths through your gardens.--Kimberley

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh my gawd. I have total garden envy! *sigh*

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely note over at my place.

A Glowing Ember

Anonymous said...

ooh, can't wait to see what you've got planned with the stone work! I second guess too but I have a feeling you put a lot of thought into it before making the final decision so I'm betting it will look great! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Kimberly .. I think I stopped second guessing by now .. but the main problem? is actually getting the work done .. my contractor is MIA yet again .. BIG sigh !

Thanks Carolynn .. when it behaves it is a nifty garden ! LOL

Kathleen girl the only problem is getting my contractor to acually show up and do the work now? !!!

RobinL said...

I'm anxious to see your new "look", but it's hard to imagine things looking any better than it does now! I never thought of bringing in buddleia flowers for a bouquet. And I certainly wouldn't use my bicolor for that though. It has pretty blooms, but it fades quickly from the bottom while the top still looks good. I don't think I've ever seen a 100% good looking bloom on it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Robin : )
I am still on the wait list of my landscaper .. I think I am just too accommodating at times, but now that we are in September it hardly seems to matter .. still loads of time for him to GET AT IT !! haha
My goodness what type of buddleia is it?
The scent of these in my office was so amazing ... even if they don't last long the smell was divine !

Casa Mariposa said...

What kind of stonework are you having done? I think adding stone to the garden always looks wonderful and hurrah for not having to haul it all yourself. :o) I love that little parsley fern. I think your shade is much moister than mine.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tammy I have been waiting for my "turn" on my landscapers list so long I am wondering if it will ever get done argh! Pathways front, side and back .. actually the back will have all the grass gone and stone replacing it .. IF he and his crew EVER get here ?!!! LOL
We had a moist garden season that is the only reason my "dry" shade looks good .. BIG sigh !

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Your garden is so quaint. I love the little paths meandering. Looks like a wonderful place to relax.