Monday, 18 August 2014

Why you shouldn't post when you are exhausted ....

I just spent a few hours in the garden trying to deadhead and neaten up after the rains had poured on like there would be no tomorrow .. that movie Noah is still playing right ?
So I drag myself into the house after doing all what I could think of .. well, maybe a little less, because I have not actually MOVED plants yet.
I was just too tired ... who would know all this tidy up would suck the life out of you ?
Well again I knew that was a possibility, but decided that the garden screamed for  attention..
I did what I could ... and took pictures yesterday while it was still such a gray day everything looked lack luster but what the heck ... well all have those days right ?
My hibiscus .. plain Jane that she is, in a white single layer skirt .. is beautiful to me.
It had a little bit of "I am going to pout after planting" aka yellow leaf drop .. but wow .. I am loving the bountiful flowers she is bestowing on her little kingdom right now.

So simple and sweet, you have to love her for being that way !

How about some whimsy from the Dollar Store ?
See ... I told you I should not post when tired ... I can hear screams from here !

I  love this grass .. must try to remember the name ... planted it last year ... will look it up some time !
Just a little tad of colour .... yes, Canadian spell colour this way !
One more shot of said colour ... eyes right to the bird !

Sparkler echinacea still lives in my garden .. I really wonder at it's life span ... see ? doom and gloom with the life span thing when tired .. but this coneflower is a beauty in any case .. also very hard to find now a days.
Now just some shots of how the garden survived the deluge of rain we had
 Yes .... still no landscaping done ... I swear that our company went on vacation and forgot to tell us.

You might notice some "digging" in the mulch that I actually didn't notice when I took the pictures ..
Too many gangsters in the neighborhood to pinpoint the exact one .... but ?
This guy hiding behind his tail ? ... prime suspect ... look at the size of his clawed paws !!!!


rochefleuriegarden said...

That hibiscus is beautiful. As for the cone-flower, I saw it at the Montreal Botanical garden this summer and thought the brightness was a trick of the light. I did not realize it was a variety.

Martine-Alsace said...

What a nice post, even if you're exhausted! I admit that I love going to the Dollar store when we're in Canada, just like woolworth and Walmart's just to see what I can find for the garden. A few years ago I brought back a wonderful inutshuk, which really looks like stone but so light enough to take it back to France. Happy gardening, Martine

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Alain .. I just saw your Hobbit Garden and it is wonderful
As I said ... I want one too! LOL
Yes .. Sparkler is a beauty, and I have not seen it offered any where for so long now.
It is such a bright point in the cone flower family I hope it comes back to be bought and appreciated!

Martine girl hello there : )
I am so glad you enjoy our funny stores .. the Dollar store has unusual little objects for the garden .. I can't help myself but pick up a few things here and there.
I have read about the gathering of gardeners for Blue Planet that you are going to ! You are so lucky: )
I hope to see a long list of new introductions from your trip there!
I think we share the same inukshuk? haha

CiNdEe said...

Oh I love your dollar store birdie. What a sweetie. And rusty too? My favorite.
The hibiscus is awesome as well. I purchased two this Summer. Hope they survive. So far so good. I know where are those *%$# pictures? LOL Well the Princess has taken up a lot of my time this Summer I must confess. I promise I will get out there and get some photos.
And of course I love that squirrel. I know they are brats but gotta love them anyhow(-:

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

Love seeing your gardens! We had that rain too and then some! I moved several lilies and planted a new one and that was my big deal the other day. Love the cone flower! Still waiting for my Hibiscus to bloom- yours is beautiful! I've been having so much trouble with chipmunks digging in my fairy garden. They lift the plants right out and move them! Grrr!!

Casa Mariposa said...

Your garden is just beautiful! What is the name of the plant with really large leaves by the round decoration on the fence? I love it! Love the bird decoration. :o)

Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

Joy, I LOVE your dollar store birds, they are just the kind of ornament I would put into my own garden. They really cheer things up :-) .Your borders are looking great and that Hibiscus is so beautiful, I really must invest in one. Boo to the squirrel and his digging!!

Rose said...

I like your new addition from the Dollar Store, Joy! And the hibiscus--wow! Wish you would send a little of that rain our way. I've gotten spoiled this summer, and now I have to get back in the habit of dragging hoses around--forgot how much I don't like to do that:)

Anonymous said...

I think your 'Sparkler' Echinacea picture is beautiful, so bright even on a gray day! I like the bird too! I'll have to make a point of getting into our dollar store to look for "treasures"! -- Kimberley

Anonymous said...

Oh! I too am exhausted! (I turned fifty today, and have had a couple late nights of gentle celebrating!) I meant to tell you how much I like your Heuchera bed! Such a nice variety!--Kimberley

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Cindee girl ! I know the princess comes first .. now worries there .. you deserve all the quality time you can possibly soak up with her! .. Thanks on the garden art: )
I do find some interesting things here and there .. and the bratty squirrels leave that mush alone at least ? LOL

Liz I feel for you with the chipmunks digging up the fairy garden area .. but seeing them sitting on the table eating as if they had manners is too funny!
Your gardens are gorgeous .. love the lilies !

Thank you so much Tammy girl : )
That is either a Korean or Japanese yellow wax bell plant .. I still have to figure it out. Great for dry shade once established and yes dramatic foliage eh ?

Thank so much Paula girl .. I am loving this simple white hibiscus too! .. You have to get one too girl ;-) .. yes naughty squirrel is right !

Thank you Rose girl .. hey, you should get some of those collapsing hoses to make it easier on you . We have them and they are GREAT ! they really do work .. so light weight even when they expand. Too easy to store as well!

Kimberly girl a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! of course you have to have some fun on your birthday: )
My Sparkler is getting on in age but every year I cross my fingers that it comes up and flowers for me. I love the heuchera/heucherella/tiarella family ... such colourful foliage really brightens up the garden eh?

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful hibiscus Joy! I am drawn to the double varieties more than the large single ones & I haven't seen a double white before?
I hear you on feeling tired some days!! I just keep trying to power thru. Not sure that's the best method or not?
I've been catching up on your posts. Saw the mirror you've added. It's so pretty. I've seen quite a few beautiful gardens w/large mirrors on Pinterest but also read about birds breaking their necks flying into them. :( Have you had any problems or maybe since yours is low to the ground, you won't?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Kathleen girl and thank you!
I bought that hibiscus on impulse but I do love it .. the white breaks up the crazy colours I have there.
I hadn't heard of problems with mirrors and birds .. I would feel dreadful if that happened here. But no worries with mine since it is on ground level and turned inwards .. the birds take no notice of it at all .. phew !