Monday, 8 September 2014

I am Frazzled

I am frazzled ... things have gone wonky for me lately ... the blog and garden have suffered for it.
I chased down my landscaper yet again this morning and he swore he and the crew would be here tomorrow morning ... I think I told him I would cry if he didn't show up .. my mind was so fried I am not totally sure I said that but I know I was feeling it.
Once you announce on a public forum that you are having landscaping done and some readers become interested ... you commit yourself darn it !!
So ... IF they actually come tomorrow .... in a few days I might have some before and after pictures.
If they don't show up ??? ... you will hear me sobbing where ever you live !!
Mean while, a few of the non black spot plague roses ?

This is my favorite picture of Ilse Krohn .... kind of dreamy atmosphere

Julia Child
JP Connell


Jean Campbell said...

I have Julia. She is wonderful.

Barry said...

Sounds like its time for a ultimatum to this landscape company. If they realize that their tardiness will result in no moolah they might get their butts in gear! It is terribly frustrating though..... go find some solace in the garden!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I hope those guys showed up today! xo Diana

Rose said...

Contractor problems seem to be a common theme lately, whether on Facebook or in blogs. My friend waited for weeks for the contractor remodeling her kitchen to show up--I'm pretty sure they lived on take-out pizza for a month:) 'Julia Child' is such a beauty; I'm tempted to tear out my 'Radsunny' Knockouts and replace at least one of them with Julia.

Anonymous said...

This time of year, with three birthdays in the house and the start of the kids' school year all within 3 weeks, leaves me feeling frazzled and wonky too! At any rate, your roses are gorgeous, and I do hope your landscaper shows up soon! Your blog fandom cannot be kept waiting much longer, after all!

Hope things ease up for you soon!--Kimberley

rochefleuriegarden said...

Your roses are lovely and I sure hope this landscaper showed up!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jean she is a beauty for sure : )

Sweetie they did arrive yesterday .. just waiting for them today now .. can't wait for the rain tonight though .. the garden is so dry and I couldn't water so hopefully the rain will quench some of the thirst.

NanaDiana, Thank You!!
They did show up yesterday and phew! Things are starting now : )

Rose girl contractors are a force of their own doing that can drive us crazy .. but here they are now and fingers crossed ! You have to get a Julia, she is so worth it!

Hello Kimberly and thank you : )
That is a lot to deal with between school and birthdays, good luck girl! LOL .. yes I felt a bit of a prat going on about changes and nothing happening ! argh !!

Hello Alain, thank you ! and YES !! finally they did show up ..

Carrie said...

Wow! JJ Connel really makes me smile. It's a new one to me xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl .. I named it wrong .. it is JP Connel rose and you can find information here
It is the first yellow Explorer rose and it is a beauty with scent which mean a lot to me : )

Casa Mariposa said...

A simple "Your ass is fired if you don't finish the job" usually resolves things. Your roses are beautiful. :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tammy girl I like getting right to the point exactly like that ! haha
Thanks !!

RobinL said...

Stop with the gorgeous roses, I'm drooling here!