Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Little by Little .. Bit by Bit ....

I should be used to things going , as the Brits say "pear shaped" with every project we try to get done.
It happened in each room of the house we did last year to this year .. you would think I would get the hint by now?

So .. Garden PA and I had a good talk with our landscaper (Wayne is such a hard worker and a sweet guy .. he also appreciates gardens which makes me happy).
In any case ALL is in hand .. he explained the details so my fears were resolved (for now?)
He has been hand picking the limestone pieces all over again because by ridiculous circumstances his cache was bulldozed over by mistake ... so that really put a crimp in the timing and work.

Meanwhile .. the garden is trying to hang in here even though I have been neglectful having been sick and still not quite in the frame of mind or body to get things done until I really have to.

These rocks are going to be joined much closer together .. for now it was just a prelude to how the shapes are ... shaping ? up.

The scent from this bugbane has been amazing ... it is usually full of bugs enjoying what ever it is they are getting out of it ... I have even seen Goldfinches hop on the flowers which I have never seen happen before.

I have to mention "Blue Cloud" catmint has been amazing .. every time I cut it back it keeps popping up with more flowers again and again .. great for hot dry locations !

Russian Sage and flowering oregano has also been fantastic in one of the worst areas possible ..
I have cut back the oregan a few times and it also keeps popping up with flowers again.

Blue Dragon aster has survived ridiculous drought (meaning my neglect in watering)  guilt guilt

The wax bells keep doing their thing in stages so I get to see fresh flowers as the old ones become seed heads

I indulged myself with a Lady Bug Loft that was on sale from an online Nature Shop .. it has a copper eve and is screwed into it's pole with the roof that comes off completely so it can be cleaned.
I can't wait to put it in the garden next year and see what happens.

Lastly just a pretty picture of Little Lime hydrangea  with morning dew ...
Some times we just need to be in awe of how beautiful our garden can be even in turmoil ?


CiNdEe said...

Looking good! Sorry about the limestone problem. I hope it is finished soon!
I have never heard of a ladybug house. Maybe that is why the ladybugs don't stay around here very long.!(-:

Country Gal said...

Your gardens are still looking good . I am enjoying this extended summer weather down here in Southwestern Ontario . I hope you are feeling better I to have been under the weather a bit and feeling pear shaped lol ! It was rainy and stormy early this morning down here but now all clearing up and sun is trying it's best to peek out . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Rose said...

Glad to hear your landscaping will be in order soon. I do hope you feel better soon, too, Joy! Love that little ladybug house! A friend gave me a butterfly house he made last year, and it has sat in my garage all summer long--one more gardening project I didn't get finished this year. I hope next year I'm a little more energetic:) You still have lots going on in your garden--I'm appreciating every bloom right now, knowing that first frost will be here soon.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Everything is shaping up beautifully indeed. Hug B

Leslie's Garden said...

I feel shamed when I look at how pretty your garden still is! Mine is brown and draggily. Perhaps it would have at least kept the green if I had watered it, but i didn't put a drop on it all year! I will try to do better next year!

Anonymous said...

Your bugbane is incredible. Clearly I need to relocate mine ~ it's not doing nearly as well. You'll have to let us know if butterflies really use those houses. I've looked at them but never broken down & purchased because I was skeptical that they would go inside. Projects always seem to get off schedule, don't they? I hope yours gets finished up soon. Hang in there.

oh, p.s. I bought yellow waxbells after seeing them in your garden a couple years ago. They've been fabulous & actually did the best ever this summer! So thank you!!!

Barry said...

ISN'T that the story of our loves.... little by little, bit by bit! I surmise that by next summer most of these pitfalls and setbacks will indeed be behind you. That stonework is going to be gorgeous when its finished!

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, it's all gorgeous...and that path, it's Pinterest heaven. You know those pins that you are just so wishing that you had in your garden...that's what your path is going to be.



CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl and thank you : )
I hadn't heard of a lady bug house before I saw this one on line either .. fingers crossed they like it next year!

Hi there Elaine girl : )
Thank you .. the garden is hanging on longer with the temps not being so cold .. but we know what is coming eh? LOL
Hope you are feeling better too .. we have a long haul with winter creeping in.

Rose girl hello there and thank you!
I would love to have a butterfly house as well .. all in due course right ? .. these last days of the garden are very much appreciated, especially with all the construction.
Can't wait for next year already!!

Thank you so much Grace .. I hope next year will be just a lot of easy going fun for me;-)

Leslie girl don't be silly .. every garden has it's own beauty no matter what colour it is ? LOL .. it will come back next Spring greener than ever !

Hello Kathleen girl : ) This bugbane is my oldest .. I love it and the amazing scent it wafts through the garden when it blooms .. I have 2 opposite and then 3 more through out the garden .. different bloom times too .. I guess I am addicted to them?
My goodness I am so glad you enjoy the wax bells .. they really are a great touch to any garden : )

Hello Sweetie and thank you! once I get over this construction phase I want to appreciate it as much as possible before the snow falls! LOL

Jen girl thank you and I think I will feel that way next Spring when it is all tidy and looking fresh and pretty.
I will truly be playing in my garden then ! LOL