Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wordless Wednesday


Country Gal said...

Lovely shot !

Buttons Thoughts said...

LOVE this Joy love the shadows. Hug B

outlawgardener said...

What lurks deep in the shadows? Beautiful picture!

RURAL magazine said...

Oh my goodness that's a stunning bird bath...sigh.


Barbarapc said...

Joy, I'm speechless - that pathway just MAKES your garden. How beautiful. Dazzleberry is a tremendous spreader, so no fears about not getting more, next year you'll be able to pull apart and plunk everywhere. Your garden is just beautiful!
p.s. I've needed a little kick up the backside to get out into the garden, and your shots have done it for me. B.

Jennifer said...

That's a pretty birdbath!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks very much Elaine .. it was just the right monment ;-)

Thank you Grace .. shadows intrigue me so much ... they are mysterious and alluring : )

Dear Mr. TOG ah yes ! what lurks beneath is an area of the garden that should be taken care of ! haha

Jen girl ... I bought it years ago at Home Sense .. weighs a ton .. cast iron and so is the little one on top!

Barb girl thank you so much : )
Thank you also for letting me know about Dazzleberry ... the colder it gets the more intense the colours are in it, I love it along with another one I bought this year (name slips my tiny memory? LOL)
Hey .. we all go through that stage .. I have so much to do tomorrow it is daunting but it is supposed to be beautiful and warmer, so I have to get as much done as possible darn it!! haha Good luck girl !

Thanks Jennifer .. I flip flop about painting it flat black or leaving it in it's rusty brown original colour. Can't make up my mind !