Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Turkey Hangover Tuesday

Well there goes another Thanksgiving ... nice and quiet just the way we like it ... the house will smell like turkey for some time though .. I wonder why they don't make an air freshener in "Roasted Turkey" ? ... hum  ...?
In any case .... the crew are finally working on the new side fence ... the sound is rather deafening at times ... a little matter of concrete on the neighbor's side with a flurry of "Oh my god I have to call my neighbor at work to ask her permission to crack the concrete ... which I am sure will add to our bill but it has to be done to have the fence uniform .. BIG sigh!" ...
She is a gem and has no problem with it  ... and the beat goes on from there.

To get away from all of that I thought I might post some pictures I took a few days ago .. a new aster "Blue Dragon" really pops in the shade garden .

 Eupatorium rugosum or Chocolate Snakeroot for us fans of chocolate anything ?
I have had this plant for a lot of years and no matter what it is a blooming machine every Fall for me.

I have this amazing reblooming Lilac (for which I have to back track in my garden log for the official name .. fingers crossed I can find the name amongst my ramblings ... because this tiny flower that finally got a chance to bloom just about knocked me down ... it overpowered my memory cells and made me think I was back in my childhood when I first caught drift of old fashioned lilacs ... I can't even describe it ... I was totally in awe.
It may just be  "Purple Be Dazzled" Lilac, a compact reblooming Lilac ... with a scent that will wow you!
It was introduced in 2013 from Sheridan Nurseries for one of their 100th anniversary specials.
I love it !

I have to mention William Shakespeare rose .. it put up with being relocated and some times that were not exceptionally good for it ... drying out and a few pesty aphids .. but it is a rock and blooms it's many petal flowers for me.

I can't get over how dark pink Little Lamb went this year .. aging gracefully and in FULL colour must  be it's moto ?

Well ... there are some highlights of the back garden .. and the noise continues on towards my fixation on fencing ... aaahhhhh ! it is going to be just right .... I hope ?


NanaDiana said...

Your plants are amazing! I am going to have to look up that lilac. They are my favorite flowering bush and some of them are not very highly scented anymore.

Good luck with the fence. It will be worth all the noise and hassell when it is done. xo Diana

Marguerite said...

Joy, your garden is astounding. I have been lamenting the unruliness and lack of flowers in mine these past couple weeks. I'm taking notes on what plants you have blooming. Really love the combination of sedum and lamb's ears in your header photo. Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday. The smell of turkey has been driving our cats bonkers. Seems we all have a liking for that delicious bird.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana and thank you !
Yes this lilac shocked me with such an intense scent .. it was wonderful to smell that and remember when i was a girl how they truly smelled back then!
Yes ... the fence is going to be wonderful ... now if only the weather would cooperate? haha

Hello Marguerite girl : )
I love the lamb's ears like this too. It takes a bit of managing but well worth it .. and the sedum is one of Autumn's best (Autumn Joy) haha
Turkey is just one of those dinners that lasts for days and days ;-)
Even if you aren't a big fan that smell can drive you nuts!


Yes it will be just right. It'd better be, right? :) Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful day. There's much to be thankful for. Your banner photo is amazing. Your garden is incredible. I can see that they're not finished with the walk but who cares? It's gorgeous!

CiNdEe said...

Love the color of the little lamb. I wish I could grow them here. I think it is to hot and dry. I have a few hydrangeas and my latest one is an oak leaf and seems to be ok but never blooms as pretty as yours do.
Hope the fence turns out the way you want it to. Sounds like you have a super nice neighbor too(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Grcie girl ... it is coming together ... but over 5 days of rain has stopped the fence cold .. BIG sigh .. it is always something with each project we do .. luck of the Irish ? ... NOT! hahaha

Hi Cindee girl .. just got back tfrom your place .. Klara is just getting cuter and cuter ! LOL
Love the projects you are trying out .. sorry about the problems Sid brang with him ?
The solar mason jar miniature is wonderful girl.
I have been lucky with most of my hydrangea but I have a few that don't bloom .. if they don't by next season they may have to pack their bags and leave ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Our Thanksgiving is still a month away. Every once in a while I suggest to my spouse that we serve something other than turkey, but she is a traditionalist. The writer Calvin Trillin tried to start a movement designating spaghetti carbonara as the official Thanksgiving meal, but it didn't go anywhere.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there again ! .. I can't think of replacing turkey with anything else on our Thanksgiving, I guess I am a traditionalist too! : )
I love his quote about his mother serving the family left overs for over 30 years when they never found out what the original meal was .. too funny, and of course his quote on Canadians being well behaved because we don't throw our food? haha .. he is a funny man : )