Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What about November ?

The snow has disappeared for a tiny break I am sure ... it will be back with gusto no doubt.
I feel sorry for the people in Buffalo with the pounding and after affects they are going through with the record breaking "dump" of snow they had.

Here ? ... our bags of garden refuse/leaves are still waiting patiently to be picked up.
Kingston is not one for rushing things .. but really ?
I am lucky Garden PA stacked the bags so tightly and well together.
I have noticed other bags have been tossed and blown around.
I am very glad not to chase ours down.

So what about November ... I am already overwhelmed and SICK of Christmas commercials and that ridiculous Black Friday business.
How many people will be literally crushed with that perpetual greed in motion.
I know I sound harsh .. but isn't anyone else thinking the same thing ?
We already have way too much stuff ... and the "stuff" machines keep rolling it out and the "stuff" people keep buying it ... and then sweating out the cost afterwards.

OK .. I am off my soap box it is safe to come out now ...
I catch November skies once in a while because they can be dramatic ..
They remind me of the conversation in the movie "The Girl with the Pearl Erring" ...
The artist Johannes Vermeer tried to explain the complexity of how many colours there are to clouds to the servant girl .. it made me pay more attention too now.

I know ... they seem boring and just cloud like ... the naked eye is far better at catching all the intricacies and shades that hide and occasionally dance to the edges of them.

Then the poster child for November skies with a tree's bare branches meant to make us shiver?
Time for those comfy warm pajamas !
How could I write a post without mentioning "gardening" ... once a year it happens ?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Joy on the Black Friday thing ... extra flyers, stores opening early, advertising YUCK It might be a big shopping day in the States, but we are Canadian!!! and I hate American tradition being forced upon us all for the almighty dollar. Oops, got carried away there!
I'm a plain and simple person and hate all the glitz and glamour poured into the Christmas season.
Temperatures are dropping, dropping and I have a feeling that white will be the main colour seen outside soon.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

No, you are not alone thinking of the holiday 'stuff'! Actually, it's getting ridiculous - Christmas decor in stores in September! I understand businesses, but people, what happens to people, their brains?
Sky is always beautiful!!!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

I love the dramatic skies of November. That is probably the ONLY thing I like about this month! Skip the presents I threaten every yr and just enjoy the simple traditions; baking, egg nog, family visits, decorations, fresh snow falls.. and I'd be good.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda girl
LOL ! Don't worry about getting carried away .. you should hear my ramblings here ! haha
The weather is flipping back and forth .. going up and rain then falling again. Not good for the garden but then again mother nature is going to do what she wants ! BIG sigh ! LOL

Hello Tatyana ! I am in love with your red banana plants ... they are amazing .. I so wish I could have them here too .. you have taken such care with them and they are rewarding you ! .. Yes .. the almighty "buck" throws people into a frenzy as usual eh ? .. wish we could have simpler times again.

Hello there BDD : )
Your last post photographs are breath taking .. I literally get lost in them they are so beautiful and strike such a cord within me.
The black bear sighting must have been quite a surprise .. it is good you are warning people to be cautious! .. I would be the sort to lose myself and not notice .. scary situation!

Marguerite said...

Joy, I understand the feelings around the crazy Black Friday shopping. People are injured!! just to buy something. Where is the common sense?!?! Sadly Canada is now getting more and more into that nonsense. I saw a lot of flyers this past week advertising sales and decided to stay absolutely away from the stores that day. Most of my presents come from craft sales, I prefer to buy local if I can. Anyway, enough ranting. It's cold here, very cold, and snowy. how soon can I expect winter to be over? I'm really not into being cold this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Marguerite girl ... isn't that sad that we have to be so much like Americans with this nonsense ... I too stay away as much as possible .. my dirty secret is shopping on line .. no hassle, you can take time to think it out .. that is the future really, why go into the crazy crowded stores? .. it is going ot get very cold here tomorrow ... minus 18 with windchill .. eeekkkk !
I am not at all into this either ... where is Spring ??? LOL


Way too much commercialism. I hate it and ignore it as much as I can. My kids are grown now and their "wants" are minimal so it's more about getting together and sharing food and laughter. Your sky photos are especially refreshing since we get so much fog here and often go days without seeing the sky. I am so ready for spring.

RobinL said...

Winter came early, but didn't stay. So now my garden is in winter mode, which is boring! No new garden news around here, so my blog will be pretty quiet for a bit till we get a pretty snow or something. I'm not the only one, lots of quiet garden blogs out there.

Helen said...

Hi, Joy! Speaking of Canadian -- might we tempt you to come to Toronto next June for the very first Canadian garden bloggers Fling? It's just an easy trip by train.

Linda said...

Warm greetings from Montreal. The Black Friday is something I avoid, like the plague. Your photos are lovely.