Sunday, 4 January 2015

Mini Ice Storm and More to Come .....

Well ... here it is the 4th day in the new year and the nasty weather is upon us.
I have waves of guilt looking at my cedar shrubs that I did not support for said nasty weather that would make them into gymnasts ... bending and twisting in surprising manner.
The sound of shovels and snow blowers is the music we will hear for a few months.
Thank heavens Garden PA and I can huddle in our cozy nest and wait it out till Spring?
The rain is coming to break down some of the ice ... then it is going to freeze all over again. According to the forecast it will "feel like" -20 tomorrow ... hum ... wonderful ...looking forward to it?
Mean while a few hastily snapped pictures to illustrate our icy situation !

My poor sweet Inaba Shidare still holding on to some leaves for dear life

Are you shivering yet ?

Even our handy dandy weather machine is a slave to the ice ...

Lastly Cole's Prostrate Hemlock and my rosemary plant encased keeping company with some of the boys in the 'hood.
Spring is a VERY long way off ... BIG sigh !


Barry said...

Indeed, January is off to a rather spastic start weather wise! We too had the freezing rain yesterday. My tricolour Beech withstood its frozen captivity and now everything is starting to melt. There is still snow on the ground, thanks in part to the frozen layer of thin ice. Here's hoping we escape with little or no damage. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, the ice is dropping on us too. Yesterday we got snow and some rain but the ice must of started overnight and this morning. At lest it gives us good photo opportunities. It is a stay at home weekend for sure.

Leslie's Garden said...

Brrrr! We are having pretty nice temps, but later this week we will have a low of 16 - that's pretty cold for us!

Christine said...

Wow, Joy! I know you are bummed about the ice encasing your lovely plants, but I gotta say that it sure makes for beautiful photos. Stay warm and dry, my friend!

rochefleuriegarden said...

At least there seems to be some snow cover to protect your perennials.

CiNdEe said...

Happy New Year!!!!Looks cold there(-: It is cold here too but not that cold.(-:

Rose said...

Lovely photos, Joy, especially the Inaba with its leaves encased in ice. Icy conditions always create some beautiful photo ops, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it:) We're getting colder by the minute here, too, and finally have a little snow. I don't know if I want to brave the cold and go out to take some photos, though. Good to see the boys again--I've missed seeing them! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Joy, and best wishes for a Happy New Year--spring will be here before we know it!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Sweetie !
Happy New Year back : ) ... heaven knows what kind of winter we really have in store for us and our gardens .. owe you an email .. will get to it !!

Linda way out there in the country !
I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of weather that will make us want to snuggle in and get it over with this year ... hoping for better though !
Happy New Year girl : )

Leslie girl you are lucky not to go into the deep freeze like we do .. or have it last as long ... that is what I hate .. the forever wait for Spring and then POP ! summer is here without easing it in with a decent Spring .. BIG sigh! haha

Christine girl ... that one daisy is so pretty ... and yellow is a good thing .. anti-depressant ? LOL

Hello Alain: ) we do have a wee bit of snow but it would help if we had a wee bit more .. who is ever happy with what they have eh ? LOL

Cindee girl that Mickey Mouse or should I say Mini mouse Princess is so cute!! ... and those cloches are gorgeous ... wish I had looked around after Xmas ... but will be so curious to see what you do with them!

Rose girl .. what gorgeous pictures you had to illustrate your garden year of 2014 .. I'll have to peruse some of mine to see if I have any .. last year was not a great picture year in the garden for some reason.
That bright RED cardinal was amazing!!
They boys say hi to you and thank you for mentioning them! LOL
Yes ... I will close my eyes and WISH for a quick Spring!

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year Joy! Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday. Our weather here in the GTA was a bit different than it looks to have been out your way. Snow turned to rain and it stayed just above freezing so we did not have the same ice.
Today the temperature dipped horribly. BRRR! Spring does feel like it is a long, long ways away!

Patty said...

We missed out on your ice mini storm. Just rain here and now of course very cold temperatures. I hope your ice covered babies will shake off their chill and put on a great show this spring.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Jennifer girl !
I just saw your post from Spring and the rock garden in Truro .. what a gorgeous place .. I am sorry I never got around to seeing it !
Yes .. Spring seems very far away right now ... BIG sigh ! and it is going to get very cold .. brrrrrr !

Patty girl how are you? haven't been posting ? ... some times you just need to be on a break eh ?
Yes .. thankfully my poor cedar shrubs got out of their bent position and are standing up again with this cols snap ... it is going to get very cold out there now ... eeekkk !

outlawgardener said...

Ice is lovely to look at but I'm not so fond of the damage it can do. Hope you are safe and warm in your nest. Come on spring!

Lona said...

It is pretty to look at but not so much if you have to be out trying to walk in it. LOL! Hopefully it will melt off and your little branches will spring right back. This cold air and wind is something else. Brrr! I woke up to six inches of snow this morning so there is some insulation for those plants, not like last winter. I am still counting the losses. :) Girl you stay in out of that slippery stuff! Take care.

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy!
I see you have a lot of snow and ice, I commiserate you, dear. I know that the ice on branches is enough dangerous for plants.Spring will come, I'm sure!

Casa Mariposa said...

Will your rosemary survive? Mine died last year when we had an extra cold winter and I could never get it to bloom, so I've decided not to replant one. My garden is a frozen wasteland right now. Ick!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. TOG : )
Thank you we are snug as bugs in a rug? LOL ... Spring is a very long way off for us , so it is a matter of trying not to go cabin crazy and maintain a wee bit of sanity .. garden planning? might save mine ! haha

Lona girl I am trying to stay away from the slippery stuff for sure ..You take care as well girl !
Yes the wind really bites when it is so cold out and we got a bit of snow so things are covered for now.
I hope no to lose too much this year!

Hello Nadezda girl and yes ... thinking and planning for Spring is what keeps me going through the winter .. plus a new treadmill on it's way ? haha .. have to get in some kind of shape for gardening!
Fingers crossed winter won't be so long this year!

Tammy no rosemary will over winter in my zone but I plant lots of it each year because I love it so much.
I also dry a lot as well .. I do that for a girlfriend here .. plus one year I want to mix a Provence blend with lavender .. so no matter if it over winters or not I love this herb and will always have it in pots and in the garden !

RobinL said...

Ice storms are both awful and wonderful at once. They cause so much damage, but the ice itself is so pretty. I'm with you, let's just hibernate till spring!