Monday, 19 January 2015

Sooner or later ... it had to start

OK .... I'm on a "high" and what makes a gardener "high" in the stark icy stage of winter when there are so many more days of such said winter ?  PLANTS ... on line that is .. virtual plants (for now) that will eventually arrive at my doorstep in a couple of months, as in the "real deal" LIVE plants that scream " what the blank were you thinking at the time you were drooling on your keyboard and repeating "I am sure I have special spaces for them ... again and again ... special SPACES for them!
And this is only one company I deal with ..
I am still waiting for my main source of plant euphoria to come on line with the new catalog.

So what did I order ? ...
Nothing that screams overtly SPECIAL ... see ? I was calm and collected when I did the deed.
So that means I had a useful purpose for each and everyone of them .. that is my logic and I stand by it!
Hortico was first my rose connection until I tried out a few perennials last year.
They were BIG and healthy and gained my respect (other than a few back and forth substitutes) and always the chase for another Zephirine Drouhin climbing rose .. as I have yet again requested if they can get their hot little fingers on them I have begged for one in my customer notes. PLEASE!!!

OK .. so Panicum virgatum "Prairie Fire" and "Shenandoah" ..
I have a thing for these two fiery grasses.

Gardeners that aren't fussy about grasses probably wonder what the big deal is ...
I guess you just have to be a "grass" lover to lust after them.
Plus Japanese forest grass "Hakonechloa" macro All Gold
How can you not love this mop headed beauty ? .. I truly NEED good healthy large specimens for my shady area .. I have had bad luck trying to find fuller ones so I am gambling that Hortico will ship ones that I can fall in love with.

Can you believe I have not had a corydalis in my garden yet ? .. what was I thinking ?
So Blue Panda ... Barry aka sweetie ... I am finally getting around to it !

Geum triflorum ... I saw a picture of this a few years ago and it has always been at the back of my garden mind that this is such a neat little plant with spectacular seed heads I just want to have one that badly so if by chance ?
It is also called "Prairie Smoke" .. amazing eh ?
I have two filipendulas .. one is a medium size.. my mind is blank as to it's name .. blush blush
And one is the smaller "Kahome" phew !
I wanted the taller filipendual rubra "Venusta" .... the taller the better so it can be admired and fussed over.
There is another cultivar called "Red Umbrellas" which I would love to get my hands on .. maybe some day ?

The last plant is yet another climbing rose (in my head the common sense brain cells are screaming at me .. really should take something for that headache it is causing me !) ..
Roses are work ... and I should know better ... because I do have roses and I have dug out roses and I have also said no more roses (unless it was Zephirine D !)
But .. and there are always a but ? ... I stumbled on one there ... almost thornless, amazing citrus scent, unusual dark colour (violet to blue) .. highly disease resistant (very important) cold and shade tolerant.
*I just realized from Jennifer's comment that I did not name this rose !
"Veilchenblau" .. German breed.
One "con" is that it is not a repeat bloomer ... sniff sniff , I will manage some how.
Packed full of "pros" though .. and old (1909) fashioned rambler for which I have a few places I could plant it .. I want that scent to perfume as much of the garden as possible.
So my dirty secret is out ... I have placed my first order of the season .. I swear I will behave myself and when ordering again (because we all know I am all about the "just one more order"thingy)
I will stay calm cool and collected .. and visualize the "space" I have left to place plants.
And no ... I wasn't born yesterday ... I mean what I say .. honestly ..  I swear ... I will hold the tiger by the tail ... and all that good stuff !


Country Gal said...

All so beautiful . Your gardens are going to be even more spectacular then they ready were last summer ! I am counting down to spring now ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

CiNdEe said...

Those are all great plant choices(-: I am excited for you to get them and enjoy them(-: I haven't looked at anything yet.(-:
I do love the grasses though(-:
I love the heuchera. I know I need more of them and I am really wanting more begonias. I loved last years blooms(-:
I am taking out the rose garden because it does not get enouh sun anymore. The roses are 24 years old anyhow time for something new there. Then there is another spot I am re doing too so I have a lot to decide(-: I guess I better get busy thinking(-:

Marguerite said...

Love this post Joy, you have me all smiles as I know that urge to click on every pretty picture and think about where to plant them later. I already have a list of plants to order from Canning based on last years catalogue. I will wait to see if that changes though, if they have anything new. Can't thank you enough for introducing them to me. So hard to find what I want here and they have it all at the click of a button.

Barry said...

And you're off! Lovely selections, especially the smashing blue you-know-what! Good compost, shade and plenty of moisture and he will come up aces for you!
I 'tried' to order plants today, for the nursery! Holy frustrations! Check my latest blog post!
Its onwards and upwards from here my friend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Elaine girl !
Thank you so much : ) I just saw your dinner time post with that gorgeous golden sunlight .. beautiful !
Not long now ... must keep hold of sanity .. haha.

Cindee girl what a warrior you are with that finger surgery .. I can't believe those pictures !!
Yes this is the time to write down those plans so you don't forget .. wow on how old those roses are!
Now you will have a brand new space for new plants .. enjoy picking them out girl!

Marguerite girl I so enjoyed your post on life in the garden and in the garage! haha
Sometimes I have to make myself stop and enjoy the moment to spot that life and really take it all in to savor it.
So glad you are happy with Canning .. it is a great company !

OMG Sweetie when I read Garden Import closed down I was crestfallen .. I so hoped to be able to find my calycanthus Aphrodite ..
I read your post and felt exactly how frustrated you are with it all.
Stand strong and perhaps? after this season they may reconsider if they lose enough money .. miracles can happen ? .. will follow your instructions for my Panda baby ! LOL

Lona said...

Hi Joy! Girl I love them all but that Panda is a sweet blue. I am ready to grow girl. LOL! I know it is early yet but you have the right idea of planning what you want now an ordering early to make sure they have those pretties.Hey the daylight hours are getting a little longer now so there is hope. :)

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh you are off and running. I love the different grasses I guess because I like to see them blow in the breeze. hug B

Jennifer said...

Oh I like the two grasses you've chosen! I added Prairie Smoke last spring. It took most of the summer to plump up into anything substantial, but even so it did manage a few flowers. Love those seed heads! T have had the worst luck with Blue Panda. I always admire it, but have never manage to find that perfect place where it will thrive. Most likely the spots I have chosen are too dry. What is the name of that pink rose you ordered? Did I miss it? I am very interested in it myself.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl ;-)
I really enjoyed your pretty and unusual container post .. you have given me a few ideas! YES !! it is lighter out longer ... phew! we are going in the right direction finally?
I am hoping to "keep" Blue Panda happy it might be tricky but I am determined!

Buttons girl : ) loved that selfie .. haha .. YES ! the tall grasses movement in the wind is so pretty and I love to hear that rustle .. pretty much a "win win" situation with them!

Jennifer girl thank you for the heads up on the geum and Blue Panda .. I will make a note about them and try to baby them a bit this season.
I just updated the post with the name of the rose .. I meant to name and link it to a site if anyone was interested ! A DUH? moment.. haha

Rose said...

You're going to love 'Shenandoah'--I have one, and I think it is the prettiest of the Panicums. You're also going to love 'Prairie Smoke,' which I planted last year then accidentally dug up--don't ask:)
I have been good up till now and haven't started looking through online catalogs, but you have stirred up my plant lust, Joy--beautiful choices! And I've found there is always a space, no matter how tiny, for a new plant:)

Patty said...

Nice choices Joy. I like the prairie grasses (must add to list). This year I am giving Richters Herbs a try. They are selling a lot of native species as many are used medicinally. Plus the prices are amazing - $6.50 to $2.30 a plant. We shall see about the quality, fingers crossed.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl you have made me giggle .. who of us hasn't done the dreaded "dug up by mistake" thing .. years ago it was Black Knight buddleia for me... and a few others I will NOT admit to ?LOL
I do have a Shenandoah and LOVE it , that is why I wanted a second plus Prairie Fire .. I have a THING for these grasses! I think you are right about finding a space some how .. and there is that thing when something might have disappeared over the winter .. BIG sigh !

Patty girl I think there is a little grass admirer in all of us gardeners eh? .. The only thing I would say about Richters is that their plants are VERY small .. thus the cheaper prices .. but as you say they have a good selection of native species you can't find else where. Good luck !!

Casa Mariposa said...

I have already started ordering plants I have no room for. It's fabulous and addictive! I would have been right there next to you spending away. You ordered some very cool plants so of course it's all ok. How exciting it will be when those boxes come!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is my true Christmas time of the year Tammy ... when those boxes arrive : ) .. not that I don't find a few things around town too .. I missed out on a shrub "Wings of Fire" sitting there begging me to take it home .. I am still kicking myself about THAT !
It is all good though .. can't wait for it to begin but you will be in the thick of things way before we can get there with our weather ! BIG sigh!LOL

Nadezda said...

The last photo of the rose in very nice, Joy. I'd like this rambler too. Don't know if it suites for my zone 5 and how to store it during winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl !
I am zone 5b ... and have a few roses on that zone .. protecting the bottom of the roses with mulch and even some burlap wrapping can help them through the winter. I just have to wait and see if this company will have the rose in supply or not now .. sometimes they don't, so it is an iffy wish list!LOL

My Little Home and Garden said...

This post is a blast of beautiful colour on what was a rather grey day. As lovely as the plants are, it's your beautiful cat as a header that first caught my eye.



Oh honey, I hear you! I'm also in plant-buying mode. Have you seen my Pinterest page? So many possibilities! I wish we lived closer, I need to divide my 'Shenandoah' and I'd love to give you a clump. I bought two 'Prairie Fire' Geums last year. They didn't bloom yet but I'm hopeful. Now, if spring would just hurry the heck up! Drop a line when you can my friend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Karen and thank you for stopping by my blog! .. Cameo captured my heart in your post .. she looks like such a lovely cat with a sweet disposition. I hope she is adopted soon!
Emma is a Human Society kitten .. a force to be reckoned with, haha.
She is always so curious about anything we are doing and it was such a hoot to get a picture of her "smelling" the hosta flowers .. her coat is shaved down so that is why she may look a bit odd .. it is so thick her skin can't breath thus we keep it short for her.

Grace girl I owe you email .. and if only I lived close enough to my blogging friends it would be fantastic !! .. I do have a number of grasses .. and a Shenandoah but love it so much I need another one !LOL

cheryl said...

Written by a true plantaphobie :) I am salivating with the latest garden porn and can't wait til these toes are naykid in warm earth.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

LOL .... Cheryl girl ... so can't I !!

Victoria Williams said...

Ha ha! Great plant choices!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You made me panic! I haven't ordered yet!
Love all your choices! Forest grass is wonderful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks K & V !
I know there are more to come but this is sort of my backbone order .. winter is wrecking havoc this morning so I may need to wonder on plants sites a little to keep sane !

Hello Tatyana girl .. I had a small Japanese F. grass that refuses to expand so I am hoping two will bulk it up ... I love grasses and shrubs to fill in a larger statement but not as big as trees ... tip toe through the on line sites girl !

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Joy your gardening ideas and photos make it seem so much warmer this snowy morning. Spring is coming I can feel it and see it here on your blog; it is a balmy -9 its a heat wave:) You know someday we will have to meet neighbour:) Hug B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Buttons you are very sweet ! Thank you : )

RobinL said...

I thought ZD was a common rose, and easy to find? Or is it a Canada thing? I have one, and it does repeat bloom throughout the summer, just not was heavy. The scent is lovely indeed, but again, I've had other roses more highly scented. And despite everything I just said, I do love it! The thornless thing is wonderful, and it climbs like crazy on my arbor. I have to tie and restrain it often, because it reaches for the sky instead of making a right turn when it gets to the top. I don't think plants know anything about right turns!