Monday, 13 April 2015

A Truly Naked Garden with a few new tools ......

I finally got out .. albeit in my pajamas (shudder )yesterday afternoon to snap a few pictures of a garden finally coming out of the deep freeze.
You have to keep in mind NO work has been done on it yet .. so it is a situation of no make-up ... no hair done .. and no clothes to gussy up the gal .. if you are brave enough to quickly scroll down from that catastrophe you can see some neat things I found to work and play in the garden.

Yes .. this was once a gorgeous Boston fern that graced my front entrance.
I think it might have been key in scaring raccoons away ?
It all looks rather sad and DEAD and surprisingly dry too .. rain is forecasted for tonight though.
Fingers crossed !

Dry Stream bed as dry as you can get .. note to self, must turn rain barrel right side up or it will be rather useless !!

Hosta Ally, where Guacamole rained supreme with its huge size and beauty .. a bit hard to believe now right ?

OK .. so now for some signs of life ... as tiny as they may be ... still thrilling ... sad aren't I ???

Now for some fun bits ...
These two helpful bits I ordered from Vesey's
The bamboo butterfly house really caught my interest .. I already have a lady bug house and I wondered about a protected resting place for butterflies ..
You can open the back and place some twigs vertically ? so the butterflies can actually rest comfortably .. plus if any of them decide to cocoon there that would be thrilling !
The copper wire "worms" ... well they are
Ta Dah ! slug shields !! .. now if you have loads and loads of hosta it might not be the best tool against them.
I have just enough to experiment to see if this does work ... the slug syrup (ugh) when in contact with the copper makes it rather uncomfortable for said slug .. might even do the "twist" when it all comes about ... should be on YouTube ? haha must look that up just in case ?

Well .. it is time to put all the mental cleaning up of the garden into practice ... must get out there and do the real thing ... I expect a load of moaning and groaning before, during and after .. but it might just be well earned this time ! Phew !!


outlawgardener said...

Is it naked or plants optional? Anyway, cool signs of life and no snow are great news! Can't wait to see how your slug shields work. I know that people put copper strips on the soil around plants to discourage the buggers.

CiNdEe said...

I think it looks awesome. I know how beautiful it will be in just a short time. I love it(-: Thanks for sharing(-:

NanaDiana said...

Sad at the moment but soon it will all spring to life and be lovely again. I am beginning to doubt that is ever going to happen here! lol xo Diana

Linda said...

Beautiful. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The bare looking gardens are here too. I get excited with the slightest bit of green poking through the ground. Hope that butterfly house is a success. Let us know how that slug deterrant works.

Country Gal said...

The weather here has been summer like with temps of 20 to 22C and sunny for the past few days so I have been out getting gardens cleaned up and I saw a few butterfly's fluttering about as well , it rained earlier this evening but all clear and sunny again just before the sun sets . Lovely photos and I do like your little bug houses soo cute ! Oh one way to slow slugs form your hostas is to water then in the early mornings and not in the evenings or pour a bit if salt around the hostas they dont like salt lol ! I bet you will be out in your gardens soon and then they will look beautiful again ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

RURAL magazine said...

Take it slowly Joy, isn't that what you always tell me. Don't overdo it or you won't enjoy yourself. The garden is in that awkward teenaged needs to grow a bit, and it will....soon.


Nadezda said...

Oh, Joy, you've got slug shields, wow! That's what I need too, hate these creatures. Your garden is waiting for warm rain only, it will be OK very soon. mine was the same 2 weeks ago and now we have rains every day and all bulbs, buds and grass are alive.

RobinL said...

Wow, you really are behind us here in central Ohio! Come see my blog post from today, and look at all the green popping out. I'm sure it will get to you soon. Loved the fish blowing bubbles in your last post!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Mr. TOG .. you always put a grin on my face : ) you are quite the comedian sir ! haha
Yes I will give the full monty on these slug shields to see if they work .. then again I have to WAIT for the hosta to actually come alive ? haha

Cindee girl thank you so much and Iknow you "get it" about how things change so quickly here .. once things start to roll .. they ROLL! LOL

Hello Diana girl : )
You and I both sister were wondering if Spring would EVER come to visit .. then we crash into summer way too quickly .. BIG sigh ! We never seem to have just the right weather for long eh ?

Thank you Linda : ) I know Montreal isn't behind us .. Spring is happening there too ! beau temps !

Linda .. it has to be nice and warm where you are by now too right ?
I will let you know about these two new things and hopefully they work ! We had a ladybug on the car yesterday!

Elaine girl what gorgeous pictures you took with all the wildlife there .. I love the bunnies, we had one in the winter that dropped a lot of free fertilizer on the garden beds .. haha
Miggs looked so patient laying on the floor next to the man of the house working so hard.
OMG ! You saw butterflies ? that doesn't happen here that soon .. I wish it would though ! Thanks for the info .. and yes once the plants get going ... they GO ! LOL

Jen girl did you not see my quote about taking my own advice ? .. I admit to NOT taking my own advice girl ! LOL .. YES .. that is it exactly , the gardens are at the awkward stage .. they are going to do what they are going to do and that is that!

Nadezda girl I am going to have to do a rain dance here .. none in the forecast for ages yet and we do need the rain right now .. guess the hose will have to come out!
Yes .. slugs dirty little so and so along with aphids .. my two nemesis .. awful creatures !!

Robin (Thanks !) your Spring bulbs and perennials are gorgeous .. you are way ahead of us .. but once we get going it will be with a BANG ! LOL