Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Somethings New and Somethings Old .....

It was a marathon day in the back garden for garden PA and I  ... and we both feel it today !
Thankfully it is a good rain day today and we can all rest (cats always feel neglected, even though they sleep through it when Garden PA and I are busy outside ... cats are cats)

So ... some new things in the garden !
I fell for a new rain barrel ... which a friend of mine (Rose) knew I would succumb to,eventually and did of course !
The other rain barrel was so linear .. like a piece of modern sculpture ?
This one has personality ... and a really large capacity for that precious water.
The "tap" fixture is easier to use as well.

Another water related new feature is a battery operated water fountain for the revamped corner area.
The picture is dark because I took it late in the afternoon .. new plants around it will fill in eventually.
I really have become better at not trying to cram too much in to fill things out (sometimes?)
The sound of running water does amazing things for us .. revitalizes our energy almost !
The birds love it of course ... I think the neighbors benefit from the soothing sound too ?

Finally got Ms. Waterfall Japanese maple in ... I was shocked to see the system they had it in .. the pot was huge and I thought, the root system must be very good with such space.
To my dismay (yes you should have seen the look on my face when it all came out!) .. lots of "fill" but with a root bagged in burlap and encased in clay like material ... go figure ?
In any case she is safe and sound in her new home now.
I only hope the break she suffered when garden center attendant crammed her upright into my car.

Old things around the garden that still hold (my hand : )
Mr. Chips ... or son of Mr. Chips ... or grandson ? of Mr. Chips, always seems to return this time of year and has this attitude while stuffing his cheeks beyond capacity .. go figure ?
An attitude of a teenager tucked inside a tiny light speed body .. oxymoron ?

My moss rock on driftwood ... just about ancient now here in this garden .. love it to bits.

My beloved Goatsbeard ..
It holds such an amazing presence with two spots in the garden.
I let the flowers transform into the chain like dried form as it ages.

My Canada Lily  (I thought I had lost her with the fence construction  ) ..
I have had her for ages in the garden and still she is stunning when she flowers .. can't wait to see them in full force.
So  ... there we go  ... new and old  in the garden ... what about you ?


NanaDiana said...

That looks so great- all of it!!! Love that rain saver. How cool is that?!
That piece of driftwood is just a piece of sculpture, isn't it? What a great piece. Hope your little Japanese maple recovers completely.
Beautiful bits and pieces here today. xo Diana

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos and gardens . Yes new and old for us to this year . A new butterfly and hummer garden built and planted , making a picket fence corner garden maybe this year if not then next spring for sure , lots of new perennials with old ones for us to and new built garden edgings for most of our gardens we did our selves . Now to rest keep the weeds down and I am not a fan of mulch and it doesn't seem to keep the weeds out anyways even with landscape cloth under and paper , the weeds always find a way lol and enjoy the blooms and nature in and on them ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

CiNdEe said...

Love everything especially Mr. Chips.(-:
I wish I had rain to fill a rain barrel. lol(-:
The new fountain is really pretty!!!

Casa Mariposa said...

I've been tweaking the garden all week and I love the new changes. I stepped out of my comfort zone and added some plants I haven't grown in a long time. Your garden looks wonderful! That tree is probably so relieved to be out of that horrible pot. :o)

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I am green from envy! That rain barrel is a beauty!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Diana girl ( I am so sorry for all of the bad times you are going through .. my condolences) ... Thank you so much for dropping by and for such sweet comments ... I appreciate it girl !

Elaine girl you and your PaPa have been very busy indeed ! ... I bet the hummers , butterflies and bees appreciate all those wonderful places with plants they enjoy .. some years it seems to be all gung ho and new projects just keep cropping up eh ?
Now if the weather would cooperate a bit .. but I am grateful for the rain .. less dragging of the hose happens? haha You are right about weeds .. they pop up under the strangest circumstances ! haha

Cindee girl ... I know it is so serious in California ... I wish for you and the whole state to get rain but not so it causing flooding danger .. but it is so dry there .. BC is having a hard time with that and fires right now ... wouldn't it be great if we could control a bit of weather for the good ? !
Hang in there girl !

Tammy ... I can not express how impressed I am with your new extension on the rain garden ... it is gorgeous !! I wish I had the room to really make a garden statement like that .. you should be prous of yourself : )
Thanks girl .. yes I think Ms. Waterfall maple is very happy to get out of that pot indeed!

Hello there Tatyana and thank you ! .. Funny how some women want jewelry and what not .. and all I want are things for the garden .. this rain barrel is a real treat for me ! haha

Lea said...

Nice series of photos
Love the water fountain!
Have a wonderful day!

RobinL said...

Well, if rain barrels can be cute and charming, then I suppose yours fits the bill! I get frustrated with mine, because I bought a special soaker hose just meant for low pressure rain barrels, and it really doesn't work very well. It's uphill from the veggies, and we'd like the water to gently trickle into the veggie garden. Still working on a solution. The low pressure is frustrating! And to fill watering cans is much too tedious.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Love the new water additions! We are thinking of taking the 'dive' and getting a rain barrel this year as well. ;-) I can't imagine a garden without the sound of water and your new fountain is lovely.
Happy Canada Day to you tomorrow!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lea and thank you so much !
We love the sound of water ... there is nothing like it to soothe your soul : )

Robin girl hello there !... that does sound frustrating indeed .. I am sure you will come up with a solution some how .. I am not a fan of lugging water cans around either!
Good luck !

Hey Ms S Happy Canada Day too ... and yes, once you have the sound of water you can't do without it .. I love working in the garden while listening to it .. helps me along so much more relaxed : )


I just love looking at photos of your garden. You are so talented.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there again Gracie ... I really have to concentrate more on my picture taking .. I actually don't think they are as good as past years .. go figure ... is it my eye sight or what ? LOL