Friday, 3 July 2015

Rain to Shine

We have had a lot of rain .. not that I am complaining .. especially when so many areas are dry and have forest fires to battle .. it has been a strange year weather wise.
So .. just a few pictures of what has been going on .. rain droplets on plants can some times makes them interesting though.

Fresh mulch always seems to make things look neater some how don't you think?

One of my favorite corners of the garden .. a little woe begotten from the rain, but the Lady Bug House is still standing !
I wish I had real frogs in the garden .. even some toads ? .. but I will make do with Toad Lily "Golden Leopard" for now.
Mr. Chips our summer "renter" is happy enough thinking he owns the back garden .. he even puts the run on our three amigo Mourning Doves at times.
Looking very innocent here but we know his darker side !
The daylilies are showing their faces here and there.
The Indian Pinks are finally blooming for me ... I thought I had lost them .. this past winter took a few plants and I was getting a bit nervous about these.
I seem to have a lot of PINK in my garden .. I must be a sister to Grace from Gardening with Grace? LOL ... or is it a girlie thing anyways ?
I thought this was such a pretty shot against the smoke bush.
I can't imagine a garden year without dill ... or rosemary !

Last ... one of the biggest dragonflies I have ever seen .. shot in light shade.
I think "he or she" was resting .. I didn't want to disturb it.
These amazing "eating machines" get rid of so many non-beneficial insects they deserve a free pass in everyone's garden !
I wish I had held something up next to it so you could see the proportion of it !
 ... that is all folks ... time to get back to the real world and actual GARDENING again !
Take care : )


Buttons Thoughts said...

Finally SHINE yippee we have been trying to start haying. So pretty here and love your dragonfly Joy. Hug B

Jennifer said...

My garden is a jungle in comparison. I envy the order you have in your garden. Everything looks so neat and tidy. The overall effect is that your garden feels restful.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful! So nice you got rain. I wish we could get some here. It is terrible here. I hope we get rain this winter. I will keep hoping(-:

Rose said...

The sun is finally shining here, too--good to see after so many rainy days. Love the Indian Pinks! I planted some last year for the first time and also thought they hadn't survived the winter. But I finally saw them peeking out in early June, much to my delight. Beautiful dragonfly! I don't know if they eat mosquitoes, but they could have a non-stop feast in my garden this year if they do:)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace and thank you so much ! I so hope all goes well with the haying process .. I know it is a lot of work but it looks like no rain in sight for a long time so that should help. Don't over do it girl .. you have to look after yourself remember !!

Jennifer .. I really have a problem with OCD and keeping things neat .. it can be so hard on me at times I just want to scream and hide under my bed some days.
It is such a driving force ... so yes it looks restful thank you so much for saying that: )
But it takes a lot out of me to try and keep it that way .. gardeners are very bad at taking a time out to just enjoy their gardens eh ? LOL

Cindee girl I wish you as much rain as possible .. I know it is terrible in California I so hope it does rain and gives that poor patch of earth some relief .. I know you must be dragging the hose around .. be careful not to over do it and get too tired !

Hello Rose girl ! ... Yes some of our plants tend to scare us a bit eh ? I just have to keep remembering the Indian Pinks take their own time coming up .. I lost my beautiful buddleia
Nanho Blue ... I have to wait until next Spring to replace it now because there are too many plants in the same area .. they would get squashed with me tramping around.
YES ! dragonflies love eating mosquitoes that is why I love to see them in the garden : )
I'll tell him to send his friends around to your place ? LOL

Carrie said...

Oh my Joy, your photography has gotten so good - every picture here is a little burst of happiness. I love your Mr Chips, we don't have chipmunks here so to me he's just super duper cute :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Carrie girl ! You are too sweet , thank you !
I was just over to your allotment and so impressed with how things are going ... the secret corner Andrew is building for you is perfect!
I am in love with your frog !! .. we have to share our little magical creatures : )

RobinL said...

I have a lot of pink at my house too, but I tend to blame my pinkish red brick on the front of our house. It just matches that way, you know? I always enjoy the colors and textures of your garden, but what I notice is that your plants never seem outgrown like mine. My plants get all crazy and gigantic over time, and then it just gets crazy and wild out there. How do you keep your plants small and well behaved?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Robin girl : )
Yes I get what you are going with .. as in pink being a major player colour and that is a good thing .. I think pink is just a colour I love : )
I was just over to your place to explain what I do about selective pruning to keep plants a little more well behaved ... I think you will understand once you read what I wrote .. I hope it helps !

outlawgardener said...

Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous! The dark mulch and light paths make a great contrast and your beds are full of gems. Great shot of that dragonfly!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Peter ... thank you so much : ) ... Yes I am so happy with the combination of dark mulch (can't understand red mulch !) and light stone work .. that dragonfly had to be on steroids ! LOL