Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The "Light" of White in the Garden

I am an unabashed ? fan of white in the garden .. white doesn't only mean white flowers, white foliage etc .. it also means to me variegation such as vines
Variegated Porcelain Berry
... and variegated Kiwi
I have more variegated plants but only so much room with this post before the snoring starts ?
So just two examples that brighten up the garden in terms of variegation .. stay with me !

When does all of this white start up with the garden season ? .. because that is a factor you really should look into when you are planning pops of white to keep that cool relief working for you.
First it was the hellebore ...

.... then the brunnera
... then epimedium
... a touch of good old fashioned white Bleeding Heart with variegated Solomon's Seal
 ... merging with tiny stars of white moss phlox
... moving on to glorious Goat's Beard how can you not admire THAT !
... then ... a tinier look alike in the astilbe family
... moving again... to a glorious rose
...... on to ... Summer Lace hydrangea that first shows white and changes to pink ... to deep rose pink
... to .. one of my favorite shrubs in the buddleia family Buzz Ivory .. OK .. not pristine white but nearly when it first arrives .. and that scent of honey is amazing

.. then to ... my Eyeliner lilies, avoiding the dreaded beetles because it has no scent which is a pity though.
Casa Blanca makes up for the lack of scent .. I am thinking it might be safe to plant more of these gorgeous flowers .. I haven't run into any beetles this year or are they messing with my head I wonder? ....
Henrii comes back with more blooms ...
A seemingly plain white hibiscus adds a cool freshness ...
Even though Ilse Krohn is not completely white after aging a little (we all have those issues?)
She is gorgeous wandering her way up the arbor bench.
I love the idea of a "moon garden" off set on it's own, with only white type plants" but I don't have the room to dedicate to one .. so I plant "white" with it flowing through the months with variations of it unfolding to catch my eye.
White isn't the absence of colour .. it is the presence of a sense of freshness.
I can't imagine my garden without that  ...


Nadezda said...

Wow, Joy! White flowers are the best: astilbe, hydrangea, roses, clematis...You have pretty collection.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

White is so lovely in the garden, love that kiwi vine.

Rose said...

Love all your white blooms, Joy! When I first started gardening, I was all about color, especially shades of pink and purple. I soon discovered the beauty of white and have been adding more of it to my garden. I think white blooms look so pristine and elegant, and of course, they never clash with anything:) I wanted to tell you that I finally planted some Kent's oregano--can't even remember if that's the right name--which you have often shown here and I admired so much. I was thrilled when I found it in a nursery one day, and I love those blooms. Thanks for introducing me to this plant!

NanaDiana said...

I LOVE white in a garden. I always thought that someday I would have an ALL WHITE garden. I may just do that yet~ lol Your photos are great. Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

Victoria Williams said...

I also love white in the garden. We do have space for a moongarden, and we created one. At first with white only flowers, but after reading Christopher Lloyd's opinion on white needing a counter balance, or some such, we added pink and blue for a typical romantic look. Still love our moongarden space.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl and yes ! for that pop of cool refreshment white is just the ticket ..
I love white roses but have a bit of a time growing them .. there has to be one yet that will work and not look sad for me ;-)

Hello Linda girl (I have to get over to your blog and have a peek at what you are up to!)
White is the elegant "colour" in the garden I think.

Rose girl .. Just saw all those amazing day lilies of yours (gorgeous!) and the cutie pie grandson too!
Yes ... pristine .. elegant ...and never clashing, well said!
I am so glad you enjoy the Kent Beauty ... it is a beauty when it blooms, funny enough mine hasn't yet .. I am thinking next Spring (hopefully it will survive, I will pot it up to see if that is a better system for blooms.
You are very welcome girl !

Hello Dianna girl ... you have been going through some very dramatic times .. I am so sorry for your loss.
I too wish that I could have an amazing all white garden with white roses SCENTED white roses as the main element ... we have to win the lottery for that to happen and that is IFFY ! haha
Take care girl .... my wish is for peace and quiet for you now

Victoria girl I so loved seeing that Halloween video ! Your friend is amazing it is a spectacular show of talent and enthusiasm !
Your moon garden sounds so beautiful .... one day if the lottery kicks in I hope to do that too!


What a beautiful post, my friend. Not just the stunning photos but your heartfelt prose too. I loved all your white flowers but do you know which one I liked the most? That tiny moss phlox. How sweet is that? Your garden is fabulous as always!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Of course I have lots of white in the garden. Mine is so spread out that I don't think about it much except when a big shot of white is flaring. Love the variegation in most any form.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Gracie girl and thank you so much ! .. that little moss phlox (I have two in that bed actually) has drawn a lot of comments from when I first posted the pictures in Spring.
It is so darn cute you can't help but love it ? ... it's a KEEPER ! haha

Lisa girl hello there and I love white spread out through the garden and by stages for the months .. although I have to admit Fall is difficult to have something white blooming other than the roses ... I am fascinated by variegation too !

Jennifer said...

Some gorgeous whites Joy! I am particularly taken with the white roses. So pretty! I planted a white Rose of Sharon last summer that might bloom this year (I hope). Hope it looks half as pretty as the one in your garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl .. white roses are my favorite .. can't get enough of them !
I was lucky with this little white hibiscus ... it flowered een last year when I planted it .. good luck with yours too !