Monday, 17 August 2015

Too hot ......

Records were broken in Toronto today with the temperature ... we might not have broken any here in Kingston but I can tell you it is TOO hot !
Already I am dreaming of a cool crisp Autumn soon ?
Mean while I have tried to snap some pictures of the garden in areas it isn't looking fried ?
I fell in love with Julia Child all over again ... the tiny blooms are actually oregano flowers ..
It is the perfect place for herbs where it is sunny, dry and hot !

Another oregano is Kent Beauty ... it's tiny blooms can almost be missed ..
This picture isn't the best but it gives you an idea how complex the miniature bloom can be.
The bees are loving the dry hot weather .. and the second bloom of Lavender Towers
Little Lime is trying it's best to keep it's many flowers up in the air .. a good rain will have them nearly down on the ground ... but I doubt we will be in store for a good rain yet !

The red sky that morning did not bring any weather warnings other than heat and humidity yet again.
A bit of an abstract look through my bedroom window/screen.

The Tiger Lily bulbs bring that fiery orange into the garden.
I love how they curve backwards on to their stems.
The grapes are getting sweeter ... soon the birds will be enjoying them way too much !
I have to make notes with what plants have to be moved around ...
I have left Schubertii allium skeletons still in the garden from Spring .. they have been so fascinating to me plus a source of support for some free flowing flowers.
This shot reminds me of Autumn ... the lighting and the tan grass seed heads ..
Last look with my Tiger Eye Sumac glowing  ....


CiNdEe said...

I always say the same thing but your garden is so pretty. I wish I was there. Love the walkways and all the blooms(-: Fall is coming soon!

outlawgardener said...

Your garden is looking glorious! Julia Child and the tiny oregano blooms make a lovely combination. Sorry about your heat but autumn is near!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

From the photos you have shown your garden doesn't look like it has been too discouraged by the hot temps. Here everything is beginning to turn brown around the edges. I am so ready for some nice rain and cooler temps.

Nadezda said...

What a treat hot weather Joy! Send me a little, please :)
Lovely Tiger lily, its shape is unusual, looks like a turban. I like your photo of the path along your home and plants on right hand.

Barry said...

You are so right about it being too hot! Finally we are supposed to see three days of rain which will hopefully cool things off. Your garden is looking stellar these days. I love that the new pathway seems to accentuate the structure of the plantings! Its my favourite time of the month as I get rewarded with lots of blues what with the Gentiana and Aconitum. Hope all is well with you.... do keep me posted about that mystery plant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy, We've been feeling the heat in SW Michigan as well, so I haven't been able to work in my garden at all. Plus, yellowjacket wasps took up residency in my backyard so I had to abandon the area until an exterminator could get rid of them. Everything is looking mighty overgrown. I have hopes for a cooler weekend so I can get it back in shape. Your late summer garden is really lovely despite the hot weather.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl and yes, I know you say the same thing but it is much appreciated .. right now it isn't very true because we are not getting the rain they said we would and I haven't been up to watering the garden (guilt guilt) .. fingers crossed for rain for both of us!!

Thanks Peter you are sweet : ) ... and I can NOT wait for Autumn ... some how earlier this year I forgot how brutal August would be .. I dropped the ball with watering big time argh!

Lisa girl if I took pictures now you would see the fried garden ... I too can not wait for rain and cooler temps ... the guilt of not watering is beating me up sheesh !

Thank you Nadezda girl .. some of these types of lilies are called "Turks Caps" .. I didn't expect these lilies to form the way they did but they are cute ! Yes I do like my path so much too : )

Barry : ) it is still too hot and NO rain here in Kingston .. I haven't been up to watering so things are looking sad .. I can't wait for cooler temps and some decent rain fall .. these little sprinkles are such teasers ... they are torture ! argh !

Jill ? is that you ? haha .. I have a terrible time remembering names but Jill comes to mind from jellyfishbay ? haha .. hope the wasps are long gone by now, that is nasty !
Yes this heat knocks me back terribly so my garden is feeling neglected very much by now .. can't wait for Autumn !

RobinL said...

Gorgeous as usual girl! I feel like I just took a walk through your garden. We're actually having a cool wave, which is pleasant enough, but it's still August. I'd rather have heat, because it's not quite fall yet. I don't want summer scurrying away so soon!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Robin girl : )
We are back in the hot humid weather yet again .. I can not wait for cooler weather that actually stays now ... I just hate the humid heat so much .. can't get anything done in the garden when it is like this.