Sunday, 17 January 2016

A "twisted" Fan

OK ... I did use a little fish hook to get you here with this post title .. winter does this to me and the domino affect is that I do these types of posts ... humor me ?

Truly though ... twisted plants are magnetic .. you wonder how they stay so ... twisted ?
The one in particular that I am highlighting is my corylus avellana "Red Majestic", aka ... corkscrew hazelnut, also known as "Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" of another colour.

A small contorted tree or large convoluted shrub. Take your pick.
I prefer to see it as an a amazing little tree.
It is gorgeous in the Spring as the leaves open to a deep dramatic burgundy.
Then through summer the leaves turn green but still very pretty because of it's twisted nature and generously crinkled foliage.
Fall brings the copper tones and in winter it's shape is accentuated more so because of it's bare branches and snow which cooperates on those special days that it is "sticky snow" like sticky rice ?

I see catkins in the Spring ... not hugely showy but all the same makes me smile.
I have it hugging a garden obelisk since it was a "baby", but if I can separate the two I will because it is more than capable of standing on it's own foot ? and of course that frees up another obelisk to play with .. I wonder what it means when you are obsessed with obelisks .. hum.

My Japanese maples also show off their beautiful bare shoulders in winter .. along with their companion plantings.
The little companion plant is Dream Catcher Kolkwitzia. I have turned it into a mounding shrub.
OK .. I have to let this word out of the box because it is sort of fun... juxtaposition  : ) goofy sounding but sums it all up with many a planting I do in the gardens.
Bare bones in winter gardens are so noticeable and pretty to see.
Outright eye candy when this season gets on your last nerve and stomps on it.
These plantings assume a completely different personality in this season (heck, so do I )
It goes without saying that you can also plan out your pruning by seeing those bare beauties.

Another one of my twisted features is the skeleton of my Bittersweet vine ..
I think I mentioned I had to "cut ties" with it because it kept insisting that it was meant to be in our neighbor's back garden as well as mine .. just too proud of itself ?
Once I trim out the excess arms ? it will enable the clematis I have waiting in the wings, to scramble up this arbor without me going bonkers tying it up.

Looking backwards I think you can see my design idea for "over hang" from assorted trees and shrubs, that envelope you as you walk the flagstone path.
I love that feeling of melting into the garden and the secretive atmosphere.

One last touch that brightens up the winter garden are a few weather worthy ornaments.
Coloured ones such as this truly are eye candy, especially if a bit of sun hits them on those teasing days.


CiNdEe said...

It all looks so pretty in a twisted sort of way(-: LOL
It is amazing to see all the snow covering everything. It seems like yesterday everything was green and growing so lush. I always think that is so cool how it all goes to sleep for the winter and then it pops right back into place in the Spring.(-:
We are getting hammered with rain here. It is so wonderful. I just want to sit outside and enjoy it(-:

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hiya Joy, how is water treating you? I love to see the snow on your corkscrew hazelnut and other trees. We got some snow this morning, not a huge amount, but too much for me. The older I get the worse I hate winter. So I'm dreaming spring and looking at photos from last year :)

Nadezda said...

Lovely wintry photos, Joy!
Oh, yes, snow changes the view, all trees look differently, may be mysteriously.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Joy, your garden is a delight year round. I too love the idea of being enveloped in the garden. I call that feeling 'going back into the womb'. ha... Seeing all of your snow makes me cold.It is cold here too. Of course your area is always colder but for me this cold is bone chilling with snow flurries. Brrrrrrrr Looking forward to getting into the garden to plant anew. I have always wanted one of these contorted shrub/trees. Maybe this will be the year.

kacky said...

Oh my gosh to see all the snow- it was like 70 here today. Crazy. We have Harry Lauder's and they are so cool- they typically get a lot of attention around Halloween as they look "spooky". haha. I think they are wonderful. Great post! They look beautiful covered in snow.

rochefleuriegarden said...

I am envious of your corkscrew hazel. I have tried it with no success. I suppose the Bruce Peninsula is a it too North for them. Yours looks beautiful with the snow.

Jennifer said...

I have some dogwoods, but other than that I wouldn't say I have much in the garden in the way of winter interest. It's such a long season, so I wish I had a few special things like you do Joy. I like the fact that your corkscrew hazelnut looks nice now, but also has interesting foliage in spring. I am not sure where I'd put one. So much of the back garden is shady, but it sure is a tempting idea. I love, love the dragonfly glass decoration. So pretty! And I also admired the butterflies on the fence.

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Hello, Joy!
Your blog is lovely! I so enjoy seeing the beautiful and soothing images of this post... and after writing this comment I'll continue admiring the photos of Sophie and Emma. :)
There's much beauty in your garden and in the surroundings. Have a lovely week!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl : ) Yes it seemed only yesterday to me as well .. our snow comes later every year but thankfully we have enough to cover the garden against the -18 temps right now.
That rain is such a blessing for you .. I understand how you feel ... sometimes in the summer when it begins to rain here I prolong my puttering in the garden to enjoy it myself .. feels like I am a kid again ? haha

Linda girl that is a given with aging ? ugh ! we hate winter. But I am grateful for the snow cover finally and it does look pretty on the trees especially my twisted baby .. I too can't wait for Spring either .. it always amazes me how my garden comes back ! LOL

Nadezda girl how are you ! Also waiting as I am for Spring no doubt .. this winter took so long to really get here it should make it seem shorter but no .. I feel like this is going to take ages to unfurl to Spring .. we just have to hang in there right ? : )

Lisa girl you are so sweet thank you ! and YES !! maybe that is what the true feeling in about being enveloped by our gardens .. I so love it !
yes it is bone chilling ... -18 C this morning ... but the snow helps to protect the babies.
YES ! you have to get a twisted plant/tree it is a must girl ! LOL

Hello kakcky and thank you for dropping by : ) Yes ! my corkscrew is one of my favorite "Halloween" plants .. it is so pretty over every season but winter especially because the bare bones show through so wonderfully .. perfection ! .. don't tell me about your weather girl ... BIG sigh ! haha

Alain how are you : ) So you have had no success with this one ? .. do you have a protected site perhaps ? .. I stretch my luck with it because it gets more shade than sun .. but it seems to have adapted. I can't wait to sprinkle those Shirley poppy seeds this Spring .. thanks again !

Jennifer girl do you have Golden Showers dogwood ? it is so pretty with that colour variation .. hey I have my corkscrew in more shade than sun and it has hung in there so perhaps you should give it a try ? .. I have had that iridescent blue glass stake for ages .. I wish I could find more ... it looks so pretty in a winter garden with snow as the back ground. The butterflies are more recent but I love that teal like colour too, thanks !

Thank you so much Sara ! I just saw those pink roses and admired them completely !
Yes Sophie and Emma are my kitty babies .. love them to bits : ) have a great week too : )


Yes the garden has a different mood in winter, just like its caretakers. Yours is so beautiful with the snowy blanket.

Pat said...

I enjoy the bare bones also mostly with the snow bringing them to life. Ornaments are always a keeper too. So hoping your roof is holding up to the temperature changes we had. It's been a strange winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Gracie girl .. yes atmosphere really does change from season to season doesn't it .. mine not for the better with waiting this long winter out .. ugh !

Patsi you will stop seeing animals in your garden (of the unusual type) once you stop drinking the eggnog girl ! hahaha
I love my ornaments ... especially blue since it stands out so well ... and yes .. my roof has had it's costly complaints .. BIG sigh ! are you psychic ? LOL

outlawgardener said...

Wait, are you saying that there are places where the sun shines in the winter? What kind of crazy talk is that? The fact that you're a little twisted isn't news to any of your loyal readers! I'm also fond of my contorted filbert even though it's only the green kind. It was planted years before the red one hit the market and I considered replacing it at one time but it's been with me for about 25 years in is fairly large now so it stays.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Peter : ) .. Hey that is our one bonus point during winter here .. the shine graces us with it's face here and there. We lived on Vancouver Island for a bit so I get that thing where it is cloudy and rainy most of the winter .. seems I went a bit MAD or was that SAD during that time which might have lead to the twisted side of me ? haha
My goodness to have such a wonderful partner in the garden that long .. of course you would not have it leave you ! It must be gorgeous at that age ... sigh! weren't we all ? LOL

Linda said...

Beautiful photos!

Casa Mariposa said...

I like gardens that envelope you, too. I like the sense of enclosure and privacy. Love your twisty plants! :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda ! I bet it is a bit extreme in Montreal with winter's grip .. keep warm girl !

Tammy girl I can't squeeze enough trees in my back garden so I can hide anywhere I want .. I am obsessed with that woodsy need ... twisty plants make me smile a lot ... hum, I wonder what Freud would make of that ? haha