Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Hellebore Hell ---- oohhhh ?

I know ... that is awful .. but this weather is making me CRAZY .... on and off again WINTER with a vengeance ... I am trying to climb up the hill and think "garden" ... crack open the "hope bubble" and try to muster it up.
I did have some hellebore cleaning up missions (in my pajamas under my winter coat of course .. I do have some pride ? eeekkk)   ... there were some flowers to make it seem worth while.
First the scary hellebore bed :

 Then some of the tidy up
Next a few days later some flowers smiled (little did they know what weather was to follow !)

Golden Sunrise was the brightest, biggest smiler ? among them but given time and a little more warmth they will stretch out a bit more .. later blooming ones will wake up hopefully ..
Although if they felt like me they would pull the covers over their heads and forget about it !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a great post Joy. I too wanted to cover my head today. This April weather is the pits. Your Hellebores look heavenly to me. I giggled at the thought of you in your PJs and coat outside.

Patty said...

The photos of your hellebores are gorgeous. About the may be my fault. In the week prior to this latest snowfall I finally took my shovel off the front porch and put it in the shed. My bad :)

Jennifer said...

Can you believe this turn in the weather? We had about 6-8 inches of snow. So darn depressing. You Hellebore is up peeking through the snow and is looking great despite all. I sure hope the snow melts on the weekend when the temperatures are predicted to climb once more.
You have such a nice collection of Hellebores Joy. I love the blackish one.

CiNdEe said...

The flowers look very pretty. I don't have any of those. I have seen them for sale though. I thought about trying some.
Sorry the weather is not cooperating for you. It has been nice here the last couple weeks. I heard we may get rain on the weekend. We need it now. It is getting dry. Otherwise I might have to turn on the sprinklers.(-: Hard to imagine for you I'm sure(-:

Casa Mariposa said...

Winter needs to go! Hopefully, spring will be here soon - as in RIGHT NOW! - so you can get back in the garden and your plants can wake up without regretting it.

Carrie said...

They are such beautiful, shy flowers and utterly gorgeous! Thank goodness you take such lovely photos of them before the weather ruins things. x

Nadezda said...

What brave flowers are these hellebore, Joy! I like your collection.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hellebore heaven!! I have some buds showing their heads. Hellebores are always one of the most glamorous spring visitors. Yours are gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl : ) Thank you !
yes I am quite the sight in my PJ's and winter coat doing my "thing" in the garden .. thank goodness for tall fences ? haha .. we have gone from snow to rain now, which is good because the garden can certainly use the rain .. lets hope we all get some decent weather SOON !

Patty girl, thank you : ) but you are BAD ! LOL ... You hexed us but my shovel is out in the back garden still so maybe it will work on un-hexing us ? .. is it me or has this March/April been the worst ? argh !

Hello Jennifer girl and thank you : ) This black one is probably London Fog it is a great dark one to have by my pale ivory one. I can't believe I have about 13 different ones now.
Even after the flowers are finished the foliage is great .. good all purpose plant in a raised bed. This weather better make up it's mind SOON !

Cindee girl Thank you ! I hope you do get more rain .. I know you need a good year of rain just to start getting things back to normal. You should try at least one of these out to see how you like it .. I would suggest a double flower one because they are so pretty !

Tammy girl you are so right .. we had snow yesterday but rain today .. I don't mind the rain at all because we can use it .. but a bit of sun would be great too ? haha
I really felt your post that I read yesterday ..

Carrie girl ... I have meant to write an email for ages .. I will work on that.
Yes these flowers are wonderful to see after along winter .. but it is tricky for them with the swings of winter back and forth .. it is down right exhausting for all of us ? LOL

Thank you Nadezda girl .. we all seem to have a weakness for particular plants in our gardens and build a wee collection of them .. I do love these : )

Ms S thank you so much : ) I do love my hellebore, they seem to start the season off for me .. that is if we can get some decent weather to continue the trend .. I don't know though .. this has been one weird winter/Spring battle .. BIG sigh !

Pat said...

Love the colors you have. Maybe I should do one bed like that but would need the solid color ones. Mine have been blooming since 1 week before spring and now are nice,full and tall.I'd have to look it up but I,m thinking 4-5 years now and looking better every year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl thank you : ) .. they do get better and better every year don't they ?
I really like having a dedicated bed for them and a few other plants that do a nice contrast to them .. blooming later like the woodland phlox, epimedium ... it is more a Spring bed I guess. To Have yours blooming so early and so long would be great up here darn it !

debsgarden said...

Hi Joy, first, thanks for visiting my Alabama blog all the way from chilly Canada! I am a big fan of hellebores, even if they do pull us out in cold weather to trim off ugly, spent foliage. We are well into mid-spring here, and my hellebores are still full of blooms. Though by now they have all faded to that greenish-white color, they are still lovely and the foliage is lush. I love the variety of colors you have!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Deb : )
Yes it is chilly here .. we set record low temps this weekend .. my poor hellebore are browning off because of it. Thank you so much for coming over for a visit !
I love the flowers even when they are drying off from getting old .. they are still pretty to me as well.

RobinL said...

Is it winter, is it spring, who knows? I just wish they'd decide one way or the other!

Angie said...

I have been known to garden in my pjs too. There is no shame in it. The trick is to keep your head down just in case someone catches your eye. Your plants cope with such extremes - it's good to see them fighting back and carrying on regardless.
I hope your weather improves soon Joy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl I so agree with you ... it went up to 20 today so that was a SHOCK !
But it is too dry .. so Spring showers do NOT happen here any more ... drats !

Angie you had loads of great blooms to post on ! Yes .. the pj thing .. we have a nice tall fence so as long as I am only in the back garden I get away with it ? haha
Yes our gardens are miracles (to me in any case) how the plants can come back with such weather extremes is amazing to me .. some times I get a little worried if it will happen each year and then BOOM ! there they are ... phew ! LOL

HELENE said...

You are not alone gardening in your jammies – I often do it too! I absolutely love hellebores and it is lovely to see yours are flowering, I am sure they will cope with this topsy-turvy weather. We will get spring eventually I am sure, here in London we are expecting near freezing temp tonight and all my seedlings have gone back into the shed for the night – again! Most of my garden is at least 3 weeks late, but some of my lilies are 2 months early. Confused plants :-)

Rose said...

I see this post was written over a week ago, so I hope things have improved since then, Joy. We went from freezing temps a week ago to the 70's this weekend. My poor tulips, which were about ready to bloom, were shivering in their covers, and now they're out bursting out, enjoying the sunshine. The downside is it's supposed to be so warm this week that they probably won't last long. Gorgeous hellebores!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Helene and thank you for dropping by ! ... I love the name of your garden, you made a wonderful choice with Serendipity : ) ... You have an amazing garden with so many plants it would take ages for me to see all the details .. so very pretty !
Yes confused plants are what will be happening here as well .. it has turned too hot and too dry now ... I may have to water this week with no real rain in the forecast for ages .. not a good thing ... BIG sigh ! but that is the weather right ? we are never quite happy with it LOL

Rose girl, thank you ! .. I will have to start calling you Mrs. Yellow Tulip ? haha ... that is funny you have to admit. Now we have your exact same weather .. too hot and too dry ... summer already!
I miss Spring .. will we ever have it again or are we now a three season zone instead of four!