Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I'm "stuck"

Last Saturday I worked so hard I think I literally crawled up the deck stairs and managed to get through the doors where I just slumped into a hump.
The "unmentionable" WET compost stayed wet, those nasty "so and so" bags of you know what !
I was determined to use them all before Sunday's rain was going to fall ... dragging those bags around and yet again, working with wet compost was another "treat" I swore I would not do.
And yet I (OOPS!) did it again ... shame on me !
But what is done .. is done, yet 12 bags was not enough.
I have to finish what I started I swear I won't go on about it ... I'll just grit my teeth and do it.

I have been "stuck"  ... worn out from Saturday's marathon ... and some other complications.
Even picture taking has also been stuck ... these pictures are from April 24th ...
The garden has been leaping ahead since then so this are rather .. behind  the times ? but still pretty?

I know ... I keep taking Jade Tiger pictures but it fascinates me !
Even as it ages Berry Swirl (I hope it is that ?) looks amazing

I didn't think my "Dutchman's Breeches" aka dicentra cucullaria  was still alive and kicking but it is!
Isn't it gorgeous when you can take a plant picture against a blue sky ?
These guys have progressed much farther now and leaf buds are bursting .. so nice to see after staring at bare tree limbs for what seems forever ?
Garden PA got the rain barrel up before he contracted some incredibly wicked gut-bug .. poor guy was really under the weather for a week ... by some miracle I didn't get it ... phew !

Friday is supposed to be a banner day weather wise, so I want to get more done .. soak the dry roots of King Kong poppy (3 of them from Vesey's finally arrived) and my Costco clematis.
I think it is time to do some planting ... now that is the FUN bit I like ... and then there is still more weeding of those unmentionable maple "wings" a bazillion fell this past year .. poor water feature needs some help too ..
A wonderful part to the garden that is going to happen this year is an automatic irrigation system!
Garden PA insisted .. snort giggle ... mainly I think because he knew it exhausted me watering four hours by hand and then he would be stuck with it .. so we are both happy to have some HELP from the amazing world of sprinklers and timers !  Party Time !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sprinklers and timers sound wonderful to me. I drag around a monsterous hose. Your hellebores are gorgeous. Especially the Tiger. No wonder you want to take it's picture often.I would too if I had one of those. Do take care. Don't get sick. There is oo much to be doing right now. I am proud of you for dealing with all that wet compost.

CiNdEe said...

Everthing looks beautiful! Sorry about the compost. That makes life difficult. We buy ours by the truck full. It gets rained on at the place we get it. I guess it is easier because you load into wheelbarrow.
Glad you will have a relief of Summer watering with the auto sprinklers(-:

RobinL said...

Our pretty spring weather disappeared into a giant cloud, as the rain and chilly weather is also "stuck" here. The weeds are about to take over, and it's too wet and chilly to garden. I know I'll be wishing for this weather later on, but for now, ugh. The flowers love it though, when I can sneak out and peek at them. Going up to Holland Michigan next week to the Tulip Festival, can't wait!

Casa Mariposa said...

I love that Jade Tiger! Hauling anything heavy around is bound to make you tired. The new irrigation system will be such a lifesaver. :o)

outlawgardener said...

Gorgeous hellebores! Jade tiger is becoming one of my favorites too! Hooray for your new irrigation system!

Nadezda said...

Hi, Joy!
You did so heavy work, 12 bags---wow. I wouldn't do the same. Take care dear!
Love you hellebore, you have got a nice collection, haven't you?
Happy and quiet weekend!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl thank you so much : ) ... I really have to stop doing that to myself with wet compost though .. too ridiculous !! LOL
I get the dragging of the monster hose thing girl ... I have done it for years and finally we are getting a break ... phew. Hope it isn't too crazy for you !
It has been so hot and dry here .. 29 yesterday with no breeze .. just about did me in, while working in the garden ... but mission accomplished and a rain day today !!
Yes .. there is so much going on in May and June .. can't afford to be sick.

Thanks Cindee girl ... many years ago we did the truck thing to but now we both have SUV types so no doing that ? LOL ... I just have to find a better system with dry compost !
I use my wobbly wheel barrow when I can too .. great inventions eh ? LOL

Robin by now you must have been to the tulip festival ? hope it was a great trip.
We have had hot dry weather .. yesterday was near record breaking 29 .. no breeze, so it was sweltering workingin the garden but mission accomplished and now a bit of rain today finally !

Hi Tammy girl : ) Yes even aged Jade Tiger is a beauty .. my fav hellebore !
Those bags were killer ... so I have to find a new way for next Spring ... ugh !
I am so excited for the irrigation system .. fingers crossed it all goes well !

Hello Peter : ) Yup this is a beauty isn't it ? ... and I can't wait for the new system to be established and I run naked through it all ? OK .. I will put my garden hat on .. hehehe

Nadezda girl hello there .. yes that is a job I will not be doing again .. ouch !
I do love my collection of hellebore .. it is still establishing itself with the last new ones .. a weakness ? haha Have a great weekend too ! relax and enjoy the garden : )

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Stuck or not, you took great pictures!