Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Springing Forward & Happy WD !

I have been feeling sorry for myself for the last few months.
Battling health issues that just won't be defeated but I am determined to get a handle on them.
BECAUSE ... Spring is coming whether I feel well or not and I can NOT miss those amazing plants coming to life !
It is the miracle I wait to see every year because we go through such severe seasons it makes me wonder if it will really happen .. in fact a woman asked me that while we were shopping one day.
Of course it was a joke, but some times we really wonder.
Winter tends to drain us northern gardeners ... we need this influx of new life in our gardens.
Thus some pictures of other Springs to keep me going !

Then... we had a trip to Costco .. I missed out on a garden spinner I really liked .. apparently a lot of people liked it too ? But I indulged Garden PA with his treasure hunt in the bulb section "for me".
He found some interesting bulbs !
 ..... and I added to the mix with the practical side

So I am hanging on ... waiting for the real signs of Spring ... just holding on by a thread or vine ?
Happy Women's Day to all the gals out there .. fingers crossed one day we will really surge towards saving this poor abused planet.


Nadezda said...

Nice gloves, Joy. The really thing we gardeners need digging, weeding, planting...etc. I wait for spring too, sowed some seed, bought new good soil.
Have a nice week!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hate to hear that you are having health issues this winter. Winter is depressing enough without having health issues. My foot is still a hinderance. Nothing like the issues you face but sometimes we feel a little better knowing that not everyone we know has it easy health=wise. Your new bulb package looks interesting. I have been able to putz in the garden already. February was the warmest ever recorded here. Also dry, but we have had a couple of inches of rain the past few days. It was wonderful to see it coming down. Now if we don't blow away... Sticks, I have picked up so many sticks this spring. Geez. We literally had a pickup truck full of sticks the first big blow. The sticks I picked up today were mostly smaller ones. Our maple tree is blooming. It will be frozen this weekend. Poor thing will have to start all over. Chin up girl. Spring is coming. We will all feel better then. I hope you posted this on your own computer and no longer have computer issues as well.

NanaDiana said...

I am so sorry that you have had health issues. It makes the long season of winter even longer when we are ill. I hope you are on the mend and will be your old self by the time spring arrives (or before).
Beautiful photos- you have such gorgeous gardens there. xo Diana

CiNdEe said...

Springy here but wintery too. It doesn't know what to do.
Daffodils are looking good and a lot of things are popping up! Magnolia is blooming. I have not taken anything outside yet though. It keeps frosting here. I have so many plants in the house! I need to get them out of here(-: I have tulips up and growing. I am excited to see Spring finally arrive!
Glad you are doing o.k. Hope you feel better!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl ! Yes gloves are VERY important to me .. I go through a lot of them.
Our weather has been crazy .. high winds yesterday .. so dry even with a dusting of snow .. and the ground is still frozen solid .. Spring needs to hurry up !

Lisa girl you are so sweet ... thank you .. yes sometimes we need company in our trials and tribulations ? haha .. I'm sorry your foot is such a problem .. hope it gets better very soon.
We had one day in February that broke records .. 16 degrees .. it was crazy.
The wind was unusual here too .. gusting to 65 kms .. I saw your post in the garden and you are ahead of us .. my garden is still frozen, but wow! I loved seeing your hellebore !
We are going to need a lot of rain when Spring eventually shows it's face .. fingers crossed that will happen SOON ! Thanks again Lisa : )

Hello Diana girl and thank you so much .. I am trying everything I can read about along with what my doctor is doing .. so fingers crossed I will be in better shape by Spring .. which seems to be taking extraordinarily long this year in coming .. or is that just me ? haha .. hope all is well with you !

Cindee girl, thank you ! (I am so jealous of your great weather) ... but I know how much you love your plants and gardens, and after all that dramatic weather you deserve a nice Spring to play in the garden. I can't wait for my tulips too ! haha

Jennifer said...

I am feeling a bit desperate for spring so I appreciate your visual reminders. I have a few health issues as well ( problems with my vision for one) but I think the challenges you face as far greater, so if heel for you Joy! I hope spring finds you well and strong.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer girl .. desperate is a huge word in my vocabulary right now too !
I am so sorry about your sight issues .. that must be very hard to deal with, especially for you with so many visual talents that you love. I hope it improves quickly for you girl !
Lets dig in our heels and insist Spring comes SOON ! LOL

Mario C. paisajista said...