Tuesday, 16 January 2018

How to start again ?

Well ... I  have been in recluse mode for many months now .. I really didn't know if I could start blogging again when I lost my garden mojo ... but I gained inspiration? insight ? from another blogger who is going through tremendous changes in her life and she (after an absence) is beginning to blog again.

Tammy from Casa Mariposa  has changed her life with such amazing grace and aptitude. 
We frankly expect her to be a champion, if you  have followed her blog, you know she is one straight shooter of a woman.
Tammy is so courageous she makes me feel like a whiny preteen .. so enough of my nonsense !

I frankly abandoned my garden to a large extent last year.
Too many problems health wise, to keep at it the way I would expect myself to.
I have extremely high expectations for myself and my garden .. that was the crux of my problem. Expecting too much of myself.

Now .. little by little, I have a bit of spunky garden attitude coming back.
I have started the treadmill again ... swallowed enough fermented swamp water drinks that are touted as "super nutrients" .. add enough pro-biotics to make the industry stocks make investors part of the super rich crowd .. so on and so forth.
I have given anything a shot if it can make me feel better.

Part of my problem (ironic for a Canadian) has been watching Trump land take over the States.
These last few days with racial slurs from that idiot in the White House ? or the S--- House ?
Has become the tipping point to me watching events unfold .. no more !
Isn't that crazy ? ... so that has to stop ... but that is how honest I am going to be.
I was an idiot ... letting something like "politics" make me crazy ... ENOUGH !
What ever is going to play out there .. is going to play out THERE.
I am so thankful to be CANADIAN !!!!!
Slight footnote .. I have some great American friends and an American daughter-in-law, so I am not blaming the people as a whole in the States .. just a few BAD apples.

I want to get back plants and gardening ... that has always been my love.
You can lose your love every once in a while.
The lost time .. the almost lost love .... but if it comes back, it is so wonderful and so appreciated
I hope to blog about exactly that .. PLANTS and GARDENING.
The header  picture is to help inspire me again ... as bad as winter is right now, Spring will come !
I want to be ready ... hit the ground running when we thaw out here :-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Joy, It is so good to hear from you. I am glad you are feeling better. Sometimes we just need a break from everything and everyone. I hope your enthusiasm holds till spring.
We are having an awful winter here too. The coldest in some years. My poor garden is probably in shock. As someone commmented on my blog, maybe it will get rid of some bad bugs.
If you think Trump upset you... I have been in a state of shock for a year now and feel like I have been kicked while down. I keep thinking it has to get better but it doesn't appear so.
Big hugs, Lisa

Lis said...

Please keep going, I like your blog! You can do it! Don't let high expectations drag you down, do what you can (and want to do) and don't worry. We're all human and nobody can do everything perfectly all the time.

Rose said...

So happy to see you back, Joy! I haven't been blogging as much this past year, but the other day I checked here to see if you had posted any updates. I was worried that you might be having health problems, and I'm glad to hear you're doing better. As for politics in the U.S., yes, it can make you sick. I was so depressed and constantly in turmoil for several months after last January, until I finally realized it wasn't doing me any good. I joined a local grassroots group in my small conservative town, and it helped to know I was not alone in my beliefs. I also decided to turn off the news and Facebook a few hours before bedtime--I was having nightmares about our government! Instead, I have been watching re-runs of "West Wing" for months--oh, for a sane, compassionate president like Jed Bartlett. But wait, we DID have one just a year ago...I miss President Obama so much. Please know that there are millions of Americans who are just as disgusted by what is happening in our country as you are. I am hoping that all of us flock to the polls in record numbers next election. Back to gardening--letting go of perfection may be hard, but you will enjoy your garden so much more. I let go of perfection a long time ago; truthfully, if you saw my garden, you would know I never had it in the first place, hahaha:) Take care, Joy, and glad to see you back!

Leslie's Garden said...

Oh how I've missed you and your beautiful garden! So glad to see you post again. Sorry for your health problems and less than enthusiastic vigor for the garden. I know what you mean, though. I've always kind of been an on again, off again gardener - never completely walking away, but years where I just tried to keep it alive and did nothing else! I completely changed my garden last year and then didn't have you to talk to and get advice lol.

Casa Mariposa said...

Hi, I'm Tammy and I live in a shithole country with an idiot for a president. I can hardly wait til we vote him out. Put on some music, pour yourself a glass or two of wine and shake your booty. It works for me, especially when it's too cold to garden. Thanks for all your support. :o)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa, Lis, Rose, Leslie and Tammy .. thank you all so much for leaving such kind comments .. I do appreciate it !
It is hard to get back into blogging but once I start going ga ga over plants I research .. well , you know how it is .. once a plant NUT always a plant NUT .. and the drooling begins right ?
Thank you also for not taking offence with my "take" on American politics .. I just couldn't help myself it is so mind numbingly insane .. fingers crossed it might get better with some help from Mueller ? this year ? LOL
In any case .. thank you all for the support .. I am so happy to hear from you : )

Carrie said...

Very pleased indeed to hear that you are back on your feet and eager to get there. You blog and photograph do well, it's a joy to see this post too. i just can't face the news these days at all and tend to keep up to date but not go into the nitty gritty, it's just not good for my mental health either. I started blogging again but I'm finding it hard and though I profess excitement about our 10th year on the allotment, I just feel blahh in reality.
Anyway hugs and love xxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks very much Carrie girl .. I am glad to see you posting too and congrats on those precious 20 years with Andrew .. in this time and age it is a wonderful achievement !!!

Jennifer said...

I am glad to hear that you are returning to gardening and blogging. It is hard not to let the craziness down south bother you. I find it exhausting myself. I keep hoping for a miracle that will end his reign prematurely. Anyway...glad your back. Here's hoping for an early spring. All the best for 2018 Joy!

Martha said...

Joy, first, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind message about Nacho. We miss her dearly and it was shocking to lose her so suddenly and so young. But we're slowly moving along.

Second, I'm really sorry to hear that you were struggling and I'm happy to hear that you are getting back on your feet. Sometimes a break is needed to reenergize and get our balance back. I know how much you love your beautiful garden and I hope this spring you are out there enjoying it once again. Sending lots of hugs!

CiNdEe said...

Well just start posting again!
Don't worry about our Dear Prez. He is going to make it all better(-: I'm sorry he upsets you. You have to learn to skim by the upsetting stuff! Ha Ha look who's talking(-:
Cold here and going to rain all week! yay for that! I am looking forward to spring, but I do enjoy the rain(-: Lots of green popping up everywhere!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jennifer, Martha, and Cindee : )
Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words, I appreciate it very much !
I would love to just ignore everything going on in the world and think plants and gardens.
So that is what I am going to do ! LOL
All the best back to you and I hope you enjoy some down time as well.

goatman said...

No better time to plan ahead than in these endless days of winter.
(I found your link on an old blog of mine (2012)).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there goatman .. thanks for stopping by ! ... I liked your post on the moon and fire light in that beautiful painting .. it really does give the painting a sense of atmosphere perfect for the setting.

Kylee Baumle said...

Joy, it looks like you and I both took a similar hiatus with our blogs! Welcome back! It's kind of hard getting back at it, isn't it? We can do this!

And yeah, Trump. 😒

outlawgardener said...

The Joy has returned! I've certainly missed you and am happy that your garden mojo is returning. Health issues and watching the news can really take a toll. Relationships ebb and flow like that and we've all lost the garden mojo at times. Thank goodness it returns. Welcome back to enjoying your garden and to the blogosphere!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kylee girl you are so right .. it is hard to get back on that horse .. but I am giving it all I have to stretch into this slowly ? LOL .. better at doing that here than on the treadmill!
Lord .. I try not to talk back to the TV when the creature is on but ugh ! LOL

Dear Mr. TOG : )
You are such a sweetie, thank you ! I was very worried I would not feel that connection again .. after all the years of gardening how could that happen? .. but yes ! it does come back little by little and I am very grateful for that and my blogging friends : ) THANKS !

Mrs. C said...

I was really worried about you!
I missed you bunches. I haven't been blogging much and am down with pneumonia and pleurisy at the moment. I feel you on the muppet in the big house. Seriously thought about picking up my toys and going home.

Lots Of love from Cat's World.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

My goodness Cat ! I am so sorry to hear yuo have been so ill .. John went down with bronchitis and then developed pneumonia .. so I totally understand how sick you are ... it has been so dangerous with that raging flu epidemic too.
You have to take VERY good care of yourself girl ...
I can't access your blog .. you must have taken it down for a break ? .. you shouldn't worry about that right now while you are working on feeling better anyways.
Hope to see you again : ) Take GOOD CARE of yourself !!

Pat said...

I figured your were ill. Glad you're in the spirit to bring back your amusing posts. And HEY I can see you now woo hoo ! My garden days have been disturbed by one of my 2 dogs who will jump the short border fences and destroy my plants and the endless upkeep of removing English ivy and pruning trees and shrubs. So we'll see how much energy I have this spring. I miss your little garden friends that would talk to each other and you, wish I could remember their names. Have a great night Joy. Oh, does wordpress get on your nerves also ?

Mrs. C said...

Hey there,
I cannot get onto my blog at the moment. May have to start a new one.

Cat's World

RobinL said...

There you are, you’ve been missed! If only you knew what happened to me in 2017, you’d see we aren’t so very different. I did almost zero gardening last year, unless you count photographing it. Hubby carried on without me, with my direction of course. This year, I’m anxious to get back at it. And I’ll be damned if I’d ever let politics keep me from it. Welcome back my blogging friend!