Saturday, 24 February 2018

Garden Goodies

Well here it is the 24th of February (and I was supposed to be on my way to a much better body via the treadmill and weights .. nah ! .. I have had a few shall we say "hiccups" with that momentum)
To be fair it is a tough, uphill battle with the body I have to work with .. any trade-ins will be seriously considered ... negotiations to be held ?

OK .. enough of that nonsense ..
I am here to just have a smile over my garden goodies and I thought perhaps they might produce a smile for you as well.
First .. this was part of my Christmas goodie package from son and DIL .. they know if it is either garden or Halloween related, it will be a home run ! smart move, they might be mentioned in my will?

It is an amazing pot stacker .. you can actually pot up 15 plants in this potting TOWER !

Neat right ?

As for my other two goodies ... one is for a real giggle .. something to illustrate peaceful humour ?
Now don't you just either smile .. maybe snort ... scoff .. giggle ... or just maybe relax because this frog is SO darn RELAXED ??

Next is another attempt with "homing" friendly pollinating insects .. mainly bees.
I tried previously with a tube like home, but nothing ever came of it.
So when walking into Costco and seeing this ?

I thought it just might entice those homeless little wonders to put a "sold" sign up and move in.
This is their website that has some interesting information, and they are actually the manufacturers .

Stacking my goodies up (along with the naughty mail order obsessions aka plant infatuations)
I have been treating myself to Spring long before it is ready .. I'll be tired out by the time it truly shows up ... but isn't this like a Christmas thing .. all the build up before the event ?
You have to love that a bit ... right ?
Breath in .... Breath out ..... and ....... RELAX !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of your goodies made me smile. I need a new bee home. Mine has been used a couple of years and they get grungy after a year or so Then I read the other day you should replace the tubes yearly. Who knew? I have a homemade bee house too small for all the bee traffic. It works. I bet yours will too. The stackable pots look like a lot of work to me. I don't usually haveluck with even a strawberry jar let alone big stackable pots. My favorite is your meditating frog. What a joy.

CiNdEe said...

The planter is cool.(-:
I love the frog too.
The bee hive will be interesting too.(-:
I have seen mason bee hives for sale at local nurseries here. Is that what that is?
We have honey bees here on the ranch where we live. A local bee farmer brings the hives here every Winter then takes them out for the Summer months to a cooler location. We get a lot of free honey for letting the bees hang out here for a few months a year(-:

Carrie said...

Superb goodies I personally think that frog is a teacher to us all, namaste friend. Your super orange planter is cool and YES to a bug hotel, this one is very yellow (happy house) and appealing xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Lisa girl !
I am looking forward to seeing if this new "Bee Home" will be more successful than my last , much smaller home .. fingers crossed ! .. The stackable pots ... well I might split them up a wee bit .. but I think they will work very well with herbs and special ornamentals ..
Yes my frog .. made me smile BIG time .. just couldn't keep my hands off him : )

Cindee girl hello there : )
It is described more for "lone" honey bees .. but I suppose who ever wants to use the home , will use the HOME right ? LOL ..I think that is wonderful you have the bees coming to visit yur place and having free honey ? BONUS !!! Love it !!!

Carrie girl hello there !
Thank you for stopping by .. I know you have your hands full : ) Yes Mr. Happy Frog is my new best friend of the season .. I can't help but smile every time I see him : )
I hope the bug hotel works out for the lone bees .. but all beneficials are more than welcome .. can't wait to play with my multi-planter ? LOL

goatman said...

A meditating frog. Now I have seen it all!
Our tiny froigs are peeping their litle lungs out.

Jennifer said...

I love the stacking pots and the bee house in particular. I have a very similar meditating froggy, but mine is turquoise. I think he's a hoot! I wish I could be that relaxed. Have a great weekend Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello goatman : ) .. that was a very thoughtful poem by Rumi .. I enjoyed it !
I am so jealous of your serenade from the frogs .. I love Spring peepers .. there is nothing like listening to them while cozy in bed, lulls me to a wonderful sleep.

Jennifer girl hello there .. I also SO wish I could be that relaxed as well .. you have to snort when you see this character .. he truly is a hoot and I know I am going to be smiling at him in the garden a LOT .. haha

Alistair said...

Well, I do like your goodies. I spent umpteen years getting sand kicked in my face on the beach, y'know, all that Charles Atlas stuff. I decided to go to the gym, toned me up a bit, still looked like a skinny bugger though. Couldn't care less about all that stuff these days, in fact, I am almost as handsome as your charming frog.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Alistair hello there and thank you !
You are too cute and you are so right.
At our stage of the game it is about how we are feeling and what we enjoy doing ... life is too short !
I am charmed by your viburnum, so pretty and to see it flowering with the mix of pink and white, gorgeous !

Buttons alias Grace said...

Oh I absolutely love the frog. Hugs B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Grace girl .. Yup, I think it is going to be a favorite of mine too : )

outlawgardener said...

I feel more calm already! What a fun pre-season build up! Can't wait to see what you plant in your stacker!