Friday, 9 February 2018

Where is that plant ?

Well .. I'm sure you must have guessed my header picture is from a previous Spring .. Big SIGH.
I can visualize and HOPE right? ... as it SNOWS here... on and on and on .....

My thoughts zoned in on a plant I had a few years ago.
It was rather , shall we say "touchy" "picky" "finicky" .. you know the drill, it would droop if you looked at it the wrong way ... go figure ?
It was full  on CRANKY .. zone 6 and up, some information emphasizes zone 7 actually.
My zone 5b, being a lower class distinction ? capability zone ?  that this plant would smirk at, and promptly die the minute I actually wished I could make it survive a winter.

What is this oh so special plant you may ask by now.
Kent Beauty Oregano
I became a little obsessed with how gorgeous it looked from the web pictures and surprisingly I was able to track it down from Richter's Herbs .... a crime I am guilty of yet again .. this very moment while writing this post, I have managed to order 4 of these plants plus (because you have to order at least 6 plants) .. I found my Twickle Purple lavender that I tried to order a few years ago then some problem arose with their crop and no Twickle ... hopefully not this time.

The main plant is my Kent beauty though and this is why

I know this plant will not ring everyone's bell .. but it has me in it's grip and I want to see those gorgeous bracts AGAIN !!

I did get it to over winter for 2 winters .. I don't know if it will again since I moved it out of it's prime location last year ... you can hardly make it out while it is in the ground here in these shots.

Can you see it ? bottom left corner .... I don't think it got enough sun

The form of the plant is very pretty still .. but the colour is lacking and that is because it has gone through transplant shock and loss of direct sun.

My lesson learned from this plant is that is does better in a container, in as much sun as possible.
Plus I think it liked the dry terra cotta pot .. after all it is actually an herb and they can take punishing conditions .. in fact they thrive in them.

So I will try again with potting them up and hoping for that amazing show !
Now what other plant will I obsess about next ...


Carrie said...

Best wishes that when you have these beauties back in their optimum growing places they will thrive like those first pictures again. I must say they are a delight xx

outlawgardener said...

That Oregano is one of my favorites too. Fortunately it's hardy here in hanging pots. Sorry to hear that it's still snowing there but spring is on the way. (It's already arrived here.)

CiNdEe said...

It is a pretty plant. I hope it will bloom again for you(-: Over wintering is a real chore here with all the begonias. I say no more yet I get more every year. Hubby suppose to have shed built by last year which is now hopefully going to be done by next Fall. Then I can put all those little darlings inside the new shed/plant storage(-: I don't have room in the house for more plants. (-:
Hope you are doing well!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is an unusual looking plant. I can see the draw to it. The form and color is gorgeous. I am always inspired by your garden everything looks so neat and the color/form combinations are a delight to the eye.

Pat said...

Liking the Kent Beauty Oregano for a potted plant maybe by our front door. Will look it up to see if it's a long bloomer-most important to me. Still snow... poo , that gets old but spring seems to come sooner than you realize and with me well...not always ready.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Carrie girl and thank you so much sweetie ! .. they are such a treat to look at even though they are a royal pain in their needs ? haha .. fingers crossed for a really good season for us all !

Mr. TOG , you are very naughty to actually speak of your SPRING THERE !!!! LOL
This is one gorgeous plant and I was well impressed with myself that I did get it to over winter twice .. this third time is probably the no go one but now I have back up ? : )

Hello Cindee girl : ) I hope all is well over there and that you do get that shed .. I can well imagine you have no more room for plants in the house .. you deserve a wonderful green house in fact .. maybe hubby could be talked into that ? LOL

Lisa girl you are very sweet thank you .. but the last few years the garden has become unruly and a thug .. I have to get the whip and chair out to get things back in order .. I am changing things , trying to make it easier to care for but heaven knows how it will turn out ! haha

Hey there Patsi girl ! .. this plant needs lots of sun to show off it's colour .. once it gets going it last a long time .. yup snow and more snow ... I keep looking at my pictures to remind me that there really is a garden underneath it all ? and yes .. I know what you mean about all that waiting and yet we get caught with our ... plants down ? LOL

Buttons alias Grace said...

Cool plant.You are so adventurous as far as plants go. I like that. Sorry if you were looking for me I had to change my blog. Take care. Hope you are well. Hug B

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace !
I got over to your new blog ... it looks very nice in fact !
Sorry to hear you had trouble .. hope this new home will be just right for you girl : )